Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Hey guys!
Hope you're all well and had a rocking pancake day! You'll have to excuse me if it gets a little quiet over here in the mext couple of weeks, I'm stuck on my horrendous statistics and dissertation hand-in is in a few weeks! This was today's outfit, you'll have to excuse the crap hair...all I can say is that dry shampoo is a life-saver!

I wore my Granny boots, H&M tights and t-shirt and Dorothy Perkins zipper skirt. I threw on this semi-ugly Primark jacket too;
This was my outfit from Tuesday evening, I went to a friend's house for amazing pancakes! I really am a fan of pancakes, I should eat them more often!

The shoes are from New Look, the tights are tightsplease, the dress and grey top are from H&M and the floral top is from Primark. I wore basically the same outfit during the day, but with a Primark skirt instead of the dress;

Char x


She's Dressing Up said...

Love the Dotty P's zipper skirt!

Fashion Prescription said...

I like your skirt in the last picture. And pancakes are amazing! :)

Victoria-Olivia said...

I really like the primark jacket on you! Pretty ipper skirt.
My mum makes my younger brother pancakes about once a week! I did enjoy pancake day though.

Ariella said...

That t-shirt in the first pictures looks great, and so does the blue skit.

I've never heard of pancake day, but it sounds great since I love pancakes!

DaisyChain said...

I didn't have any pancakes :(

ed said...