Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I'd like to thank everyone for their support on my last post, I'm basically just going to not shop at all until after my final exams (then I intend to break the shopping ban by buying an awesome Grad Ball dress!), I have enough clothes for now, I suppose! Today's outfit;

I still really like this dress but when I washed it the cotton shrank and so now the lining hangs out, which you can see in this photo! Still, not bad for £4.99!
The belt is just a ribbon from a Warehouse top I used to have (I sold it a a car boot sale, but cheekily kept the ribbon!), the dress is Zara, the flats are from New Look and the necklace is from H&M and the black dress is Topshop Boutique.

Char x

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the comment lovely, means a lot!

becca. said...

heeey :)
changed the name of my blog previously fashionista geekly.


DaisyChain said...

I really do love that dress, total bargain =)

hanna said...

wut a bargain! the color suits you.

and sea is really sweet. im sure she told you how i spent an HOUR in the changing room to see if i should get a size 8 or 10 of the most divine topshop coat ever made! haha. i finally went with the 8 after asking about a billion times if the fit was better. ;D

muchlove said...

aaw, your postcards sound fabulous!

btw, I like how you belted this dress with a ribbon. So pretty.

Kandace said...

Love the dress. It's a total steal. I really adore the way it drapes in the front.


Gladys Lopez said...

what a cool dress! :)

Song of Style said...

seriously, hair dressers love to cut hair (well dur!!!)
i am in need of a pastel tone dress. i need to stay away from black and white. hehe

elisabeth said...

that dress is such a gorgeous pastal colour, perfect for the spring!
good luck with the shopping ban as well :P lol

fhen said...

the colour of this dress is soo nice!

Hannah said...

I am exactly the same with my money, I had to extend my overdraft the other day to a ridiculous amount, and I'm only in first year! I've turned to my own wardrobe and have been selling things like a crazy person on ebay which has fortunately been quite successful! I'm also on a shopping ban though, at least until I've earned some money over the holidays. I love the colour of your dress with the gold chains :)

Inside Mode said...

So lovly! The dress looks really cute on you. Such a great bargain.

Ariella said...

Oh, that dress looks really nice on you (sorry that it shrunk!). You really suit soft purple colours. Oh, and I like the chains around your neck!

dapper kid said...

That colour is so lovely :)

Anonymous said...





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