Friday, 29 May 2009


For UK people...

There's a documentary on tonight (BBC 2 at 10) about designer Christopher Kane. For non-UK people, I hope it goes up on youtube or something!
I'll be back soon with a proper post, I promise! I've been very busy with exams, starting a new job (thank God - shopping funds!) and moving my vast amounts of belongings back to my Mum's house; normal service will resume shortly. In the mean time I'd like to thank Sea for keeping things ticking over here whilst I've been finishing off uni and all of our readers (old and new!) for continuing to read, even though things have been quiet around here!
Char x

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Yay, both Char and myself met up today and had a wonder through some shops. We also stopped for a lil starbucks frappacino thing which was yum. I shouldn't have, but I bought things. One was only £3 though so its ok :)
Evrything I got today was from H&M, which makes a nice change as I'm getting sick of seeing T/S every waking moment of my life, LOL.

This was my bargain, it only cost £3, hoorah! Its a cute little crop vest with a fab lace-up back.

A fab patterned scarf from H&M. I never usually buy scarves so thought I'd make an exception for this purchase. I will most likely wear it tomorrow me thinks!

I didn't actually buy this today, this was from a few days ago. I got it from Topman, oh how I love their shirts! It's got really fine stripes on it and is a sortof off-white colour, lovely!
I'll also show some purchases I've made that I forgot to add in on my last post;

From H&M too.

Eeee, its a wicker/baskety clutch! I got this from Topshop about two weeks ago. I don't usually wear clutches or use them, as I like to keep an eye on my bag when I'm out and have a strappy one but I seen this and thought; If I buy one clutch, ever, it has to be this one! I love it! It's got lots of room in it too so I can fit all me essentials inside for nights out, which is always good!
No outfit pictures as yet, I'm forever rushing out the door these days and always forget, but promise there will be some soon!
I'm excited for Friday, Char, myself and our friends are going out into town to celebrate the end of university/exams/coursework (forever!!), yay! Even though this ended for me a year ago haha! Oh graduation...!
Hope evryone is having a good week!
Sea .x.
PS: my obsession is no longer LadyHawke (well still a little bit), but now this song;


Wednesday, 6 May 2009


My goodness it has been a while hasn't it? We both apologise, but we've just go so much on recently that it has been tough for us to make time for an update. But this has changed now as I'm updating today hoorah!
Also, Char m,entioned to me the other night that we missed FashionSqueah's birthday! OMG. Cannot believe that it has been more than a year since we started up this blog, ker-azyyyy!
Anyway, I seem to have misplaced my camera (argh!) so I'm having to post pictures from websites etc of what I've bought recently, so no outfit pictures this time guys, hope you don't mind!
So, much excitemenmt when I found out that the genius behind the name of Biba, Barbara Hulanicki was doing a collection for Topshop. If you want to find out more about teh brand of Biba, I'd recommend the book; "The Biba Experience" by Alwyn W. Turner. Its a great book that I love reading over and over again! I originally bought it for some research for a project for university that I was doing at the time. Here's the link for the book from;
If anyone orders or already has this book, let me know your thoughts on it etc, it has some FAB pictures in it too from the huge store they used to have and just general pictures from that era, which I really love and love to take inspiration from :)

So! Here is what I bought from Barbara's collection;
It's really lovely on and I did not mind paying £55 (well less than that because of discount!) for it either as seems like a piece I can wear casually or dressy, that I will keep for a long time and can dress it in so many different ways, yay! I really wanted to purchase the blouse that Mary-Kate Olsen has, I did have a picture but can't seem to find it in my embarrasingly packed & huge MKA folder of picture (GEEK!) haha! But that blouse just seemed ever so perfect for warm summer days and seemed so floaty, but its OK as this dress suits exactly to that too so nothing is lost :)
Some of my other purchases from the past weeks;



The boots above I did not get in cream, sadly! I got them in black and look great! Originally wqhen these first came into the store I was after the cream ones oh so bad, but then as weeks (and my size in shoes) went by being bought, I started to see the black ones in a whole new different way. And just yesterday I finally purcahsed 'em. I kinda regret paying £70-odd for them but I'm trying to put that to the back of mind at the moment...eep. I have 'em on right now with jeans and a black sheer tee and they're so COMFY! I've already been out and about in them today as it is, and no sore feet....yet!
The dress from American Apparel I recommend EVERYONE should get, yes even males haha! This dress is great, its so soft and really flattering on, I was going to purcahse it online but I had to go into Glasgow a few days later so I left it til then so I could try it on in person and see how it looked. One of teh best things I've bought in a long time! Although the first day I wore it, I got half my lunch down it, ARGH! But its been washed and such now so its all better :)
And finally, the camper van tee from Topshop. I really need to stop buying so many tee's, I've got so much casual stuff in my wardrobe, its crazy. When it comes to a night out with the girls; I'm like; CRAP, I have no dresses! I'm guilty oif going out in just a jeans and a tee quite alot, but I usually dress it up with good shoes and accessories. I kinda love the laid back but still sexy/dressy way. This tee I really like as it was A; cheap. B; fab graphic. C; unusual/fab shape to it. & D; looks great on!

I did buy more from my trip in Galsgow a few weeks ago, which was when I got the AA dress. I also visited Primark, but it was such a let down. In terms of clothes anyway, I got a tonne of jewellery - even more to add to my collection! Think one day I'll take a picture of all the jewellery I own, when I find my camera of course ha. Although in Primark, I got a new checked shirt from the men's dept which scanned at £1.00 at the till - WOO! It was meant to be £10!

Now, I shall leave you all with a little something I cooked up on Its just a mix of things I am enjoying at the moment, inspiration and garments I wish I had! Note the All Saints military boots, I NEED THEM! Maybe next month I shall purcahse them? I keep putting them off as I get distracted by new items in TS!



insp by goo featuring claire's rings