Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Ok, everytime I create a post, I have something new to show to everyone! Is that really bad? One day, I'll post and be like; hmm I've not bought anything - when wil lthis day come?!
Right now I am watching Sex and the City and still can't believe they are making a SECOND film?! I mean, come on! Didn't they make enough money from the series, the (poor) first movie?! Not that I hate SATC or anything, I just love the series too much and was disappointed with the film :(
Anyway! First purchase (oops and yes, theres more than one) was a new skirt, black and fringey and just yummy. I actually luurrrrve it! I wore it out for a work do on Friday via;

Then I went all emo (LOL);

There is a close up of the fringe-y-ness. But I actually cannot eat any form of chocolate or crisps or anything actually, as crumbs stick to this - ALOT. Seriosuly, they wont just brush off or wipe off! Anyway, thats how I wore me new skirt over the weekend. I had it on yesterday too with some flat boots and stuff, but I did not get a picture, maybe tomorrow as I'm sure I'll wear it again ha!
What I bought before this was a lovely flowery vest top, perfect for warm weather (it was actually MILD today; *eeee excitement!!*) Hooray! I wore my little yellow vintage shoes that I'm sure I've got a picture of somewhere on this blog?! But yeah, I was unsure if I could get away with wearing it as a dress? So I put on a little boob tubey dress underneath, just to cover myself haha!
This was today's outfit, I must admit I was hungover today and din't put much effort into my outfit due to feeling sick, light headed and wishing the day was over; stat.
What a weird angle, argh I'm actually going to have to get someone to take pictures for me, I'm so useless haha!
Oh, the Boutique section had sold out of the cropped tee I wanted *sob*. Although they do still have it in the black, but the white was niceeeeeee! The black is still nice but whiiiiiittteeee *wails*. I'll get obsessed with something else by tomorrow most likely!
Sea .x.x.
PS: how FAB are Char's new shoes?! Stud loveeeee!!


Today I've been run off my feet, I haven't been able to get any revision done even! I had a job interview but I won't be taking the job, I told them about the time I'd need off for exams and sadly they need someone who can work through it...so I don't have an interesting outfit today, but this is from yesterday;

I got this dress from Bay Trading the other day, that shop is usually so ick but I saw this dress through the window and thought it was such a cool shape! It's nicer in real life, why don't stripes photograph right? It has these big droopy pockets;
And a big zip! Anyone who's been reading the blog for a while will know how much I love zips;
I tied a ribbon in my hair, for some colour!
Sea and I had a few drinks (and curly fries!) for a friend's birthday last night and I wore the same outfit but with the shoes from the last post.
Char x

Sunday, 29 March 2009

At last.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend, today I took a trip into the shops and bought myself a beautiful dress for my Graduation Ball! I'm not sure yet if I want to post it here or leave it until July, I want to do everything possible to make sure I'm not bored of it by then! I don't think that'll happen because I truly love it but just to be sure...I could probably be persuaded to show you though! I bought a couple of other things too, bad Char! This was my outfit, please excuse that I look like an overweight toddler;

It isn't entirely obvious in these photos but the tights are brown, not black, they were in the lucky dip I ordered from tightsplease a while ago. The shoes and dress are from Topshop and the brown top is from River Island. This necklace is from H&M;
The bracelets are a mixture of vintage and New Look.
Shoe close-up!
I've been trying to get more detail shots, do you guys prefer it that way?
This is my outfit from Friday, I went home to visit my family and my brother threatened to steal this jumper, despite the fact that it is really a dress! I am a bit annoyed with this dress though as I washed it today for the first time and now there's a weird line down the design...they don't have it at our Topshop so if I was to swap it, I'd have to send it back because I bought it from the website! Annoying when something you love get messed up and I was so careful too!

The jumper dress is Illustrated People at Topshop, the dress underneath is from Zara and the boots were a Christmas gift, the socks are from ebay (some fetish shop, weird!)
I got shoes today like I've been wanting for the longest time, they're a wedge rather than a heel but I think that makes them more summery and easier to walk in! I can not wait to wear these bad boys out!

I bought a couple of other things too, but I am likely to be wearing them in the next few days and so to photograph them now would be redundant!
Tomorrow I really must crack on with my revision, then I think in the evening we're going out for dinner for a friends birthday. My new flatmate arrives on Tuesday and I'm a bit nervous because I haven't met him before and I am so used to living alone, it's been two months now! Must break singing out-loud habit...
Char x

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Within reason

Hey guys!
After my whole "no-more shopping, for a long time" speech, I ended up shopping the other day but I will qualify this by telling you that the charity shop was having an everything-you-can-stuff-into-a-bag within reason sale...the guy handing out bags kept stressing the within reason part! Anyway, I'll share my buys with you later, a pretty-ugly navy blue dress with a zip, a velvet top and a cute bag. This is Wednesday's outfit;

The tights, which are such a pretty colour, are part of a package of things sent to us by the lovely people at tightsplease, thanks so much guys! I'm looking forward to wearing the other things they sent us, but waiting for the weather to warm up a bit as they are a bit more sheer than these 60 denier babies! You should definitely check out the site, free UK shipping! Enough gushing (but seriously, thanks!), the shoes are ancient New Look, I think the knee-highs are from Topshop, the skirt and necklaces are H&M and the t-shirt is from New Look.

The grey dress is from H&M, as is the necklace and the tee-shirt is from Topshop, the wedges are from Barrats (I heard that Barrats is no more? I never really shopped there but it's still a bit sad when companies go bankrupt!).
Thursday night;

I wore my new Topshop dress round to my friends' flat (they live right around the corner from me, woop no taxi-money-wastage!) for a little party, we had originally planned to head out to a club but got a bit too comfy drinking Passoa and lemonade on the couch and watching bad TV! Which explains the rubbish pictures, I was intending to get better ones at the club! The dress and necklace (which admittedly is very similar to the H&M one in the previous outfit!) are from Topshop, the leggings are New Look and the shoes are old old old Asos. The bracelets I think are a mixture of vintage/ebay and New Look but with my swamp of a jewellery box one can never be too sure!
ps low-back converters from LaSenza save my life! I ain't about to go braless and I also am not about to flash my bra-back to the world! I'm the biggest fan of low cut backs on dresses, because I really hate cleavage-y dresses on me (only on me, other people can totally rock them!) and the attention they beget, but I think backs are more subtley sexy? Could be wrong but that's how I feel on the matter!
Have a great weekend everybody!
Char x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

more sorry-ness

I do apologise yet again for my neglect of posts, I just don't have as much time anymore! Not that I dont enjoy doing posts or anything but when you don't have the time to do so, you just don't!
Anyway, I am excited as its pay-day for me tomorrow and I have my eye on a few things. Although I really should not be spending anything at all on clothes, like Char said in a aprevious post, about clothes that we really do not need/the money could go on something MUCH more useful/impulse buys and such. Example; I go to buy something else new on Friday just past, when, for the first time in my life, my transaction was DECLINED. Ah the shame!! So I must curb the shopping habits, although I've seen so much nice stuff such as; (source; http://www.topshop.co.uk/).
This totaly cute cropped tee from Topshop's Boutique range (still one of my current addictions!)
Although, to get it in black or white?! Decisions!
(source; www.topshop.co.uk)
Kinda weird to be showing what underwear I may be wearing later on, but oh well! I am forever wearing these kinda bras, they don't give much support but I have a small chest so it's all good! Such a lovely little pattern too :)
(source; http://www.allsaintshop.co.uk/)
All Saints military booties! I was once obsessing over the heeled version of these but I'm more drawn to these now, plus they are £25 cheaper than the heeled ones. Still at £150, I may save for these rather than running out and buying them as soon as I'm paid!
There are a few more things that I would like to purchase, but I probobly won't, I need to start thinking and spending in a more sensible way!
This is today's outfit;
We had quite lovely weather today, still cold, but the sun was out, I'm hoping for warm,sunny weather soon, I'm bored of wraping up warm in the chilly mornings and I cannot wait for long summer nights with friends, when its still light outside! My jeans are a new purchase from Topshop (ahhh that place is just too handy), they're not completly white, more cream. Perfect for T in the Park - hahaha! With some wellies, its all good!

A few weeks ago, I helped out another concession at my work, they were so pleased with me helpin them they offered me a free garment of clothing from them, how nice is that?! This is what came for me in the mail today;
It's a gorgeous little lace top, this picture doesn't really do it justice but it looks alot better in real life, nice and summer-y!
Right, sorry that was quite a bit of reading and such there but I must go for now and attend to this absolute mess I started this morning;
Good grief! I started a clear out earlier, then wanted coffee! But now I must attend to it!
Sea x.x.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I'd like to thank everyone for their support on my last post, I'm basically just going to not shop at all until after my final exams (then I intend to break the shopping ban by buying an awesome Grad Ball dress!), I have enough clothes for now, I suppose! Today's outfit;

I still really like this dress but when I washed it the cotton shrank and so now the lining hangs out, which you can see in this photo! Still, not bad for £4.99!
The belt is just a ribbon from a Warehouse top I used to have (I sold it a a car boot sale, but cheekily kept the ribbon!), the dress is Zara, the flats are from New Look and the necklace is from H&M and the black dress is Topshop Boutique.

Char x

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Monday, 23 March 2009

Sooner or later, the things you own end up owning you - Fight Club

Today I'm turning over a new leaf. This year I've been really reckless with my money (and when I say my money, I mean the money that I've borrowed from banks to pay for my education...) and it really has to change. Once again, my Mum is bailing me out and I feel incredibly guilty because she is so sensible and careful with her money, and is constantly having to help my brother and I becuase we are irresponsible. I think it's time for me to take responsibility and stop spending money which doesn't belong to me. Sorry for that depressing rant, but it's just what's been going on in my head today! Today I wore the no-label Rodarte-look-a-like jumper thing which I thrifted a while ago;

Sorry about the weird colour in these, I think the sun was shining too bright through the window, though I have no complaints about the improvment in weather! This picture may be clearer;
Here's a close-up of the jumper and my new necklace (the skirt is new too...), which is from H&M;
I hope you all don't stop reading the blog if I stop buying interesting new things but at the moment, it honestly feels as if I have enough clothes in my wardrobe that I don't need to buy anymore, fashion blogging shouldn't be about keeping up with what other people have and I think that's where I started to go a bit wrong...
Char x

Saturday, 21 March 2009


Hey guys!
I am so bad, I went shopping yesterday and bought some things, I have no money! I'm honestly going to have to not shop anymore until after my exams, really! Anyway, I'll share my purchases with you later, this wasmy outfit, including my 99p Granny jumper;

The shoes are from Topshop, the dress is Zara, the bangle is from Oasis and the pearls are vintage/thrifted.

I love this bangle but I don't wear it often because it's wood and has a split in it, I'm, scared it's going to snap!
Have a nice weekend everybody!

Char x