Monday, 28 April 2008

G'day potential additions to my wardrobe!

G'day mate!

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that my Dad and stepfamily live in Australia. Chatting to my gorgeous younger step-sister today (of awesome blog hippies in politics), we hit upon an idea...she offered to buy me something fashion-related from down-under in exchange for some H&M-ness (there isn't one in the town where she lives!), it struck me as a good way to own something nobody else has over here (other than vintage, of course). I've often admired American sites, hello F21! (both Sea and I refuse to pay more for p&p than the actual clothes cost) but shopping via family member in Oz hadn't occured to me! The great exchange rate is another bonus...
Macy Overnighter, $69.95 AUD - SportsgirlEagle wing buckle belt, $39.95 AUD - Sportsgirl
Bubblegum bracelet, $4.95 AUD - Sportsgirl

Pixie boot, $59.95 AUD - Dotti
Pleat babydoll cardi, $39.95 AUD - Dotti
Glo mesh T-back dress, $69.95 AUD - Dotti

3 set bow and twist bangles, $12.95 AUD - Dotti

You can find this stuff online: Sportsgirl (they ship internationally, weeee!) and Dotti

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Tavi said...

Oooh, I love everything, especially the belt and boots! And I will gladly link you guys. Your blog is great. I love seeing new blogs, and it's awesome that you guys share one.

lula said...

all good picks but i especially like the bag

Melissa Walker said...

I love those pixie boots!

August said...

I like the bow bracelet!