Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Now, I'll start with yesterday's outfit, bit chilly yeserday, but none the less, i wore a skirt.
White tee; primark, black dress (worn as a top) by zara, grey skirt; american apparel (i wish we had one in edinburgh), tights; new look, blet; h&m, two tone pumps; new look.
Now, today's outfit;

LOL i look squint etc, oh well. It's hard for me to find a place in my housey to take a decent outfit picture!!
Military-ish jacket; vintage, checked shirt (my sister's but i bought it for her, so its kinda mine) by topshop, jeans by topshop and little white trainer pump thing; urban outfitters (the LONDON one!! such a good trip, i lvoe it there. cannot wait to go back).
After university, I bought Look magazine, which I think is one of the best around in the UK at the moment. It has lots in it and it does not cost nearly £5. Don't get me wrong, I love Elle etc, but I'm on a budget just now haha.

Anyway, theyve got this feature on printed tee's;

Apologies, I do not have a scanner, so I had to take a picture of this page lol. The rubbishly circled tee is like an oversized short sleeve with a big union jack printed on it, it reminds me of that Burberry tee that was released a while ago. Anyway, this one is from urban outfitters and costs £28. I love it and would love to own it, but do I really want to spend nearly £30 on a tee?
Of course! I mean, i work etc so its nice to spend wages haha!

Sea x.x.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Paris, je t'aime

Today's outfit! I happened to be wearing my "j'aime Paris" t-shirt and when I went to see my mum at work, she had the copy of Paris Vogue I had requested (she was in Paris last week). The day got better when I got home and my Grazia subscription was waiting. An evening of magazine-reading awaits.
T-shirt -dollydagger, cardigan - H&M (can you tell yet that I love H&M and cardigans?), necklace - H&M, skirt - Oasis (sale!), turquoise leather bracelet - etsy, tights - Primark

This evening's entertainment (let's see how much French I remember from high school...)
Char x x x

Monday, 28 April 2008

G'day potential additions to my wardrobe!

G'day mate!

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that my Dad and stepfamily live in Australia. Chatting to my gorgeous younger step-sister today (of awesome blog hippies in politics), we hit upon an idea...she offered to buy me something fashion-related from down-under in exchange for some H&M-ness (there isn't one in the town where she lives!), it struck me as a good way to own something nobody else has over here (other than vintage, of course). I've often admired American sites, hello F21! (both Sea and I refuse to pay more for p&p than the actual clothes cost) but shopping via family member in Oz hadn't occured to me! The great exchange rate is another bonus...
Macy Overnighter, $69.95 AUD - SportsgirlEagle wing buckle belt, $39.95 AUD - Sportsgirl
Bubblegum bracelet, $4.95 AUD - Sportsgirl

Pixie boot, $59.95 AUD - Dotti
Pleat babydoll cardi, $39.95 AUD - Dotti
Glo mesh T-back dress, $69.95 AUD - Dotti

3 set bow and twist bangles, $12.95 AUD - Dotti

You can find this stuff online: Sportsgirl (they ship internationally, weeee!) and Dotti

Char x x x


The title of this post is due to my current obsession with KanYe West's new song, i LOVE it! So lovely ^_^
If anyone wants to listen to it who already has not;

So anyway, this is today's outfit.
Yellow wedges (tiny wedge!) with peep toe ; vintage.
Tights; cant remember *oop*!
Blue skirt; ebay (originally by Primark).
Sonic Youth (love!!) t shirt; ebay.
Belt; dont know, taken from those trousers my mum does not wear anymore - it was in a previous post of mine!

Bye for now,
Sea x.x.

I don't like Mondays...

I don't actually mind Mondays, that's just the first Monday-related song lyric that came into my head. It's quite warm again today, though there was some rain earlier.

Not a very exciting outfit today since all I'm doing is studying:

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins, grey t-shirt - H&M, pink top - Zara, cardigan - H&M, white bracelets with tiny gold stars - Topshop

I have to make these outfits more interesting!

Char x x x

ps anyone have any tips about taking better photos? Do you guys use a self timer?

Sunday, 27 April 2008

April Showers

It was meant to rain today but so far it hasn't! Today's outfit is below, with and without flash because I have no idea which is better. I've realised that my wardrobe is about 80% dresses and that I only wear them to go out at night, so this week I'm trying to work my dresses into my casual wardrobe:

Blue dress - H&M, black top - H&M, opaque tights - H&M, bracelets - vintage, ebay. No shoes yet since I haven't been outside yet!

April showers reminded me of Bambi and I thought of this little deer necklace I haven't worn for ages but which used to be attatched to my neck almost permanently.

Deer necklace - Sportsgirl (the Australian Topshop - my Dad lives in Queensland)

Char x x x

Friday, 25 April 2008

Spring Forward, Fall Back

It seems as though Spring is barely here and yet I find myself thinking about the Fall collections already. The Fall collections seem to offer sharp contrast to the pretty colours and super-girly florals of Spring. Black is a color which featured a lot, in dresses as well as sharp, almost masculine tailoring. The opaque tights return in deep reds, subtle mustardy yellows and halloweeny oranges as well as the staple black/grey.
Viktor and Rolf, Alexander Mcqueen, Zac Posen
As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm a huge fan of Luella. if it's possible I actually like the Fall collection more than Spring! There are as expected, some fabulous dresses with just enough of a punk edge but for me it was the separates that really stood out (hello orange skirt in the middle, will you ever be mine?). And again opaque tights = love, especially during an Edinburgh Autumn!

One of the stand-out features, for me anyway, was the hair. Theatrical hair, crimped and backcombed to the max, almost enough to make me wish I hadn't disposed of my Babyliss 4x4 thing with like 3 different crimp plates (I think EVERYONE had one, 'fess up!). The huge hair was adorned with ribbons and charms, and was just too cute to believe:

A backstage video I found on youtube (sadly I can't post it, but it can be found here: revealed that hair stylist Guido Palau, had taken inspiration from awesome Scottish band from the 80's, Strawberry Switchblade. I was actually drawn to them a while ago (I'll admit, it was probably because of the hair that time too) and checked out some of their music on youtube, it's pretty good!

I think it just goes to show that inspiration can come from the most random of places...

Char x x x

Image credit -,

Today's outfit

Nothing too exciting since all I'm doing is going to the supermarket and then cleaning the flat...but I like it when other people post outfits!

Top - River Island, white vest (under top, thus avoiding muffin top territory) - Topshop Tall, Cardigan - H&M (I could do a whole post on my love of cardigans), Jeans - Dorothy Perkins, 2 for £20! Silver necklace - H&M, white chain bracelet - Topman

Apologies again for the crappy photo quality, I arsed about with the settings on my camera and I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix them...

Char x x x

new things!

As Char mentioned in one of her previous posts, we both had a little shop yesterday. It was a fun day, alot of Gok Wan involved *love*.
So I'm going to show my recent purchases for anyone who may be interested! Some are from our shopping trip and some are from online :)
Before meeting up the other day, I had to pick up ebay items that I had missed in the mail so heres my fave out of that;

Only a few pounds - weeeee! Here is some other things I bought/ordered yesterday;

And finally, at the last minute on ebay, I managed to grab myself a Sonic Youth tote bag and t shirt by Marc Jacobs.

I've really enoyed this bands music for quite some time now, but its been so difficult to get a decent t shirt of their fantastic LP 'Goo'. I'm estatic that I managed to win it, although I'm not so keen on the tshirt - pureply because it looks huge (it'll get altered im sure), the motif doesn't cover all of the t shirt like the main 'Goo' tee's do - and I think there MAY be the Marc Jacobs writing on the back of the t shirt, if anyone can clarify this for me then thatd be great!

However, I do plan on giving the t shirt to my sister, shes also a fan of this fantastic band, I really have my heart set on the bag though!
No pictuers of outfits though, as I've ahd a huge clean in my room and I'm still in my pyjamas! (Other things purchased where 2 pairs of skinny flare jeans and a red and white vest top ^_^)
Sea x.x.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

top girl.

Anyone else just ADORE this girl?! Clemence Poesy, what a fantastic name..& wardrobe by the looks of things! I remember watching her as Fleur Delacour (i may have mispelt that but I currently do not have any of my Harry Potter books at hand!) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Recently though, I've noticed what great clothes she has - bowler hat at Chanel show people! She looked great, so individual and gorgeous!
She has such an innoncent face and that face is currently advertising Chloe perfume and gracing the cover of an issue of Nylon.
I must see her newest (to the UK) film - In Bruges.
[Recent purchases and outfits will soon follow ^_^]
Oh shes just so immaculate looking & gorgeous!
Sea x.x.

Hello fashion kitty

They say you've truly made it as an icon when you're on the cover of vogue. Super cute japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty appears to have made it, since she stars in June's Vogue Nippon. This combines two of my loves; Hello Kitty (I'm not even embarrassed, I'm typing this in HK slippers) and Japanese fashion. Apparently, Hello Kitty will be wearing Autumn/Winter fashions from Dior!

So, basically you may be seeing Hello Kitty in:

May have to try and get a copy of that....
Char x x x

Source -,

Retail therapy

Hey there! Char here, hope you guys are all well and I'd like to thank you guys for your comments, it is actually awesome to know that people whos blogs I've been reading for months are now reading ours!
In celebration of my first exam being over, Sea and I went shopping today. When I came home from the shops (tired and laden down with bags) I was revived by the pile of ebay purchases waiting for me and also decided that today a good time to review new purchases! First things first though, here is today's outfit:
Scarf (worn as headband) - Primark. Grey skinny jeans - Miss Selfridge. Dress (again, worn as top since I am tall, like 5"11, so you'll be seeing a lot of this!) - some random shop in Edinburgh. Wooden cuff - Oasis. Other bracelet (camera hand!) - vintage, ebay. Cardigan and belt - vintage, ebay.
I wore these shoes today since I found them right at the back under my wardrobe (where I keep all me shoes) and thought "hmmm...not worn these for a while". I probably didn't literally think that but, ya know, if I was in a comic book that's what the thought bubble would've said. They're from New Look, approximatly a million years ago (I love their shoes but they make your feet HOT! Anyone else find that?).

About a million pairs of socks/tights which I will add to my overflowing footwear drawer with glee (and a little difficulty). Mostly ebay, some Topshop. Searching for odd/vintage tights on ebay is my new "thing", Mary Quant's are particularly intriguiging, if tights can be such a thing. Not quite sure yet how the heck I'll wear those lightening ones but I HAD to have them...

I've been looking for a ring set for ages so was pretty pleased to find this one in the Topshop sale bit (half price, score!). There's a fair few on etsy, but they're all forged by dragons in Norway using precious metals for the Earth's core or something and therefore really expensive. I also has to get these little white bracelets with tiny stars (alas, not in the sale). The giraffe brooches arrived today from ebay USA, don't know what I'll stick them on yet but I'm sure they'll look sweet.

This dress is for a wedding I'm going to in about a month. I had a peach vintage creation from ebay lined up but it's in need of some adjustment (I'll get a photo later) as it's rather long and also kinda large. It's a shame navy doesn't photograph well, because this dress is nice in real life!

I also got this top from River Island (hardly ever shop there since their overly-embellished things annoy me). You'll have to excuse the crapness of this photo, but you can (sorta) see the cute buttons on the shoulders!

I also got some jeans, Dorothy Perkins (another shop I don't visit all that often) had this awesome 2 pairs for £25 deal that Sea had spotted online and the jeans in it are fairly nice! We did notice that they're made of really thin material, but who gives when it's almost Spring? Also there's Gok stuff everywhere in there and we actually love that man, it's fun to pretend he's complimenting you whilst you're trying stuff on, I am that sad. Also, there was 20% off everything so two pairs of jeans for £20, basically.

Later days!

Char x x x

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Welcome to the jungle...

Along with the return of the nautical trend, this Spring has seen a revival of safari/jungle styled things being everywhere and too many fugly (in my opinion, what's yours?) khaki coloured jumpsuits/rompers. This may be because I hate khaki, or maybe I'm not sold on the whole romper thing...I don't see how it will translate to normal women, living normal lives and I haven't had a chance to see it in action yet since a) the inhabitants of Edinburgh are hardly fashion forward and b) it's basically still winter here, sadly!

Khaki may not be my thing but what I am loving is jungle-y accessories, like these bad boys!

Silver/black tiger brooch -, £8. Grey leopard print skirt - Topshop, £40. Elephant cuff -Roberto Cavalli at, £360. Leopard print court shoe -, £25. Green snake ring (also in pink!) -, £12. Tiger bracelet (also in orange) - Topshop, £15. Leopard bracelet - Kenneth Jay Lane at net-a-porter, £149.

And on to some "real-life" outfits created from my very own wardrobe!

Leopard hair slides - H&M

Shoes - New Look
Dress - ebay (ancient!), wooden cuff with gold bird - Oasis

"Dress" (it's more of a top when you're 5"11) - ebay, grey skinny jeans - Miss Selfridge, Cardigan - vintage, ebay, belt - vintage, ebay

Peace out! Char x x x


So after handing in that report for uni, I decided to create some outfits from my own clothes, some are outfits that I have worn previously, but I thought I'd share!So here are some, I'll try to list where I got some things from etc. (Also, apolgies for rubbish quality of pictures, I do have a rather fantastic camera, but I really should clean the lends/get a better program to edit pictures - the one I use seems to reduce the quality - boooo).

This is what I wore today; long black top (worn as dress!) by H&M, brown tunic by Topshop (in the sale - £3, hooray!), black woollen ribbed leggings are from H&M too, black belt by Next and boots by New Look. Even though it is almost May, Edinburgh does not seem to acknowledge this as we're getting cold weather & rain *sob*.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome! However, if you think any outfits are horrible, then just lie haha!
Now, the outfit to the right was something I cooked up a few hours ago. Blue patterned top by Topshop, navy dress (worn as a skirt) vintage, white belt from a pair of my mum's trousers she does not wear anymore (!), white tights by H&M and shoes by H&M. Oooh my legs look all slender here - woop! Oh i almost forgot - the jewellery is by New Look, it did have this pendant on it which had a bunch of little gold things hanging from it (hearts, butterflies and flowers etc) but I did not like that so much, i snapped off everything else and just left this one big pearl on it!
Ok, so the picture to the left is really quite rubbish and it includes the camera & my arm pit (nice). But anyway! Dresses are a favorite thing of mine, I'm sure other people are the same!

Black dress; by H&M, black ribbon (seen just below the belt) from a fabric store, belt by Moschino, (this is one of my fave items in my wardrobe!) black knee high socks by Peacocks and two tone flat shoes by New Look. I love how these shoes are a bit Chanel-like. If only they were!

Goodness, I seem to have rambled on a bit in this post, but I hope anyone reading has enjoyed it! But I'm not gonig to go now, I still have one more outfit mwhahahaha.

Again, sorry for rubbish quality etc. This is something I'd wear on a daily basis (minus the camera and funny stance!), I really love ankle boots.
So this shirt is by Topshop, same with the jeans - I'd say Topshop's jeans are the best, even though they have been known to be quite expensive, they do last for aaaaaages and have a variety of fits on waist and length etc. The ankle boots are by New Look. New Look is fab for shoes!
So, I hope I have not bored anyone who may have read this, I just wanted to keep busy for a good hour!

Sea x.x.