Monday, 30 June 2008

Blonde moment.

Hey there!
Today I went shopping in Glasgow. As much as I love Edinburgh, we have a chronic drought of majorly important high street shops, we lack an American Apparell (though the sweet Diesel shop assistant who directed us to said AA informed us that Edinburgh is soon to have our very own one, please don't say she was toying with me!) a Primark and an Urban Outfitters. This is why our West Coast rival is so often named "fashion capital" whilst we are the real capital - complete with annyoing, poorly dressed tourists. Sea was unable to join us, F and I, which was a bummer but I think after next pay day we'll take a fashionsqueah trip there! This was my outfit, incorporating 75p thift find!
Grey tee - H&M, navy top - thrifted, skirt - Oasis, tights - tightsplease, shoes - Debenhams, bangles - vintage via ebay, necklace - H&M, bag - thrifted.
Took my sailor jacket to ward off rain, always advisable in Scotland - even in June!
This is an outfit I wore yesterday for dinner at my Mum's place as it was Lil Bro's birthday, happy 19th bro! I didn't post it before because there was something not...right about it. I was unable to figure out what though. I tried pinning the belt to make it high-waisted and every belt in my collection but it still didn't work. Not an outfit to be repeated then.

Tops - ebay, skirt - boohoo, tights - tightsplease (don't worry, a different pair! I'm not that skanky...) shoes - H&M.

How thick am I that I saw these legwarmers on tightsplease and assumed they were some kind of awesome ski-pant type of thing, a solution to my woe (ski-pants are one-size-fits-all, I have long legs!). They are just normal legwarmers! Argh how am I to style these without looking...odd? I bought grey by the way, not the brown colour pictured.
I'll be posting my purchases from Glasgow soon, right now I just don't have energy and, as always, I must get up early for work!
Char x x x

Friday, 27 June 2008


Hey there!
Today, after work, I met a friend at uni to (attempt to) sort out some dissertation stuff. We didn't get very far because my brain seemed to wander onto any subject excpet Psychology! Damn my inability to focus! When we came out of our little computer room, the "cubicles" as they are known, this year's graduates were congregating in the building (our Psychology building is old and beautiful) drinking tea and celebrating, in their full gowns and hoods! It was such a pretty sight to see and really began to make me think about my own graduation, which is only a year away now! Actually, Sea's graduation is next month but she remains very reluctant for us to see her all gowned up! So, I changed into this outfit to head to uni:

Dress - vintage via ebay, belt - chartity shop, tights - Primark, black peep toes - H&M, J'aime Paris tee - Dollydagger, bangles - New Look/vintage.

Char x x x

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Sorry again for the lack of posts recently, Sea and I are both busy but it should pick up now!Finally, payday is here and I couldn't be more excited! I was actually paid for both my jobs today, which was great. I avoided the high street (and their deliciously tempting sales) and opted instead to go to some charity shops; there are about a thousand charity shops round the corner from mine so I hit them all up on the way home from work. A shocking admission follows: I have never "thirfted" before (I agree with flying saucer on this one, thrifting is a good word!)and have always depended on ebay or specialised vintage shops for my vintage/unique cravings. Recently, I have become disenchanted with Edinburgh's vintage shops, the three I know of and regularly shop at (the two Armstrong's and The Rusty Zip) don't seem to me to gear their stock towards trends or even fashion in general, the stock is often not real vintage (I have seen garments from New Look and Primark, that's not vintage - it's just old!) and often in bad condition. I think a good vintage shop should mean that you don't have to do the searching, but in Edinburgh it doesn't so from now on I'll be checking out the charity shops! It's also a good way to save on the inflated prices of vintage shops, but I do agree that charity shops are raising their prices, many of them are also learning to distinguish designer brands and saught-after items and others have their own "vintage" sections. Today's charity haul was a good one though, expect better pictures/styling soon but right now I am too tired and also busily trying to sort out uni stuff via MSN and email.

SHOE CLIPS! Excuse the block caps, but that was a keyboard version of what happened in my head when I saw these puppies. I have wanted some shoe clips for ages and seeing them on other blogs made me want them more. It's the kind of practical thinking that doesn't happen as much anymore, make something plain beautiful with removable ornaments! They were £2 from one of the charity shops I went to, the last one as it happens.

I thought this belt was quite cool and would make a good stand-in for my ever-present H&M one, which is like surgically attatched to my waist. I thought the H&M one was one of those ubiquitous items that would cause every girl who passed me to roll her eyes and think "H&M, £4.99" but a girl at my work, who dresses awesome, asked where it was from and said it looked expensive so a total replacement may not be neccessary! Long chain of pearls and gold and another, shorter chain of pearls. I have wanted both these items for a while, since I'm planning to wear fake pearls a lot to justify spending money on real know the old "but I'd wear them all the time..." these were £3.95 each, see what I mean about rising prices? The grey plastic ones were only 50p though since that shop was closing down.
I scored this top from the closing down shop for 75p! It's a size 20, which I am not, but I kinda thought maybe it would work in a baggy kinda way, we shall have to wait and see!
This bag was so fierce it couldn't not be mine! I think it was also £3.95.

Char x x x

Monday, 23 June 2008


We havent popsted an entry in a little bit, we both apologise! Both of us have been working alot (again!) recently, but the more we work, the more clothes/bags/shoes/acessories we can buy WEEEEEE!
I'm also trying to save for a fltat, I am in desperate need of my own space!
Anyway, I thought I'd post a few outfits I have worn recently to keep the blog from collecting dust and cobwebs;

Sonic Youth tee; eBay. Dress (word as skirt); Zara. Tights; Primark (I think). Shoes; eBay (but are originally from Topshop).

Ooops, I only seem to have the one photo from last week!
Hope everyone is doing well.
Expect more updates soon!
Sea x.x.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Window shopping

Today I actually wasn't working (for once) and so I had a delicious lunch with my Mum and brother, then me and bro went to do a bit of window shopping. I didn't buy anything, I have no money anyway, but saw one or two things I'll go back for when I'm paid in 10 days time. Payday can not come soon enough at this point...This is what I wore today, how odd that Sea and I both put on grey socks over tights, one of those freaky cosmic things methinks!

Char x x x

Party Talk.

Apologies for the lack of updates from me. Been working alot over the past week so I have not had much of an opportunity to post outfits and the like.
Anyway, like Char said, we attended a friends 21st party on Saturday. I decided not to go with the oufit I posted a few days back, I went with an old dress that I've had for a while. I just do not have the funds to buy anything new! *nooooooo*.
Anyway; this is what I wore;

Quite a simple outfit, but anyway!
Dress; ASOS, Bag; Primark (still in love with it ha), Shoes; Dorothy Perkins.
The balloons behind me were awesome and huge! Here is the cake (which was so yummy);

Here is what I am wearing today;

Top (worn as dress, hopefully that does not sound too tacky/horrible/slutty LOL); H&M. Tights; Primark. Socks; Topshop. Shoes; Miss Selfridge. Bag; Vintage. Belt; came with a pair of trousers from Dorothy Perkins.
Running some errands etc, I cannot wait until I get paid again, I am in need of a major shopping fix!
The title of this post seemed fitting, it is an excellent song by Karen Kelly (my love and passion for music/songs from the 1960's and early 1970's is showing here!). Its ace, try and find it, you'l lenjoy it ^_^

Sea x.x.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

I dress like a badger...

Sea and I spent last night at a 21st birthday party, which was so much fun! I love a good party and this one was crazy since the birthday girl's Mum had decided to get a stripper! Personally, I would've been mortified but she took it well...even though he was sick-looking and covered her (and her pretty dress) in baby oil and whipped cream, gross! Anyway, this is what I wore:

This dress is from ebay, aaaages ago but I wear it a LOT! It's really comfy and easy to wear. Shirt - Zara, tights - tightsplease, shoes - ancient silver wedges, the comfiest party shoes I own, my feet were so sore after work! The cuffs are from etsy, just leave a comment if you want the name of the seller.
Sometimes I like to dress like a doll, like last night, in fact one time I wore a similar outfit - a cute skirt and a shirt with a huge collar - and was told by some random guy that I looked "Like a doll....Sylvanian Families, yeah?". I actually never had any Slyvanian Families as a child, I had a "real" doll's house, with old school dolls and tiny cakes glued onto little plates...I still have it actually, I keep it at my Mum's though 'cause it's huge!

Just for reference...this is what a sylvanian family looks like.
The mice actually freak me out a bit because there's a dead mouse in a trap in my flat which I can't bring mysewlf to touch, why did it have to happen when my flatmate was away? I know that in any big city mice are common and they are so small that they can squeeze in alomst anywhere, but I just hate the thought of them being in my home! It makes me feel like I'm not clean enough or something...

I got my exam results yesterday and I managed to get all Bs, so last night was a double celebration for me! It was also a celebration for Sea who has passed her course and will graduate next month, so excited for her! I have one more year to go, I'm looking forward to it but I am so mad that I can't get my dissertation sorted out...

In other news, it's 11 days until I get paid...oh my god I can NOT wait!

Char x x x

Friday, 13 June 2008

Queen of hearts

Today was another busy day, work yet again in the morning and then back to uni again for more dissertation stuff. The guy we needed to talk to about dissertation left the building just as we were about to spean to him, argh! This was today's outfit, after work anyway!
Top - Zara (with New Look vest underneath), skirt - Oasis, tights - Primark, wedges - H&M.
Close up of the pack-of-cards pattern and ruffles on my top.

Char x x x

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Kicking it old school

Ha! I was right..and I'm not mental, someone else agrees that jazz shoes make good day wear and are not reserved for dance classes, wish wish wish wrote about the virtues of jazz shoes here.

Because I don't have an outfit picture for today - more work, argh! - I decided to post an outfit I wore a while ago, some time before Christmas maybe? It also serves as an example of a trend I'm sick of, star print! I loved it at first, before every single person/shop cottoned's not that I hate it now, I just think it died a bit for me when it became uber-mainstream. An excellent example of the overexposure of the star print is below, my friend rocked up in a dress the same night I wore my skirt!

Boot - Some shop in New York, tights - H&M, skirt - Therapy at House of Fraser, vest - Topshop, shirt - asos, belt - H&M, necklace -can't remember!
He he he, we match! Except her thighs are much thinner than mine...

I've seen a few posts on other blogs (can't remember exactly where, sorry!) with people documenting past fashion crimes. Speaking of trends which took too long to die, remember Nu Rave? Ahhh yeah, this is the shit! Glow sticks (plural?!): check, abundance of cheap plastic jewellary: check, dress by H&M: check, sweaty nightclub backdrop: check. Self photography via unnatural extension of the arms creating "myspace" angles: check! The sad thing is, I am now too fat for this dress, grrrr!
Dress - H&M (duh!), glowsticks - student union club, good old sweaty Potterrow. Jewellary - Lady Luck Rules.

This was a 1920's/Great Gatsby themed party which was lovely because all the boys wore suits (with pocket squares!) and all the girls were gorgeous, we ate cucumber sandwiches without crusts and drank gin and tonics, divine! I still acted very 21st century and drank too much, losing my camera so this is my only photo.

I'm on the left. The dress is H&M and scarf (on the head), "pearls" not a clue where! And here is my face, just for you Nita! It's not the most flattering picture ever, but I was a stone and a half lighter then so it's better than any I've taken recently!

Char x x x

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Busy day

I had such a tiring day today, work in the morning and then a quick lunch before I was out to uni to meet a friend and discuss dissertation stuff. It's really irritating us as the supervisor refuses to give us an answer; yes or no, can we do the topic we want to?
Anyway! Sea was over last night for wine etc and below is what I wore.

Another crappy photo, I know and I'm sorry! And I'm wearing shoes in spite of the fact I'm inside my own house and not going anywhere, poser! Skirt - H&M (deemed too short for work, pffft!), shoes - vintage via ebay, nightgown top - vintage via etsy, bangle - asos.

Today after work I changed quickly and went to uni to meet a friend and see our (potential) dissertation supervisor and then to her place to eat ice-cream...

Peep-toe wedges - H&M (the "free" in a buy one get one free), grey/navy tights - tightsplease, dress vintage (and maybe handmade, there's no labels) - vintage via ebay, I wore it here too. Cardigan - H&M, belt - Primark.

I read in yesterday's Scotsman (high-brow Scottish broadsheet newspaper) that men's suits are becoming fashionable again, good news I say as the men in this country lag behind the women in the style stakes. And there is nothing hotter than a man in good tailoring. I never went for the "men in uniform" thing but point me in the direction of a man in a suit, anyday! Men don't have the option of jewellary (we are lucky!) and so a suit can be personalised with cufflinks, not of the novelty variety obviously, or colurful (but tasteful) socks, ties and pocket squares. I can't find the article online though...

Char x x x

outfits and opinions.

Just a quick post to show some recent outfits of mine :)

Last night I wore this to visit Char at her flat for some wine and NACHOS! Man they were awesome.
Cardi; Villa/JOY. Grey Vest; Dorothy Perkins. I'm showing some cheeky undergarment here but I was covered up most of the night lol! Bra/Slip; La Senza. Trousers; H&M. Shoes; eBay. Bag; Primark (I'm loving this bag recently, hence why it has appeared so much!).

I wore this a few days ago to meet another friend of mine for some ice cream *squee*. I'm loving the colours of this theme that has been seen on catwalks; Romantic/Romatica - squeah!
Cardigan; Villa/JOY. Pale pink vest; Topshop. Lace Blouse/Top; Topshop. Jeans; Topshop (so many Topshop items, ah!). Shoes; Primark.

Speaking of Romance etc, I NEED this Sonia Rykel dress from her S/S 07 collection. Someone please buy me it!

This is what I am wearing today;

A rare occassion of showing so much leg! I'm not sure if I like it so much LOL.
Top; Topshop (Laandaan one, I need to say this with every London purchase). Shorts; Topsop (Laanndaan again). Shoes; Primark. Bag; Vintage.

Both Char and myself are going to be attending a friend's 21st birthday on Saturday and I am SO stuck with what to wear (yet again ARGH). I did have this outfit in mind but I need opinions;

I quite like this, but my heart is not all that into it, if anyone understands that, haha! I may go shopping and try to find a dress or something on Friday, as thats the only time I'm free as I'm working the rest of the weekend. I have got a few more dresses, but I've worn them all so many times, I'm in need of something new!

I just want to thank all the people who have been commenting and reading our blog, it means alot to us and cant thank the people who have commented enough! Thankies!!
Sea x.x.

Monday, 9 June 2008

First position

My brief absence from the blogging world, ie I didn't post yesterday, was due to starting a new job today. Yes another new job, all the better to fund my shopping habits. Another job which also requires wearing a suit, and I was damn hot today on the walk home! I'm pretty impressed with the shirt I bought for work, from boohoo using the discount I got from the stinking dress. It's a really good fit and 100% cotton (which makes ironing a bitch, I'm quite domesticated really but I don't iron often!) which is impressive for the price.

When I get paid, I think I'll invest in the blue striped version as it's rare for me to find a shirt that doesn't gape in the boob area. I really don't want to be giving off a slutty, scruffy, blow-jobs-in-the-mailroom vibe at the big fancy law firm I'm working at!
I also quite like this rather weird tartan-checked-sheer creation, and it's also like £12 or something. Ahhh the wages are spent before they even arrive, I am counting the days till payday!
I bullied my Mum into making me a barbeque yesterday and in return got a bunch of stuff to sell on ebay, mostly dull china (Royal Doulton baby!) and a collection of teaspoons which fascinated me as a child for some reason. But also this sweet little handbag, which belonged to my Grandmother a long time ago (well, it belonged to her until recently but wasn't used!). I am in love with this bag, but it wouldn't hold half the stuff I take out with me and I have been instructed to sell it, so sell I must! I also have a bunch of vintage dresses, so stay tuned for a preview and details of my ebay etc!

Speaking of ebay, the dispute about the dress I bought and bitched about here is over. The seller has kindly offered a full refund and apologised for misleading me. So, I must apologise for a) boring you with my rant and b) complaining about something which turned out to be easily fixed! I think that it is still a valuable lesson to learn though, whilst I would say that 99% of ebay transactions are free from problems, there are always going to be dishonest people and we all should be careful not to be victims of bad ebayers!

In my quest for summer footwear which doesn't bake my feet I've been seriously considering a pair of white jazz shoes. I know, it sounds a bit mental but there are white pumps everywhere just now that look identical and jazz shoes are just that little bit cheaper!

See? Ain't nothing wrong with that...or is there, do you think I'm mad? I have a pair of black jazz shoes from my dancing days but the black ones actually look like dance shoes (and to me they are!). Speaking of abusing dancewear, I brought some ballet tights back from my Mum's and may attempt to pass them off as normal tights - they are just such a pretty, summery colour. Again, do you think I'm mental? They are a better idea than the white tights I bought from ebay then chickened out of wearing because they were not opaque enough for my legs! My new tights-buying mantra = I don't do 15 denier. Not so unflattering as they were when paired with a leotard either. If only I still had my muscly, meaning not flabby, dancer's legs *sigh*

Other things I'm wearing here are a New Look skirt and Miss Selfridge (sale!) shoes.

As of tomorrow my flatmate is away for like three weeks, woot! No more living in someone else's filth! Why is it so hard to find a flatmate who has the same standards of hygiene and cleanliness as me? I may have a girl's night or something while he's'll also be much easier for me to get outfit posts! Nita Karoliina of little sneak into my life expressed sadness at never seeing our faces in photos, I guess it's just easier for me to take outfit posts without worrying about what my crazy face is doing but I'm working up to a face shot...maybe! I have to admit that the bloggers I most admire are those who show their faces. If you knew me you'd recognise me anyway so it's not really a privacy thing, more a I'm-not-too-photogenic-in-the-morning thing!

Char x x x

Saturday, 7 June 2008

day to night.

A pair of boots came for me the other day from eBay (yes, I know its almost Summer, but the weather is pretty darn dodgy here!). Thankfully, they were as described unlike poor Char's item! Its so cheeky how people think they can get away with misrepreseting an item people pay money for. It is extremely unfair to the buyer who is only innocently shopping online, not harming anyone! Some eBay sellers really chance their luck and they are just mean!!!!

Whilst the postman was ringing the doorbell for me to answer, I was babysitting my mum's friend litle boy. OMG he was the happiest, cutest, lovely-est (SP?!) baby ever. He wasn't all crying and screaming, he was so fine with us watching him and was always laughing. His name was Ethan and he had this uber cool sleeping bag thing his mum had packed for him as he was at his dad's the night before! It looked so cosy but I could not fit in it to try it out as I'm a tad taller than the average 13 month old haha!
I got some cute and gorgeous pictures of him but I'd feel weird posting them on here! But take my word for it, UBER cute!
So yeah, the boots! I wore 'em like this during the day;
(Starting to think I need a photographer for these damn pictures lol)
Grey cardi; H&M. Navy sweater; American Apparel. Blue tee; Primark. Jeans; Superfine. Scarf; Primark. Bag; vintage. Boots; eBay!

Then at night time, I considered the boots again, but wanted to be a bit more dressed up to meet Char for drinks - which then led to the spontaneous decision of going to see Sex and the City movie - SQUEE.
So this is what I wore;

Black tee; H&M. Lace blouse/top (I wore this back to front to make it look like a little cardi-esque garment) ; Topshop. Black tights; New Look (I think). Black skirt; Primark. Black patent belt; Dorothy Perkins (came with a pair of black smart trousers - woop!). Shoes; Topshop.

I loved the film, it was really quite a tear-jerker I thought. Although, I missed a really good bit as I bought a bottle of water and gulped it all down and I thought to myself; "I can hold it in until the film finishes...I must...I need to!". But I ended up giving in and rushing to the loo almost spraining my neck and walking backwards in an attempt not to miss too much as I wandered to the loo haha.

Just another outfit I came up with to go with the boots;

(Rubbish picture again, apologies!) Just a quick outfit I rustled up!
Black tee; H&M. Grey dress (worn as a skirt); Zara. Tights; Topshop. Knee high socks; Topshop. Bag; Warehouse. Necklace; Primark. Boots; eBay!.

Right now however, I am looking forward to this (as I'm feeling really ill and missing out on a high school friends' engagement party *sob*) ;

Sea x.x.

Pearls of wisdom

Hey there!
I've been thinking a lot recently about my humble jewellary collection, that's what working in a jewellers does to you! Almost all of my jewellary is costume, I have very few "real" pieces and what I do have is mainly inexpensive silver bangles, nothing really unique. I want to invest in a few good pieces, nothing crazy-expensive but I think that before I turn 21 I should own some decent jewellary! Today whilst serving a customer (and simultaneously window-shopping for myself, I'm getting good at that!) I decided I want a pearl necklace and bracelet. Something similar to the one below, from Absolute Pearls, but with a more secure clasp. A while ago, fellow blogger Curella Says posted about affordable pearls from a site called Pearl Necklace Jewellary.

The process of how a pearl is made is fascinating to me, to think that it begins life as an irritating substance which bothers a gross-looking sea creature and becomes a thing of beauty amazes me! wikipedia has some good information on pearls, the different types and how they are made. My job has taught me a lot about caring for pearls; they don't like contact with water but should not be left to dry out either (a crazy contradiction), contact with perfumes or alcohol is to be avoided and peals should be laid out straight not wrapped up in circles.

I have a string of faux pearls which I wore here. I find them difficult though since they are quite large, I want soemthing smaller, more delicate. Though my fake pearls have a truely divine catch which I haven't seen on any more authentic necklaces!

I also want something (likely a pair of studs) with tanzanite, this beautiful stone which I admit I hadn't heard of until I started my job. It's just such an awesome colour, not quite purple or blue, but I can't afford a massive one or anything with diamonds just yet! Tanzanite is quite expensive because it's very rare and found in only a few places around the world, also it tends to be set in gold or white gold rather than silver which racks up the price.

Jewellary, like designer handbags, are something I consider an investment. Something I'll pass on to my daughters and wear throughout my life. I aim to be one of those weirdly stylish older ladies, in a chanel suit and pearls, my grey hair in a bun with a bow (think Bunny MacDougal from SATC, but fewer ducks and dust-ruffles!). As much as I love cheap, almost disposable fashion I also like the idea of something which lasts.

Speaking of SATC, Sea and I finally saw the movie last night, squee! We both agreed that it was much sadder than expected but I still enjoyed it immensly, and the clothes were devine! Carrie wore pearls quite a lot too, like in the picture below, which proves my inkling that they're about to become fashionable again. It's a good time to have access to discounted jewellary!

Also, today was the fith day in a row I walked past the perfect wedges on my way to work, I like them more every time I see them! I have searched for so long for a good pair of wedges which aren't too high to be worn during the day, yes New Look I'm talking to you...the New Look wedges are nice and a good price but all way too high and slim in the wedge to be viable. Where are the delicious shoes from? Barratts (a fairly boring shoe shop, usually I'd walk right past), at £35 the price isn't too bad so when I get paid I'll be heading down there. They also come in black (meh) and tan (yum).

Char x x x