Saturday, 7 June 2008

day to night.

A pair of boots came for me the other day from eBay (yes, I know its almost Summer, but the weather is pretty darn dodgy here!). Thankfully, they were as described unlike poor Char's item! Its so cheeky how people think they can get away with misrepreseting an item people pay money for. It is extremely unfair to the buyer who is only innocently shopping online, not harming anyone! Some eBay sellers really chance their luck and they are just mean!!!!

Whilst the postman was ringing the doorbell for me to answer, I was babysitting my mum's friend litle boy. OMG he was the happiest, cutest, lovely-est (SP?!) baby ever. He wasn't all crying and screaming, he was so fine with us watching him and was always laughing. His name was Ethan and he had this uber cool sleeping bag thing his mum had packed for him as he was at his dad's the night before! It looked so cosy but I could not fit in it to try it out as I'm a tad taller than the average 13 month old haha!
I got some cute and gorgeous pictures of him but I'd feel weird posting them on here! But take my word for it, UBER cute!
So yeah, the boots! I wore 'em like this during the day;
(Starting to think I need a photographer for these damn pictures lol)
Grey cardi; H&M. Navy sweater; American Apparel. Blue tee; Primark. Jeans; Superfine. Scarf; Primark. Bag; vintage. Boots; eBay!

Then at night time, I considered the boots again, but wanted to be a bit more dressed up to meet Char for drinks - which then led to the spontaneous decision of going to see Sex and the City movie - SQUEE.
So this is what I wore;

Black tee; H&M. Lace blouse/top (I wore this back to front to make it look like a little cardi-esque garment) ; Topshop. Black tights; New Look (I think). Black skirt; Primark. Black patent belt; Dorothy Perkins (came with a pair of black smart trousers - woop!). Shoes; Topshop.

I loved the film, it was really quite a tear-jerker I thought. Although, I missed a really good bit as I bought a bottle of water and gulped it all down and I thought to myself; "I can hold it in until the film finishes...I must...I need to!". But I ended up giving in and rushing to the loo almost spraining my neck and walking backwards in an attempt not to miss too much as I wandered to the loo haha.

Just another outfit I came up with to go with the boots;

(Rubbish picture again, apologies!) Just a quick outfit I rustled up!
Black tee; H&M. Grey dress (worn as a skirt); Zara. Tights; Topshop. Knee high socks; Topshop. Bag; Warehouse. Necklace; Primark. Boots; eBay!.

Right now however, I am looking forward to this (as I'm feeling really ill and missing out on a high school friends' engagement party *sob*) ;

Sea x.x.


girl on the wing said...

hi! don't know which of you it was who posted on my blog but thank you! didn't realise there was an edinburgh style blog, will add you to my list :)

love the lace topshop blouse - is it available in topshop at the mo or is it an old one?

Nita-Karoliina said...

you look smashing! tough i wish i would see your both girls faces :)
i know that self timer is an asshole sometimes, you gottabe carefull that it dont ger blurry, i sometimes ask my friends to photograph and my ex-boyfriend and once even my mom :D

Stephanie said...

I love that outfit with the little lace top, perfect!

WendyB said...

That lace top is perfect!

Gloria said...

I actually would totally wear your second outfit. I wish that skirt actually looked like that standing up!

fashion* CHALET said...

love your scarf
love your boots

Slanelle said...

the topshop blouse is so beautiful, very vintage-like

Anonymous said...

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