Monday, 9 June 2008

First position

My brief absence from the blogging world, ie I didn't post yesterday, was due to starting a new job today. Yes another new job, all the better to fund my shopping habits. Another job which also requires wearing a suit, and I was damn hot today on the walk home! I'm pretty impressed with the shirt I bought for work, from boohoo using the discount I got from the stinking dress. It's a really good fit and 100% cotton (which makes ironing a bitch, I'm quite domesticated really but I don't iron often!) which is impressive for the price.

When I get paid, I think I'll invest in the blue striped version as it's rare for me to find a shirt that doesn't gape in the boob area. I really don't want to be giving off a slutty, scruffy, blow-jobs-in-the-mailroom vibe at the big fancy law firm I'm working at!
I also quite like this rather weird tartan-checked-sheer creation, and it's also like £12 or something. Ahhh the wages are spent before they even arrive, I am counting the days till payday!
I bullied my Mum into making me a barbeque yesterday and in return got a bunch of stuff to sell on ebay, mostly dull china (Royal Doulton baby!) and a collection of teaspoons which fascinated me as a child for some reason. But also this sweet little handbag, which belonged to my Grandmother a long time ago (well, it belonged to her until recently but wasn't used!). I am in love with this bag, but it wouldn't hold half the stuff I take out with me and I have been instructed to sell it, so sell I must! I also have a bunch of vintage dresses, so stay tuned for a preview and details of my ebay etc!

Speaking of ebay, the dispute about the dress I bought and bitched about here is over. The seller has kindly offered a full refund and apologised for misleading me. So, I must apologise for a) boring you with my rant and b) complaining about something which turned out to be easily fixed! I think that it is still a valuable lesson to learn though, whilst I would say that 99% of ebay transactions are free from problems, there are always going to be dishonest people and we all should be careful not to be victims of bad ebayers!

In my quest for summer footwear which doesn't bake my feet I've been seriously considering a pair of white jazz shoes. I know, it sounds a bit mental but there are white pumps everywhere just now that look identical and jazz shoes are just that little bit cheaper!

See? Ain't nothing wrong with that...or is there, do you think I'm mad? I have a pair of black jazz shoes from my dancing days but the black ones actually look like dance shoes (and to me they are!). Speaking of abusing dancewear, I brought some ballet tights back from my Mum's and may attempt to pass them off as normal tights - they are just such a pretty, summery colour. Again, do you think I'm mental? They are a better idea than the white tights I bought from ebay then chickened out of wearing because they were not opaque enough for my legs! My new tights-buying mantra = I don't do 15 denier. Not so unflattering as they were when paired with a leotard either. If only I still had my muscly, meaning not flabby, dancer's legs *sigh*

Other things I'm wearing here are a New Look skirt and Miss Selfridge (sale!) shoes.

As of tomorrow my flatmate is away for like three weeks, woot! No more living in someone else's filth! Why is it so hard to find a flatmate who has the same standards of hygiene and cleanliness as me? I may have a girl's night or something while he's'll also be much easier for me to get outfit posts! Nita Karoliina of little sneak into my life expressed sadness at never seeing our faces in photos, I guess it's just easier for me to take outfit posts without worrying about what my crazy face is doing but I'm working up to a face shot...maybe! I have to admit that the bloggers I most admire are those who show their faces. If you knew me you'd recognise me anyway so it's not really a privacy thing, more a I'm-not-too-photogenic-in-the-morning thing!

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Nita-Karoliina said...

i love those blouses!! and those shoes! well, i keep hoping that i see your pretty face someday <3 :) i have seen it on adorevintage tough <3

Grace said...

Those tops are awesome and I want them all.

elisabeth said...

ohhh i want those grey shoes!i can never find grey shoes that are pretty!

p.s - tagged!:)