Thursday, 24 April 2008

top girl.

Anyone else just ADORE this girl?! Clemence Poesy, what a fantastic name..& wardrobe by the looks of things! I remember watching her as Fleur Delacour (i may have mispelt that but I currently do not have any of my Harry Potter books at hand!) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Recently though, I've noticed what great clothes she has - bowler hat at Chanel show people! She looked great, so individual and gorgeous!
She has such an innoncent face and that face is currently advertising Chloe perfume and gracing the cover of an issue of Nylon.
I must see her newest (to the UK) film - In Bruges.
[Recent purchases and outfits will soon follow ^_^]
Oh shes just so immaculate looking & gorgeous!
Sea x.x.


Wendy said...

And like her alot and that Nylon issue was great so much better than this month's.

Codename: The Pickola said...

I think that she didn't get enough of a role in "In Bruges".
I think her best outfit has to e the Beauxbatons flattering silky blue outfits complete with matching hats.
If uniforms have to be mandatory then I hope I can pitch a design like this for uniforms at MY school.