Thursday, 26 February 2009

lazy (part 2)!

Again, much apologies for the lack of updates from me. Although, I am VERY thankful for the comments I've been left, thank you millionsssss!!
So, I've been bad again and bought things (lol oopsy) so here they are!; (credit;
Amore fringe boots & an acid wash tight dress. This dress is verrrry tight and a bit restricting but it looks fab on! I wore it thusly to dinner with a friend a few nights ago;

I've gotten into the habit of wearing this lace cover-up alot recently, so it will be featuring in the enxt few outfit posts! Cover-up; H&M. Dress; Topshop. Tights; H&M. Shoes; Topshop. My addiction to buying underwear has resurfaced again so I've been spending (well not really, I've been putting things on store cards *ARGH!*) some time doing that inbetween work shifts and such.
This was from a few days ago, sorry about the terrible lighting, I need to learn how to take good pictures haha! This is what was underneath;
Pretty much everything is from topshop from this outfit - i REALLY need to broaden my horizons with shopping now, its just easier that I work within Topshop so its less hassle and trapsing around other stores etc. My next day off, I'll make sure i go to H&M and visit a few vintage shops around Edinburgh, I kinda miss H&M, LOL how sad?!
My obsession with miss MK Olsen has arisen again too, since seeing new candids of her on, I just can't help but share these, she looks SO good!

(credit; & I, personally dont like those little sunglasses she wears, but she pulls 'em off!
Hope everyone has a good weekend, it probobly wont be until then again that I will update, ahhh!!
Sea x.x.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Hey guys!
Hope you're all well and had a rocking pancake day! You'll have to excuse me if it gets a little quiet over here in the mext couple of weeks, I'm stuck on my horrendous statistics and dissertation hand-in is in a few weeks! This was today's outfit, you'll have to excuse the crap hair...all I can say is that dry shampoo is a life-saver!

I wore my Granny boots, H&M tights and t-shirt and Dorothy Perkins zipper skirt. I threw on this semi-ugly Primark jacket too;
This was my outfit from Tuesday evening, I went to a friend's house for amazing pancakes! I really am a fan of pancakes, I should eat them more often!

The shoes are from New Look, the tights are tightsplease, the dress and grey top are from H&M and the floral top is from Primark. I wore basically the same outfit during the day, but with a Primark skirt instead of the dress;

Char x

Monday, 23 February 2009


Today was really busy, which is good because I am avoiding dissertation work like crazy at this point! This was my outfit;
I need to start wearing these velvet leggings (that I had made via etsy alchemy) before it gets too hot! The shoes, you can't really see but they're purple, are from New Look and the dress is from H&M, as is the black top.
I think this hair clip is also H&M...
I had a job interview today, it didn't go as well as I had hoped but it's for a job I really want so keep your fingers crossed for me! This is what I wore, I think I looked like a grown-up version of Wednesday Adams...

This was Sunday's outfit, I was pretty lazy and stayed in all day but I finally wore my ugly new shirt;

The shoes are from New Look, the tights, dress and t-shirt are H&M and the shirt was from a clothes sale my Mum and her friends had at our house. It has this weird, trippy pattern of bows;
Char x

Saturday, 21 February 2009


I had a fun night on Friday night and I have recently re-discovered a love of gin and tonics - hence the title! They're just refreshing. I didn't take a photo of my outfit (it wasn't that exciting anyway; Topshop lace dress and ots of pearls.) becuase I was in a rush and forgot to take my camera out with me, a rare occurance! This is my outfit from yesterday, I helped a friend with some printing and then we did a bit of thrifting - I'll show you the dress I found later!

This t-shirt is one of my £2.99 Zara ones (seriously, check out their sale!), I bought it because I thought it'd go well with this dress, I like the sort of lattice effect is has and the cute sleeves! The dress is from Topshop and the tights are tightsplease, the pearls are thifted and the shoes are ancient New Look!
Friday's outfit was kind of dull, but I'll share it with you anyway;

The boots were a Christmas present, the dress is from Zara and the top underneath is from H&M, the belt is Topshop. Rather dull but I was feeling a bit lazy, and it was out last ever day of lectures! I can't believe how close I am to the end of Uni...
I wore my new dress on Thursday and I absolutly love it, it's so comfy!

This outfit is all H&M, except the tights and boots!

I threw my denim jacket over this, I am loving that thing at the moment!
Hope everyone has had a good weekend!
Char x

Thursday, 19 February 2009


AHH my goodness I do apologise for my lack of updates recently. I've been terrible! Sadly though, I have only managed to take one outfit picture from the last few days :(
Anyways, this outfit was from Valentine's Day, in which I drank far too much and then pesuaded people to come back to Char's flat for cakes LOL. I'm sorry Char! I must've kept her up from going to bed which is awful of me, never drinking that much again ARGH. I was rushing and didnt have enough time to get a better picture with my lil coat off etc! Boots; Primark. Jeans; Harvey Nichols, Vest; Topshop Boutique. Cover up thing; Topshop. Faux fur; New Look, maybe..? I get this one mixed up with another I got from Armstrong's vintage shop in Edinburgh. Thats a sign that I should stop shopping for things that I really don't need! I am actually so skint right now, its crazy! Yet I found myself buying more things from work the other day; (source - both two above picture;
HOW cute are these shoes?! Course I love the jeans too, we all need som grey jeans in our wardrobes, no?! Anyway, as much as I love these shoes they scuff ALOT. Just a warning, and at £32.00 a pair, I thought it'd be a good idea to let anyone know about this! Not that I'm dissing the shoes or anything, I love them! But they do scrape easily etc. Thats suede for ya! Also; I purchased this from eBay;
Well, this is the motif on the tee that I bought. Not just the transfer haha. One of my fave bands and I recently watched Factory girl with Sienne Miller in it. I thought it was going to be a pants film but I LOVED it! She's so perfect in it in every way! And I had no idea thta Andy Warhol was like that, and it was good to have an insight into life back then.
I hope everyone had a fab valentine's day and a great weekened too, again apologies for the lack of updates!
PS: how GUTTING is it that my dream boots, the Emma Cook for Topshop ones have completely sold out from the website?! *sobsobsob*
Sea .x.x.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Action, action, we want action

Hey everyone!
I'm on a high just now after the most awesome cheerleading class! We were focusing on stunts this week and we're getting into "proper" stunts terriotory, scary height and throwing people! It's good too because (not to toot my own horn!) our group is always the best, there's only one guy in the class and because me and him are close in height our stunts are always higher and with his strength there's less risk of anyone being dropped so we can just go for it! Anyway, I'll shut up about cheerleading now because that's not what this blog is about, it's just nice for me because it takes me back to my previous cheerleading days and reminds me how much I enjoy it!
So today's outfit:
I'm wearing; Zara dress, New Look ancient flats, H&M tights, a bracelet which was a gift and Topshop shrug and double belt. You'll notice the amount of junk behind me in outfit pictures has slightly diminished - I've been cleaning!

Close-up of my bracelet:

The warmer weather means I don't have to wear my boring winter coats and so today I put on my faded denim jacket, which I swear I have had since I was 14 and has holes at the elbows the natural way!
I'm going to show you guys some of my new purchases (since there have been a lot!) starting with this ebay dress which I bid on before going out and then remembered about the next day, I won!
It reminds me of Rachel Zoe a bit, but in a good way! I think it's just because it's so '70s and has those long sleeves...
I got this kind of slouchy grey dress from H&M, it was only £9.99 and has (for the moment!) calmed my irrational need for this, this or this, which are of course more expensive!
A close-up of my ugly shirt (my Mum and her friends had like a clothes swapping party at her house a few weeks ago!) me and my brother's friend decided it was so hideous it had gone full circle to cool...we could be wrong!

Char x

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spring is sprung

I wore this New Look dress today, thinking it'd be completly inappropriate but I was wrong because today was the most beautiful, sunny, Spring-like day! I had a coat on over this and I would've been so much better without - too warm!
The leopard print flats are from New Look, the tights I think are Primark, the knee-highs are H&M, the cardigan is from ebay and the chain is also H&M. Because this dress is so freaking girly (which I love, don't get me wrong!) it looks silly and costumy with my usual pearls or whatever so I thought I'd channel Rachie and go for some bling!

I hope everyone's week is going well so far, excuse the short post, I'm off for Hollyoaks after a hard afternoon spent cleaning the flat!
Char x

Monday, 16 February 2009

Happy Monday

My camera is fixed, woop! I took it to this camera shop on Hanover Street and the lady charged it up for me, turns out it was just my USB cable playing up, doh! So I have an outfit for you;

I'm wearing my Granny boots (a gift!), Marks and Spencer tights, a Zara dress and belt and a topshop t-shirt. The bracelet was a gift from a friend, I think she bought in on holiday. I went shopping today, searching (without luck) for the shoes, my lust for which has grown since seeing them on Amie's style dungeon. I did buy a couple of cute t-shirts in the Zara sale though for £2.99 each and a cute dress from H&M, I'll either photograph or wear them sometime soon! I went to The Body Shop too, because I felt like getting a body butter but did you know they're like £12.99? That's a bit much for moistuiser, no? Also, remember the hideous denim dress? Well, there were more gross diamantes than I thought but the good news is they pick off with a bit of effort and some nail damage!
I'd like to thank everyone who commented on the last post with suggestions for things other than outfit posts to add to the blog, I really like your ideas so I'm gonna try them out!
Char x

Sunday, 15 February 2009

All the single ladies!

Hope everyone had a great Valentines day! I just wanted to apologise for the lack of activity around here, my camera broke last week and without outfit pictures to share I am really stuck for what to post! Any suggestions for what you'd like to see while I sort out the camera situtation (or even after!) would be most welcome!
Char x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Ah, the sale bug has bitten me again! But this time, I like it!
For the grand total of £9;
Yay! Practically an outfit! The tee has this awesome little fringey neck-line. I like it, alot! £4 for the top and £5 for the skirt, hooray!
OK NO MORE SPENDING!! (not til payday anyway!) My finds are so low at the moment! But come on, £9 for these items?! Crazy not to :)
LOVE peacock taily- type feather things. The colours mesemerize me. I'm addicted to buying jewellery just now, love all my jewellery on at once, its crazy but hey!
This was also in the sale, it looks kinda gross here, but its really lovely on. They were tonnes of these in the sale, but they were all either a size 10 or 12. I got it in a 10 and it looks just as good quite loose and baggy. I will probobly wear it un-zipped a sits more flattering that way :)
Here are a few outfits from the past few days, I've not been able to get alot from the past week, but I've gotten what seems good (lol!);
Shoes; Converse. Jeans; Topshop. Tee; Topshop & Faux fur; New Look. (This was for work the other day, I got alot of compliments so yay!).
This was for a day off, much clean-age was needed in the house and I like to wear things like this for some reason! A friend visited and was like; aren't you FREEZING?! So i turned the heating up while we cleaned! These socks are fab and dont slip down, although there is a hole in one at the bottom *sob*.
This was today's outfit;
Here I had on my 'cosy boots' for the journey to wrok and back, we've had a fair bit of snow the past few days (which I REALLY regret not taking a picture of as it was really lovely before it got all stood in and 'used', ha!). Anyway! - Boots; Schuh. Leggings; Topshop. Smock/dress; H&M. Shirt; Topman.
Sorry thats the only outfit pics I've gotten so far this week. Hopefully there will be more the next time I post! Thanks again for all the comments! We appreciate it so much and I apologise for not replying to some, Iam TERRIBLE for replying to comments! I'll catch up now I think :)

Sea x.x.