Friday, 20 March 2009


Hey guys!
Hope you're all well! I've got a few purchases to share with you guys, since my stress usually manifests itself as shopping! I see it as an investment in my education if it helps me to stay calm with looming deadlines and boring hours spent studying! So firstly is my new long jumper/dress from Illustrated People at Topshop, totally love this thing!

Please excuse the fringe/camera in front of face, I don't usually like to take mirror shots but I was having trouble finding my foundation this morning and so that is my real naked face! I foudn it eventually...right on my table where it always is, lying on its side, but not after much screaming, kicking and child-like pouting! This jumper is maybe the third thing I have with wolves on, where will it end!
This sweet bracelet I got as a kind of good luck charm for exams from this super-sweet shop on etsy! The shop is based in the UK so shipping is really cheap for us Brits!
I was making my way to the supermarket today when I saw an "everything is 99p" sign in the window of a charity shop, I obviously went in, I am nothing if not a philanthropist! I found this waistcoat-cardigan thing which is ace because I've been looking for one for ages, I can't say how many times I've picked up the H&M ones and wandered around with them, only to put them back!
I also got this granny-ish jumper, I like the details on it and since it's no longer jacket weather it'll come in handy!

I also bought this dress from Topshop, to go with my £1.80 heels but I am about 90% sure that I'm going to swap it for this one tomorrow, so fickle! I'm just in love with its denim-y goodness, its cut-out back and its pockets! I do not think it's a good idea for me, a girl with no income, to buy both...

Oh and some of you asked where I got shoes for £1.60, it was this shop near my uni, called qs..I don't know if it's a chain or an Edinburgh thing but it's like a not-so-hot Primark!

Char x


becca. said...

wow. gorgeous fashion bargains!
great blog! :)
would you like to swap links?

Syana said...

nice jumper!! I love the cut, because it fits your body very nicely ;)

felicia-sp said...

lovely jumper my dear :)
I like the first dress and second dress. either one would be great.

q&s has some great hidden treasures, bought a wonderful belt,dress and necklace in there for next to nothing!

Maria said...

Oh like the shoes! *

dapper kid said...

Absolutely love your sweater dress! And wow, what amazing finds, that blue vest looks fantastic :)

DaisyChain said...

Great buys, I love the jumper, and the etsy shop

Hayley said...

Great buys, your outfit looks great. Thanks for the comment, love your blog and your style is great.

elisabeth said...

that wolf jumper looks sooo much nicer on you then online!oh and i cant believe you got shoes for £1.60 :O you seem to find amazing things on the cheap!:D

Fashion Prescription said...

thank you for your lovely comment! I really like what you bought.

Kandace said...
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Kandace said...

Love the wolf shirt because well wolves are so freakin sweet. I don't have anything like that but I'm jealous of your collection. And the jumper, I love granny stuff that becomes modern when you put it all together.

nikkimoose. said...

love love love the wolf!

smith Green said...

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