Saturday, 7 June 2008

Beware the bad ebayer...

A cautionary tale.
Remember the pretty pink tuxedo dress I purchased a while ago? How excited was I when it finally arrived today! I say finally, but it obviously wasn't going to get here any sooner since they only posted it yesterday ie over a week after the auction ended...and I know 'cause it says on the parcel. That's not even my beef with these people. This dress, advertised as in "good vintage condition" and as having "no flaws" is covered in stains, the type that will not wash out and also full of holes! I mean really, don't lie about it, if it's in rubbish condition say so. I definatly wouldn't have paid what I did for this mess. I tried to photograph the dress but it doesn't work too well, you'll have to take my word for it! Oh and the hem, which they described as "unfinished" has been wonkily cut with blunt scissors and is frayed to within an inch of its life, pffft!
Char x x x

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