Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hi hi, I'm going to make this post not really that great, as it is just going to be inspiration pictures. Although I do love updating this blog so it's all good.

Currently inspired by;

Red & white artwork.

The Dead Weather (mainly Alison, love her style!),

Freja!! I am thinking of getting my hair cut like hers in this photograph, my hair is currently all over the place and I kinda miss my fringe, but wouldn't want a heavy/thick one, Freja's one in above picture is just perfect.

Faris Badwan from the Horrors. He always inspires me, in terms of music, style and culture. I find him fascinating.

Bob Dylan. I recently watched the film 'Im Not There' (repeatdly!) a few weeks ago and have been inspired by everything he does, fantastic muscian.

And below I've lsited a few things that I am desperate need of right now (well not desperate need but you know what I mean);

Sea x.x.
(above picture made by myself at, all other images thanks to Google Images, The Horum,