Sunday, 30 November 2008


For some odd reason I felt like wearing jeans today. Maybe something to do with the extreme cold-ness outside!

The jeans are from Dorothy Perkins, the shoes are Topshop (still not broken in...), the socks are from ebay and the dress is ancient H&M.
I found this really ugly, army-surplus-looking, man-jacket underneath all my other jackets and decided to throw it on today! It's Moto from Topshop but I have no idea when I bought it...

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Cherry pie

It is so nice to have a Saturday off! I took the day off since it's my Mum's birthday but it turns out she's doing some singing thing so I have the day to just bum around...awesome. Also, I look like a hipster today;

I nearly wore my "I heart NY" t-shirt to bed last night but it made me nostalgic so I decided to wear it properly. I also wore my etsy velvet skirt, I like it but the elastic is weird so it rolls up and isn't very flattering, maybe I can fix it? I also wore H&M tights, asos boots and a Topshop cardigan.
This is yesterday's outfit, so boring!

Hope everybody's doing something fun today!
Char x

Friday, 28 November 2008

dum dum dummmmm

What a hectic week I've had, my work has been SUUUPER busy. But at least it makes the shifts go quicker :)
So a little announcement! Since I have been TERRIBLE at keeping this blog up to date with outfit posts, inspiration etc, I have decided to go upon a hiatus. As much as I love blogging and keeping up to date with fashion and alot of things involved with it, I just have not got the time for it! *sob* I'm even struggling to buy magazines, in terms of cash, but more so, time! I've not even been able to boot up me laptop frequently to check emails, until just now! I currently have 45 unread messages in only my yahoo! account and I dread to think what hotmail has for me!

So, for the time being (until the New Year anyway) I won't be posting. I may once every so many weeks, do one, but no guarantee! I wish to thank Char for being such a star and keeping our readers up-to-date. YOUR A STAR!! * * * * * * * * * * * * (stars for you!!)

I wish to thanks all the lovely readers who have been commenting on Char's posts, you guys are ace!
If I do not post (teenie bit early but..) I hope evryone has a GREAT Christmas and a FABULOUS New Year!!

Sea x.x.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Invisible monsters.

I had an odd night last night. I fell down the stairs before even leaving my flat. Fail. The spent the rest of the night being invisible. Do you get those night when it just seems like nobody can actually see you? Today, I woke up with a bruised leg and a bruised ego...

I should point out that it wasn't all bad, I did actually manage to have some fun despite my black mood!

Char x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Hook it up.

I'm about to head out (no daytime outfit today since all I did was clean the flat!). I love Wednesday nights in Edinburgh and will definatly miss them when I am no longer a student, which is like 7 months! So, you've already seen this dress but this is how I'm wearing it...

How nicely does it go with this bracelet a school friend gave me for my birthday?
Also wearing this necklace from kooky online store zlanerama, which seems to be defunct now, sadly.

Char x

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


How is everybody? I dressed a little bit boring-ly today because I had a kind of interview for a vounteer job which will (hopefully) help me get a job after graduation. Then I headed to the post office to pick up a package, exciting!

I wore my Topshop shoes (has anyone else noticed how hard it is to break Topshop shoes in? I am wounded!) with my Zara dress, an H&M vest, tights and cardigan.
So the package I picked up today was this ace dress I found on ebay, I have been really lucky on there recently! I don't know if you can tell in the picture (sorry!) but it has the cutest pleated skirt, squee!
Detail shot:
The detail reminds me little bit of this Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt (they have it on shopbop and also net a porter) which I so wouldn't mind finding under the Christmas tree!
My velvet skirt and the belt also came today, I love days with multiple post! I have also paid money to the etsy lady who is creating my velvet leggings and she's started making them, woop!
Char x

Monday, 24 November 2008

Keep your hands off my girl

First of all, thanks everyone for the great comments we've been getting! It's really lovely to know that people actually read this, so thanks! Monday's are totally the busiest day for me, uni-wise so I am really tired this evening but I actually like the feeling of a good day's learning and being tired from brain activities, is that odd?

This shirt is from Zara and was formally my "job interview" shirt, I think it deserves to be worn more though becaus eI love it's collar! The boots are Logo, the socks I think were from Topshop, the skirt is from Oasis and the t-shirt is H&M.
Just a quick one from me today!
Char x

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Let that be a lesson to you...

Take outfit pictures before the night is over...

I had shoes on too, obviously(the cream ones)...the dress is an ebay acquisistion, the tights are H&M, the t-shirt is Topshop and the jewellery is vintage. The hell-child devil lips are courtesy of a crimson coloured alcohol favoured by chavs, it's cherry flavoured. When we left the club it was snowing, can you believe that? Yes, we played in the snow. Yes, snowballs were thrown.

You have to love the stream of conciousness...
Char x

Friday, 21 November 2008

sleep is gooooood.

Much apologies for my absense recently! My new job has me working all the good long day and it takes me anout a good hour to get back to my house thanks to effing traffic taking me back aaaaaaagggesss!! Although, I am enjoying the new job so much so it's all good! Afraid this is a boring post with no outfit pictures, or pictures at all, I'm just super busy at the moment! Hopefully I'l lget things up to scrath soon! I'm off for a fab bubbly bath *YAY*

Sea x.x

Let the record play

I am dreading this weekend since I have to be in work for 8am tomorrow, I find it basically impossible to even wake up at that time! However, after that (assuming I survive it...) Sea and I have a night out planned and I have new velvet-y greatness to wear so it's not all bad! Today's outfit;

I look really moody in these photos but the reason is that they were taken at like 8.45 in the morning (I will very rarely be happy if I am made to wake before 9...). The jumper dress was a gift from the family in Australia, the tights are H&M, Dorothy Perkins shoes (urgh, flats again!), the belt is H&M and the jewellery I thrifted t'other day.
In other news; velvet is my kryptonite. I bought this belt off ebay last night; FYI there was a matching bag that I was [ ] this close to also buying...Have a great weekend everybody!
Char x

Lovin' it

So, we're updating the links, if you'd like to be added leave us a comment! Also, you can, of course;

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We've deleted some links which haven't been updated for a while, if this was you and you'd like to be re-added, comment and I'll do so!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dressing like an OAP

Today's outfit looks a little bit like what my Granny would dress me in, if she were to be in my wardrobe for some odd reason! The really weird part is that I don't hate it...

The cardigan is from Topshop, the skirt is a thrifted one I altered (i.e. cut with scissors) the tights are from tightsplease, the shoes are from New Look (I'll admit that I changed into flats because my feet still hurt from breaking in the new shoes!), the green top is ancient asos, the bangles are a mixture of New Look and vintage and the necklace and brooch I thrifted the other day!
Hope everyone has some interesting weekend plans!

Char x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Blue blazer black

I broke the heels-wearing pact today as I thought I may be going out tonight and everybody knows that heels in the day + heels at night = not a lot of dancing! So I broke out my vintage boots for comfort, they are my equivalent of Uggs! Today's outfit;
The boots are vintage, purchased from ebay, the tights are H&M and the skirt is ancient Zara, the "R" t-shirt is H&M as are the necklaces and the cardigan was a gift. Yesterday's outfit;

Topshop shoes, H&M tights, Topshop dress over Primark tee, Primark cardigan and gifted beads.
So, I did it...I went back for the dress I saw while thrifting yesterday, I had to! I was so happy that it was still there today. So I present to you; the velvet, studded, bodycon dress!
I had the most amazing thrifting trip yesterday (I didn't even mean to shop, I was waiting for the careers officer to start so I could get some essential CV advice!) the thrift gods were truly smiling upon me! The blazer;It reminds me of that episode of Friends where Joey gets a job at the tour guide at Ross' museum and can't sit with him because of his blue blazer. In a good way, I think! It fits me really nicely and was only £4.99 so I couldn't leave it! And this cute Country Casuals cardigan with tags;

Please excuse the flash, I wanted to show the pretty detail on it! I also got some pretty awesome jewellery but I can't show you since some of it will be presents! Not sure which pieces yet since I'd quite happily keep it all for myself, but that's not the spirit of Christmas! I did most of my shopping online yesterday and now I'm pretty sorted now, anyone else do their shopping before it's even December?
Oh, speaking of vintage jewellery, I picked up a useful tip at work; how to tell if pearls are real or not. You rub the pearls on your front teeth - I know, it's a pretty unpleasant thought! - if they're real they feel gritty and if they feel smooth then they're not real! Kinda useful, especially where vintage pearls are concearned. It's probably not the kind of thing you do in public though!
My Mum sent me a text asking me what I wanted for Christmas this morning so I've spent most of the day mulling it over and emailing her links to things!
Char x

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Velvet Crush

Hey there!
One of my current obsessions (and really, this one has reached the level where it can legitimately be called an obsession) is velvet. Maybe it's the colder weather and Christmas approaching fast with memories of past beloved winter party dresses, one Laura Ashley red number in particular. I wore the ugliest duffle coat two winters in a row for that red dress, to placate my Mum because it was expensive, apparently. I got this most perfect velvet dress on ebay, it arrived on Saturday and it fits like it was made for me and is the perfect length. After being inspired by fashion robot I decided to style it in a Lolita kind of way. I have had an obsession with the Lolita subculture in Japan for a while now, though it is not as big as my obsession for the Ganguro style - that's a whole other post there!
Not so sure I'd wear this whole outfit out but I like parts of it, like wearing the dress with my vintage shoes (an etsy find) which also have a velvety feel. The shirt is vintage and also from ebay, the tights are H&M, the cuffs are from etsy and the socks came from some weird sex/fetish shop on ebay since I wanted white ankle socks and my feet are too big for girls' school socks!
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this cute skirt (also from etsy) but, alas, it may be a while as it's all the way in the USA!

I am jelous of these amazing velvet shorts my friend F bought in H&M on our last shopping trip, jelous because a) they're awesome and b) she has the legs to actually wear them. My thighs do not get on with shorts...but I might have a second look anyway! I'm also using the alchemy feature on etsy (famously used by Susie Bubble for the creation of an awesome cage dress) to get the velvet leggings of my dreams...I need them and I need them to be ankle length which any not-made-especially-for-me ones will not be, darn 36" legs!

I thrifted today (purchases to come!) and saw a dress that was both velvet and studded...why didn't I buy it? I may have to go back tomorrow!

Excuse the rant, but I have an obsession I needed to vent, it'd only get worse if I held it in!

Char x

drawing a blank

After much time over at polyvore (, I've decided upon posting this set, its inspiration that I have been getting from things over the past few weeks/days.

Untitled by goo

Hopefully, it has worked!
Various things such as; fave music at the moment, pictures from Paris, a few items that I so wish to have an various day to day things too :)

Sea x.x.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Through the Looking Glass

The start of a new week is always a time which makes me feel like I have a lot to do and very little time to do it in. That feeling usually disapears by Tuesday lunchtime though, to be replaced with a kind of laziness! Today's outfit;
Broke in the Topshop Granny shoes (my feet hurt!) and wore a vintage lace bolero/shrug thing I got on etsy a while ago and hadn't worn yet! I also wore my Zara dress and the studded belt from H&M, with H&M tights and a necklace I got ages ago on ebay!
Close up of the lace and necklace (I'm sure I've worn it before but it's a clock, not a working one though!)
Yesterday's outfit, I got dressed intended to head for the shops but ended up not going further than Tescos!
The weird pose is because I was picking stickers off the bottom of my shoes while the self-timer ticked! The top is another etsy purchase, worn with a Primark boob-tube (since I hate having my cleavage on display - I get hollered at enough by builders etc). The skirt is H&M, pretty predictable to wear my purple shoes with my purple skirt, I know! The shoes are New Look and the cuff is from some random goth shop.
Oh! I wore my faux fur jacket too, I love that thing;
So that was day one and two of my "wear heels everyday week" and no major injuries yet!
Char x

Goody Two Shoes

Hope everybody had an amazing weekend! On friday I promised you a shoe post (it may be one of the only ones I ever do 'cause I am just not a shoe gal!), so here we go...First up, the new additions to my little shoe family, replacing the boots that, realistically, I'd never be able to walk in! One of things about being tall is that, after a certain heel height, skyscraper shoes don't really suit me aside from the fact that I am completely immobilised by them, which is never good.
These little purple shoes are from New Look (their shoes can be on the cheap-sticky-fakey side, but right now they're ace! I have decided that I don't like the way I look in super flat shoes (dumpy and weirdly short, is that odd?) so I'm gonna try and wear more small heels during the day. Aside from looking better, I am hoping that wearing small heels will help me to build up a resistance to fiercer heels because there are several pairs that I won right now which I can't wear!
I have wanted a pair of cream mary-janes for the longest time (even my friend said "Oh, those are so you!" when she saw them) and triple straps are even better than double straps, right? They're also weirdly comfortable (so far, admittedly I haven't been dancin' yet or attempted any of Edinburgh's cobbled streets!).

So, I should've returned the Topshop boots for money but I swapped them for these bad boys instead! They're kinda Granny-ish, but I think I like that!

So, Sea showed you guys all of her pretty shoes and I'm gonna do the same! Here you go;

Don't forget the boots!
So, there you go, all of my shoes (excluding gross work shoes, gym trainers and those which are stored at my Mum's place, but no hidden Uggs, I swear!) and a resolution; heels everyday for a week. I will break my feet into loving heels, 2009 will be the year I learn to walk properly. For anyone else with heel trauma like me, Fashion Addict has some tips - check them out!
Char x