Monday, 2 June 2008

A new favourite

Whilst doing my usual rounds of other blogs, I remembered my deep-seated love for modcloth and decided to check it out again, a bad idea considering I'm trying my hardest not to spend any money! One thing that caught my eye was this awesome swan top, by Motel.

Of course, I've heard of Motel before and maybe even seen some of their stuff in shops but somehow it never really registered on my radar before now. I wasn't even aware that it was actually a British company. We can safely say that once I have money and am allowed to spend it, I'll be buying this bad boy. On a whim, I then checked out the Motel website. There I found a feast of lust-worthy items, behold!

According to the website, Motel was born from a trip thrifting up and down the West Coast of America, what an awesome story and totally a vibe which I think they've captured in their clothes. When I get paid, I am definatly going to purchase something...

Also, I'm going to add a list of online shops, any suggestions?

Char x x x

ps My washing machine has been broken for over a week, I'm running out of clothes! A new one arrives on Thursday, thankfully.

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