Thursday, 12 June 2008

Kicking it old school

Ha! I was right..and I'm not mental, someone else agrees that jazz shoes make good day wear and are not reserved for dance classes, wish wish wish wrote about the virtues of jazz shoes here.

Because I don't have an outfit picture for today - more work, argh! - I decided to post an outfit I wore a while ago, some time before Christmas maybe? It also serves as an example of a trend I'm sick of, star print! I loved it at first, before every single person/shop cottoned's not that I hate it now, I just think it died a bit for me when it became uber-mainstream. An excellent example of the overexposure of the star print is below, my friend rocked up in a dress the same night I wore my skirt!

Boot - Some shop in New York, tights - H&M, skirt - Therapy at House of Fraser, vest - Topshop, shirt - asos, belt - H&M, necklace -can't remember!
He he he, we match! Except her thighs are much thinner than mine...

I've seen a few posts on other blogs (can't remember exactly where, sorry!) with people documenting past fashion crimes. Speaking of trends which took too long to die, remember Nu Rave? Ahhh yeah, this is the shit! Glow sticks (plural?!): check, abundance of cheap plastic jewellary: check, dress by H&M: check, sweaty nightclub backdrop: check. Self photography via unnatural extension of the arms creating "myspace" angles: check! The sad thing is, I am now too fat for this dress, grrrr!
Dress - H&M (duh!), glowsticks - student union club, good old sweaty Potterrow. Jewellary - Lady Luck Rules.

This was a 1920's/Great Gatsby themed party which was lovely because all the boys wore suits (with pocket squares!) and all the girls were gorgeous, we ate cucumber sandwiches without crusts and drank gin and tonics, divine! I still acted very 21st century and drank too much, losing my camera so this is my only photo.

I'm on the left. The dress is H&M and scarf (on the head), "pearls" not a clue where! And here is my face, just for you Nita! It's not the most flattering picture ever, but I was a stone and a half lighter then so it's better than any I've taken recently!

Char x x x

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