Sunday, 26 October 2008

Shopping in my closet...

So, in these financially difficult times we live in (credit crunch, recession etc...) women's magazines and newspapers are always telling us to "shop in our own wardrobes for new outfits!". Usually, I'm not a big fan of this philosophy, the materialistic bitch in me would rather just have new stuff to be honest! But the other day in Topshop, I admired this skirt and it reminded me of a simlar one from Zara which I had years ago and assumed I had thrown out or given away at some point...
Well, today I found it! It was in a suitcase full of stuff I never wear anymore (ie cropped jeans and embellished vest tops, ew!). Pretty similar though, no?
In addition to shopping in my own wardrobe, I did real shopping the other day and scored this skirt in the Topshop sale (£10.80 with trusty student discount!), which is awesome considering I almost bought it full price anyway!

I suppose the moral of the story (if there had to be one) is that shopping in your own wardrobe and re-discovering lost items is awesome. But real shopping is better.

Char x

ps It's not immediatly obvious so I should point out that last Halloween (see this picture Sea posted) I was supposed to be some sort of mid-eighties Maddonna, hence lace gloves! Basically I found an awesome '80s dress, fell in love and based my costume on the dress!


English Rose said...

oh wow, the shopping in your own wardobe idea is cool.
i think i'll give that a go and see what I can come up with.

do you get student discount in topshop when you turn 16 or is it when you enroll at college/sixth form?

xo lindsey

yiqin; said...

Shopping in your closet?! Hahah how refreshing :)

DaisyChain said...

Oh that green skirt...great!

Alyssa said...

shopping in your closet! Nice way to be creative :) i have done some of that myself :)
I couldn't help notice that you were from Edinburg! I am going there with my school for the theater festival this summer!