Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Argh, my 'do not buy anything else' plan has not worked *oops*.
Roll on next pay day, me and Char are planning on going to Primark, hopefully! I have not been there in so long, and it looks like they have some fab stuff! If only we got good weather here! Its been SNOWING lots, ha! I've not seen real snow in so long and had no idea it had snowed all night until I stepped out to go to work on Monday I was like; woah!
So, these next few outfits have been consisting of boots and things, to avoid wet & cold feet!
The tee thats never off me ha! I did have a cardigan on with this, but I decided on putting it on just before leaving the house. Boots; Topshop. Trousers; Topshop & tee; Topshop (lol).
This was yesterday's outfit, I had the same boots on as they are fab for horrible weather conditions like what we are having at the moment! Boots; Topshop. Jeans; I canot remember, no lables on them or anything, possibly Topshop however. Fluffy faux fur vest; New Look & Pricne tee; Topshop.
So weird, I had a crazy dream a few nights ago about Prince and it made me wear this t-shirt haha!
This is today's outfit, ive layered more pieces on which will be shown in the next few pictures but these are my new jeans that I got yesterday. I love light denim, these have little rips in 'em too, but they are tiny so I didnt bother with a picture! Also, apologies for the pink blob in the background of the above picture, its replacing a picture of me on my graduation day, and lemme tell ya; it ain't flattering haha! OH and, incase anyone is wondering where al lthe long hair ahs come from, its extensions lol! My hair needs washed and I thought I'd stick a few extensions in to ocver it and popped a nice warm hat on my head for going outside, yay crisis averted! Heres the rest of this outfit;
New jumper, yay! I got this along with my jeans. I should start buying things for the summer, but we will probobly not get decent weather so I'll keep buying cosy jumpers! And to run a few errands and get some food in, I wore this, with this;
YAY my bag. I've worn this bag SO much the past week. Although on Monday night I was terrified as I was walking back from work and the snow started again! I was scared because the care instructions that came with the bag says; do NOT let the bag come into contact with water. ARGH I actually took off my big woolly coat and covered my bag with it! The bag is fine though, I thought it was going to horrible watermarked/stained, but it wasn't yay! Anywho;
White top; Topshop. Grey jumper; American Apparel. Nacy jumper; Topshop. Jeans; Topshop & Shoes; Converse. Coat; (the perfect one!) also Topshop.
Is it just me, but whenver I seem to wear my converse I look like a total scruff?! Maybe its just what I wear them with but I see pictures of people on or wearing them and they just dont look scruffy at all! I do not know why I am complaining, because I kinda like the above scruffy-ness. Especially when I have a Mulberry to balance it out!!
Just a few (better) pictures of what I bought yesterday;
Jumper, Jeans & Tee. This is from a new range of tee's that have come into Topshop, 'Exposure'. I love the image, its of two guys coming back from WoodStock - they have hitch-hiked a ride home! Here's the image a bit better;

Love this image so much, I'm gonna make it my little inspiration picture! Fantastic.

Sea x.x.


janettaylor said...


What a lovely T!

xoxo: Janet

Strawberry Fields said...

all so cute! i want that t shirt and you are so lucky having all that amazing topshop stuff. primark is very good this season! xx

Lucyn'Diamonds said...

I absolutely love your last outfit. *

Rachie-Pie said...

Hey i tagged you guys for the fabulous blog award and a quiz thing!

Slanelle said...

i love the topshop stripped tee, and the grey sweater is cooool too

DaisyChain said...

I really need to pull of casual as you do.

Hannah said...

You always manage to look so chic! I absolutely LOVED the snow, I'm so sad that it's gone. People back home in England keep telling me about how much they've still got.. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around!

Raquel said...

I really like your new jumper and the coat you're wearing is so cute too :)
have a nice weekend

Bella said...

So many fantastic pieces... such style! xxx

Enep said...

Hi, nice sweater you have. Lovely style too, xo.