Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Sorry again for the lack of posts recently, Sea and I are both busy but it should pick up now!Finally, payday is here and I couldn't be more excited! I was actually paid for both my jobs today, which was great. I avoided the high street (and their deliciously tempting sales) and opted instead to go to some charity shops; there are about a thousand charity shops round the corner from mine so I hit them all up on the way home from work. A shocking admission follows: I have never "thirfted" before (I agree with flying saucer on this one, thrifting is a good word!)and have always depended on ebay or specialised vintage shops for my vintage/unique cravings. Recently, I have become disenchanted with Edinburgh's vintage shops, the three I know of and regularly shop at (the two Armstrong's and The Rusty Zip) don't seem to me to gear their stock towards trends or even fashion in general, the stock is often not real vintage (I have seen garments from New Look and Primark, that's not vintage - it's just old!) and often in bad condition. I think a good vintage shop should mean that you don't have to do the searching, but in Edinburgh it doesn't so from now on I'll be checking out the charity shops! It's also a good way to save on the inflated prices of vintage shops, but I do agree that charity shops are raising their prices, many of them are also learning to distinguish designer brands and saught-after items and others have their own "vintage" sections. Today's charity haul was a good one though, expect better pictures/styling soon but right now I am too tired and also busily trying to sort out uni stuff via MSN and email.

SHOE CLIPS! Excuse the block caps, but that was a keyboard version of what happened in my head when I saw these puppies. I have wanted some shoe clips for ages and seeing them on other blogs made me want them more. It's the kind of practical thinking that doesn't happen as much anymore, make something plain beautiful with removable ornaments! They were £2 from one of the charity shops I went to, the last one as it happens.

I thought this belt was quite cool and would make a good stand-in for my ever-present H&M one, which is like surgically attatched to my waist. I thought the H&M one was one of those ubiquitous items that would cause every girl who passed me to roll her eyes and think "H&M, £4.99" but a girl at my work, who dresses awesome, asked where it was from and said it looked expensive so a total replacement may not be neccessary! Long chain of pearls and gold and another, shorter chain of pearls. I have wanted both these items for a while, since I'm planning to wear fake pearls a lot to justify spending money on real know the old "but I'd wear them all the time..." these were £3.95 each, see what I mean about rising prices? The grey plastic ones were only 50p though since that shop was closing down.
I scored this top from the closing down shop for 75p! It's a size 20, which I am not, but I kinda thought maybe it would work in a baggy kinda way, we shall have to wait and see!
This bag was so fierce it couldn't not be mine! I think it was also £3.95.

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