Friday, 25 April 2008

new things!

As Char mentioned in one of her previous posts, we both had a little shop yesterday. It was a fun day, alot of Gok Wan involved *love*.
So I'm going to show my recent purchases for anyone who may be interested! Some are from our shopping trip and some are from online :)
Before meeting up the other day, I had to pick up ebay items that I had missed in the mail so heres my fave out of that;

Only a few pounds - weeeee! Here is some other things I bought/ordered yesterday;

And finally, at the last minute on ebay, I managed to grab myself a Sonic Youth tote bag and t shirt by Marc Jacobs.

I've really enoyed this bands music for quite some time now, but its been so difficult to get a decent t shirt of their fantastic LP 'Goo'. I'm estatic that I managed to win it, although I'm not so keen on the tshirt - pureply because it looks huge (it'll get altered im sure), the motif doesn't cover all of the t shirt like the main 'Goo' tee's do - and I think there MAY be the Marc Jacobs writing on the back of the t shirt, if anyone can clarify this for me then thatd be great!

However, I do plan on giving the t shirt to my sister, shes also a fan of this fantastic band, I really have my heart set on the bag though!
No pictuers of outfits though, as I've ahd a huge clean in my room and I'm still in my pyjamas! (Other things purchased where 2 pairs of skinny flare jeans and a red and white vest top ^_^)
Sea x.x.

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Nita-Karoliina said...

that tote bag is nice, you have good taste! :)