Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Purple rain

Student shop at Topshop was awesome, spent way too much money though! I got this purple dress (would not have bought it without the discount!) then wore it out Tuesday night. Yet again, I failed to take outfit shots before going out but I don't think this one (taken in the club) is too bad! You can't see my shoes but they weren't too exciting anyway!

This is the photo from the website, probably easier to see the shape of the dress!
I also got this adorable skirt! Though I was really pissed off 'cause I went in earlier in the day and a couple of my friends (who work there duh) promised to hold my stuff for me till later on, which they did. Then some geek decides to put everything that was on hold back out on the floor where of course it gets hoovered right back up again by greedy students! F was running around trying to find my stuff but alas this skirt was nowhere to be found in my size...the smaller size fits in a kind of high-waisted, very short way which is ok at night but I wanted to wear it during the day too!
it has the cutest detail on the back, a bow and an exposed zipper!

Char x


DaisyChain said...

I LOVE that dress and it looks amazing on you =)

Dapper Kid said...

That dress is soooo cute!