Monday, 16 February 2009

Happy Monday

My camera is fixed, woop! I took it to this camera shop on Hanover Street and the lady charged it up for me, turns out it was just my USB cable playing up, doh! So I have an outfit for you;

I'm wearing my Granny boots (a gift!), Marks and Spencer tights, a Zara dress and belt and a topshop t-shirt. The bracelet was a gift from a friend, I think she bought in on holiday. I went shopping today, searching (without luck) for the shoes, my lust for which has grown since seeing them on Amie's style dungeon. I did buy a couple of cute t-shirts in the Zara sale though for £2.99 each and a cute dress from H&M, I'll either photograph or wear them sometime soon! I went to The Body Shop too, because I felt like getting a body butter but did you know they're like £12.99? That's a bit much for moistuiser, no? Also, remember the hideous denim dress? Well, there were more gross diamantes than I thought but the good news is they pick off with a bit of effort and some nail damage!
I'd like to thank everyone who commented on the last post with suggestions for things other than outfit posts to add to the blog, I really like your ideas so I'm gonna try them out!
Char x


saray said...

you look great as always!
Love the dress and belt

hollyshambles.x said...

i love that belt! totally makes the outfit :) x

Demi said...

yyayy about your camera :)
love this outfit, that belt is gorgeous!!

have a great week :D


Fashion Prescription said...

i love your dress!

Bianca said...

you look awesome!
the belt adds the perfect touch to the dress!

Austere said...

Body Butter- so soft, but soo expensive. haha. I like the belt!

yiqin; said...

Granny bootS?! they are amazing! I love your belt too.

DaisyChain said...

I adore your belt! I was going to buy some body butter too, but damn, so expensive.
I use the soap and glory one from boots...smells amazing.

Lucyn'Diamonds said...

You look absolutely great in the outfit. The belt seems beautiful and the dress is adorable. *

anywhere_Smile said...

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