Monday, 20 October 2008

Princess Peach

I'm really loving peach coloured things right now, they remind me of my ballet days!

Both taken from facehunter.

When I was little, I honestly though I'd grow up to be Princess Peach from Mario Brothers (a brunette version, obvs). Probably a sign that, even though I was a girly girl in the extreme, I spent a lot of time playing Nintendo games with my brother and his friends...also, why was she called Peach if her dress was pink?

I should've bought this at the Topshop student night thing...
Char x


heartofpearl♥ said...

hi there! thanks for linking :D i have returned the favour and aww the peach is so cute. its something i haven't really noticed nor worn in A LONG TIME. but it is GORGEOUS and is now wanting peach coloured heels !! cute blog :)

Victoria-Olivia said...

Oh I noticed that cardigan too, just a bit pricey is'nt it. I never really think of peach things, but it is such a pretty colour.
Aw thanks by the way, yes she is a skank. I just hope he's not stupid enough to get involved with her.

muchlove said...

aaah, I love the colour peach! It's so sweet and girly :)

an92 said...

I have an unhealthy addiction to peach as well :D but I've been wearing so much of it lately, it's dominating my wardrobe!
And I'd love to swap links :)have added you to my blogroll :)