Friday, 7 November 2008

Teenie, tiny break!

Having a HUGE clear-out right now! (It's needed, I've just finished the shoe part! Note: these are not all the shoes that i own, what ya take me for?! *hehe*) Expect to hear from us soon, Char's laptop (I think!) is currently getting repaired & I am just super busy at the moment. We are not neglecting this at all, heck, char may even do a post tomorrow as I am unsure when she'll be getting her laptop back.

Thank you to everyone who has left us comments, we likey (as Carrie may say)!
Sea x.x.


wendybird. said...

gosh, i love seeing photographs of other peoples closets - my total guilty pleasure. i just want to raid yours, even though you are so teeny! :)

Karafina said...

mmmm... closets.....<3

DaisyChain said...

Looking forward to hearing more from you later.
Your clothes are so organised! My wardrobe is basically everything heaped on the floor because I'm too lazy to hang things up!

Tru said...

wow that joker costume is awesome and i love looking in people's closets...idk why though

Gerry said...

Now if only we could get a picture of all the shoes you actually own... My guilty pleasures :)