Thursday, 5 June 2008

Work it out

I've been playing around today with more casual ways of wearing suit jackets, as promised! Another Olsen-suit-outfit appeared before me today on my beloved fashion is spinach, you too can feast your eyes here. I won't post the photo here as I feel that two Olsen posts in a row is a bit much, I like how they dress most of the time but let's not get crazy. So my own way of "dressing down" the suit, god I hate that expression, are here.

The "I heart NY":

I heart NY t-shirt - New York duh (I actually wear this more as PJs, to be honest!), pinafore - vintage via ebay, tights - Tesco, ankle socks - tightsplease, shoe boots - Some shop in NY (not an intentional theme, I swear!), suit jacket - H&M

The Olsen inspired

Suit jacket - H&M, t-shirt and skirt - H&M, tights - Tesco, shoes - vintage Carvela via ebay.

Let me know what you guys think! I prefer the second one for sure, it's just more flattering, the first one looked better in my head...

Below is a truly shocking picture of the outfit I wore to my Mum's last night for dinner, I put the photo up anyway 'cause I liked the outfit even though it's hard to see here. And yeah, I know, leggings are sick (not the good kind) but I was too hot for tights and too hairy for bare legs, deal with!

Shoes - Debenhams, Leggings (ew) - New Look, Dress - vintage via ebay (I think it's handmade, there are no labels and it has this awesome 80's pattern of tiny red, green and blue dots. When I have a new washing machine again I'll re-wear it and get a good photo!). Belt - H&M, Green top - asos, about a million years ago...nowt interesting on my wrist, hair bobbles! So I said I went to my Mum's for dinner last night (we had chinese, score!) because my younger brother (who everyone calls "lil bruv" since he used to work with us) just got back from Morocco, he was away for like a month and had a proper adventure etc etc. Jelous, moi? He brought me back a present, it's so sweet, observe for yourself...

It's a charm bracelet thing with three Hands of Fatima on it, and a tiny bell which jingles when I move, it's obnoxious and that's why I love it, my keys do the same thanks to a Hello Kitty charm. According to the source of all my knowledge on everything, wikipedia, the Hand of Fatima offers protection from the "evil eye". That might be neccessary in some Edinburgh clubs, I tells ya!

Recently many of my objects of lust have been t-shirts, which is unusual for me since I'm not really a "jeans and a t-shirt" kind of girl. I love t-shirts on other people but for some reason I always tend to look/feel scruffy! Maybe it's 'cause I don't iron. Ever. I went to work yesterday in a cotton shirt, unironed, it was not pretty. In fact it looked like it had been slept in. Cast your eyes on these etsy bad-boys:

Yeah, that's the awesome American Apparel tri-blend, it's a men's one but I think the slouchiness would work. They have lady's too, find them here.

This is love! I really like deer for some reason (and no, it's not bambi 'cause I don't think I ever saw it as a child...) but yeah, this rocks. I also like how they've styled it, especially the legwarmer/socks. Find it here. There are similar legwarmer/socks at tightsplease.

I am so getting these when I get paid, they shall replace the ski pants which, sadly, were too short for me! Gutted, but I actually might like these even better! In black though, I think, to begin with anyways...

it's been a long one!

Char x x x


karla said...

love your olsen-inspired look. LINKED YOU!

Rachie-Pie said...

I love leggings! leave them aloneee!

Nita-Karoliina said...

i love that i heart new york tee! i am such a tee shirt girl!

fashion* CHALET said...

I love those nyc tees :) cute outfits, especially the olsen one

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Love black tights and dark shoes.

Slanelle said...

i love the AA shirt <3 i would wear it, even if it's for boys!!
anyway thx for your sweet comment, i'm addign you to my links, because i love your blog !

stacyinsaddleshoes said...

I love the white anklets with your olsen outfit.I wear them all the time.They look great on you.