Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hello :)
Its been a little while since I've done a post so I thought I'd get my ass in gear! The past few days have been a blurry haze of fast paced errands and checking off my to-do list whilst looking for a new job (I have a degree for goodness sake, i must be more worthy of coffee making!!!). So it has been a bit tiring, nevertheless, I've got some material worthy of a post :)
I've gotten into watching Ugly Betty again, I forgot how much I loved it! I love how bitchy receptionist Amanda thinks that Gene Simmons is her dad! Oh my goodness, when did Betty and Henry split?! AND WHY?! I cant be bothered with looknig for episodes, waiting until the box set comes out to buy, you-tubing episodes etc.

This is quite random but I loved the colour of the leaves on this tree outside my house. This was an uber cold and frosty morning (despite the little bit of sunshine!), my fave kind of morning! The sky was super blue blue too, which made the leaves even more vibrant, but sadly, you cant tell in the picture! *love*
To compliement the chilly morning; Cardigan; H&M. Shirt; New Look. TRousers; Topshop. Boots; I REALLY cannot remember, but the shop has closed down now where I got 'em. Possible one of those generic shoe shops? Ahh cannot remember! Jewellery; vintage/Accessorize.

Ooh, I also bought this one night after work (I sped into town to the nearest Topshop after I seen it on the website);

Please excuse my mum's latest purchase for herself, star bedsheets HAHA! Anyway, its a cosy knitted wool jumper with little pearls attached! I was a bit apprehensive at the price (£50!! But I did get it for £45 with student discount, woop!) but still, I'd put money away to treat myself/for a rainy day so I thought; why not?! Heres the link to the jumper on their website;
Decided to wear it out last night! Met some peeps for drinks etc, twas a rather fun night!
Jumper; Topshop. Jeans; Superfine @ Harvey Nichols. Boots; Primark. I wore this with my cosy black angora coat and uber large bag from H&M.
I was snooping around thefashionspot a few days ago, and came across the lovely Clemence Poesy's thread there at Star Style. I did a little post on Clemence when Char and myself first started doing this blog. I just though I'd add in a few pics to this post to point out how lovely she looked at Paris Fashion week! I'd love to have a little look around her closet.
I must have these Chanel shoesies!!
Sea x.x.


FashionSqueah! said...

You userped my post! Is userped a word? Anyways, how was last night? Sorry I couldn't make it - I had already agreed to some vodka rev/flat party action! Love your new jumper, so pretty! The things are tiny pearls? I did not notice that?! Woop!

Nita-Karoliina said...

you look good my love! both outfits! and that jumper is worth for! i love that topshop has that student discount thing :)

Ariella said...

I really love that dotted jumper. It looks so cozy and nice!

DaisyChain said...

I love the newlook shirt. I was considering buying it for myself.
And that TopShop jumper, I want/need haha. Though I can't afford TopShop right now.

Your Mum's taste in bed sheets rocks =)

lev_i_mote said...

i loveeee the tights in the last picture!

mood was fun! some of the employees aren't the most friendly though :/

p.s i love ugly betty too!


Victoria-Olivia said...

Oh such a pretty pretty jumper, its always nice to treat yourself.