Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Tea or coffee?

So...I'm back! I'm not going to bore you with the tale of my broken laptop - even I'm bored of it! It's back to something close to working order now though so hopefully blogging will return to normal! In the mean time, I'll make this an uber long one to make up for my absence! Today's outfit, I woke up feeling like I wanted to wear an air hostess (I suppose it's more PC to say "cabin crew" but that makes me think of icky orange t-shirts a la Easyjet) neck bow, so I did;
The scarf thing is from Primark, as in the modesty-conserving boob-tube-skirt, the dress is a vintage find from etsy, the bangles are a big mixture and that black top is from H&M. The outfit gives me an opportunity to show off one of my recent buys; Topshop boots scored in the sale for £22.50 with student discount. I'm not going to lie and say I'm actually wearing these all day today, thus risking injury, I am merely testing them to see if I can wear them tonight. The answer seems to be no, not a good idea.
I know they don't look that fierce, but my feet seem to be genetically programmed to hate heels; it truly sucks!
So I was totally gearing up to take them back and get my moneys back when this happened;

Yeah a big old rip! So now I'm scared to take them back in case they blame it on me, but it's not as if I was shoving my feet into too small shoes, these are actually a size too big! Anyway, today I also got these babies on etsy, can't wait till they get here!

Studded mocassins, are you kidding me? Squee!

Some more purchases from the past few weeks. I had a bit of a spree last week, the bank account didn't appriciate it but it felt like a release so I don't regret it!
This corset top from H&M, I had seen it in a magazine a while ago, gone in search of it and been gutted when I didn't find I was happy when I found it by chance last week! I have no clue what I'll wear it with yet!

This furry vest thing (I've been wanting one for ages!) is actually from Zara Kids so I have no clue how or why it fits me, I'm just very glad that it does!
I wore it yesterday, thusly;
I wore it with my Zara dress, New Look shoes and River Island top (and a sneaky black cardigan for warmth!), 'scuse the flash but I took the photo in the evening!

I got these two Mary Quant bodysuits from ebay a couple of weeks ago, I plan to wear them under the purple dress, which has a really low cut back, and other such things;

Probably my favourite new buy is this faux fur jacket from H&M, I wore it on Friday (outfit catch-up time!);

My flatmate said I looked like an emo, I see her point...
I think tomorrow I'll do a tour of my wardrobe, it needs tidied first though!
Char x


DaisyChain said...

Your legs are so long!
And OMG those boots are the ones I was desperate to get and the store only had the left shoe!
How sad that they ripped :(

Hippiegirl said...

cool blog!
i love the first outfit!!

elisabeth said...

wow :D iv missed your outfits!glad your back!and wow i love that H&M fur coat, im still trying to hunt down my dream perfect one.

oh and being a topshop sales assistant - take those boots back!!!that shouldn't have happened and it doesnt matter how long you've owned something if its faulty we have to give you a refund. even better if you have your receipt still take it in with the boots.
let me know if you do take them back ok!:)

Slanelle said...

i love that H&M jacket!!

Victoria-Olivia said...

Oh lots of lovely things! I got some lace body suits from ebay too, they are rather handy. Yes, the coat is from a vintage store, they have so many, quite reasonable prices too. Yours does look very lovely and cosy.