Saturday, 30 August 2008


Today it is exactly three week until I go back to uni and I'm starting to really look forward to it - especially since I got my subjects today and they all rock! I was scared I was going to get all the crap ones becuase they make us sort of rank them in order of preference but there's no guarentee that you won't get all your last choices! I seem to have been very lucky though, if these are permanent! I went shopping today for paper and pens, that's how much I look forward to getting back to uni...

I bought this H&M dress ages ago when I was much skinnier and now it doesn't fit so well but I still kinda like it! The cardigan is from Primark and these Dorothy Perkins flats are in every post right now cos all my other shoes are ruined!

Yesterday my Mum and I went through to Glasgow for the Scottish Homes and Interiors Exhibiton, obviously more her kind of thing than mine but we had good fun! I didn't get my Primark/Urban Outfitters fix though as she refused to park in the city centre...fair enough I suppose but I was still a bit gutted! We headed to Glasgow Fort instead though which was a good enough substitute!
Same stupid shoes, tights from tightsplease, Primark skirt and H&M tee. The little stripey top is from ebay, but unfortunatly due to changing room excitment when a size small dress fitted me it is now ripped! These were my purchases, this black dress which is organic cotton (I don't really care...sort of just stating the facts!) and looks a million times better on than on the hanger!
This gorgeous long cardigan, it's so soft and has the cutest button detail on the sleeves. You can't really see in the picture but it's a pretty dark grey colour, expect to see it in many an outfit post!

So, my beloved grandmother (she's awesome and getting to that point of senility where she sends Christmas crads for birthdays - true story!) has offered me her fur coat as a 21st birthday present. Or rather she offered it to my mother who immediatly said "no" and when my mum told me of this I said "I'll have it!". I like fur, I'm not going to lie and say that I don't because that's the PC thing to do. I personally don't strongly disagree with the ethics of fur, as long as it's not an endagered species. I don't see how it's possible that it's not ethically done these days, like say, the meat industry? Aren't there guidlines that are followed? This is pure opinion and I am fully prepared to be corrected (by research or evidence, not by "don't kill rabbits, they're cute!"). I think that perhaps to object strongly to fur would be rather hypocritical of me - I eat (and enjoy) meat, I use leather products (when I can resist their plastic counterparts!) and in my years of studying biology I've dissected many a (once) living thing. Perhaps there is also a distinction to be made between vintage fur (as in the case of my grandmother's coat) and new fur? I suppose that one may argue that previously fur had served a purpose in keeping out the cold (those pre-central-heating-days) and that if the damage has been done, there is no harm in getting further use from the garment? Or am I simply justifying what PETA call "skinning animals and wearing portions of their remains as ridiculous clothes"?

My mum tells a great anti-fur story. She has two brothers (my uncles) a few years older than her and when she was a kid they had this tiger rug, you know the ones with the heads still on? Fangs and all. Her mean brothers hid in a cupboard cloaked in tiger and jumped out to scare her. To this day she doesn't care for fur, or her siblings!

No doubt you're all familiar with PETA's famous "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" adverts? It's funny that Playboy model and "girlfriend" of The Hef, Holly Madison makes this statement, because personally, I'd rather go naked than wear Playboy merchandise! Other celebrities who are famously anti-fur include Stella McCartney who apparently was enraged when one of her bras was used in an advert for fur chain Hockelys. The full article, including a picture of the offending bra-and-mink-coat advertisment, is here. Stella McCartney is one of the designers PETA list as being entirely fur-free, a list which also includes Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Other designers, such as Fendi, are not fur free in any way! Fendi's Fall collection features fur, as do the collections of many other designers. According to that bottomless pit of knowledge,, when Karl Lagerfeld began designing for Fendi (in 1965!) their mission was to put fur at the forefront of fashion. Some pictures from this season;

Micheal Kors also used fur this season. I'm not usually a huge fan of his designs, I think perhaps they're just a little old for me, but the two below I love! Pencils skirts and nipped in waists with geek glasses - yum! I also like the way fur is used in his collection, in addition to the usual huge coats (which the models wore mafia style, shun the armholes!) there were subtle accents in scarves and collars.

I know that this particular blog post may seem very pro-fur (in actual fact I'm sort of sitting on the fence!) but even I think these things are gross, they have eyes and paws! I don't need my accessories looking back at me, thank you very much!

After writing all that (I mean there was actual research invloved!) I found out yesterday that my Gran wasn't talking of giving my Mum the coat but of leaving it to her after she dies. No fur for me in the near future then!

I'll leave you with the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, "women are no strangers to faking, we've faked our hair colour, cup size - hell, we've even faked fur".

I'd love to hear your opinions on fur...

Char x

Bonjour! (I am trying to brush up on my French before I go to Paris!)
This has not been a good week for me, in terms of being ill! On Sunday, I managed to catch myself a lovely cold/flu, and a chest infection. Plus I still had to go into work, it was such a horrible feeling! Being all bunged up and runny nose, terribly sore thorat and a very chesty cough, urgh! But now, everything seems to be going away, I've nearly had it for a week so here's hoping it is away before I go away!
Recently, I've become obsessed with these leggings/trousers (left) - I am terrible at telling The Twins apart.
So, scouring websites, shops a good few times, I eventually found some. Such as the fab American Apparel lamé leggings (but I really do not wish to pay, what, £29 for them?) One day during this week on one of my days off, I met up with a friend and popped into a nearby Topshop and found these fabby ones (excuse the long link); As soon as I seen 'em, I had to buy them. Although not as similar as The Twins' ones, I seemed to liked these a bit more! How I wore em on different occasions is to follow!
A friend turned 21 on Thursday, but due to people not being able to come out on his actual b-day, we had a few drinks at a local on the Friday, debuting my new leggings, heres what I wore;
Apologies for the bad lighting etc, anyway; Dress/Top; H&M. Cardigan; I am unsure, it does not have a label/any tag things - I found this in a drawer last night ha. Leggings; Topshop. Heels; H&M.
And today I am wearing my leggings again (loving them alot haha) a la;
Shirt; New Look. Leggings; Topshop. Bag; ASDA (hehe). Trainers; Urban Outfitters in London.

Oh my gosh, I'm sure alot of you have seen this but I felt I had to post a picture about it;

Karl and his newly desinged teddy bear! Ahhh LOL, is there anything this man has not yet designed?! Love the high collar! Check out the little article to go with the picture at;

Ariella of Pearls In Your Hair, here are my answers from the taggage you left us! (Again, apologies for the late response)!

1. Clothes shop: Quite a few really, but I've become a huge H&M-er recently! So that is my answer :)

2. Furniture shop: I really like NEXT home ware things! They have some really good beds and sofas, although I'd have to say the fave is IKEA. That place is awesome, and affordable! Get an awesome bed for under £100, woop!

3. Sweet: I really like those candy canes you get at Christmas time, yum.

4. City: Edinburgh is probobly my number 1. Although I've been to London a fair few times and fall in love with it all over again each time I go, its truly a fantastic place. OH! & after next week I may even get to say Paris!

5. Drink: Big Diet-Coke fan here. Although water is great too. Omg ice tea too! Ah I cant decide! Depends if you're asking me hot or cold drink maybe? haha! Those 3 above I think :)

6. Music: Music is my hot hot sex said CSS. I love music! Collecting vinyl from the 1960's is a habit of mine, enjoy anyhting from the shangri-la's to slipknot to McFLY to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, my music taste is vast! I have recently become quite a fan of Jack Johnson too.

7. Tv-series: Friends!! I could watch that forever! I never tire of some good ol Ross Geller hilarity.

8. Films: Tim Burton films are my ultimate fave of all time. I remember seeing the Nightmare Before Christmas when I was really young and loved it, that love-age has been with me all through most of my life. So a few of my faves are; Edward Scissorhands, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Shawshank Rdemption, Toy Story, Jurassic Park (wow! lol), 10 Things I Hate About You. Quite a few really lol.

9. Work out: blank LOL.

10. Pastries: hmmm, raspberry danish pastries are yum :)

11. Coffee: PLEASE! I love coffee, usually I take it with skimmed milk.

So, gonig to Paris on Thursday & I am stuck as to what to wear when I travel? We have a pretty travel-some day when we leave as we are not flying (i am TERRIFIED!) from Edinburgh, it is going to Preswick (SP?!). Then we have our flight, getting from airport to hotel etc etc. So I was thinking of some sort of loose fitting clothing - I dont want to feel like wearing tight jeans on a plane, is it just me or is that not a bit dangerous, with the pressure, your legs being in the same position all the time?! so yes, I'm veering towards ripped loose fitting jeans, one of my American Appparel tee's (theyre quite loose fitting as I usually buy one size up) & a long/boyfriend cardi maybe? Any thoughts and comments are welcome on this situation as I'm starting to pack soon!
Sea x.x.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I hate the Royal Mail

Today I walked all the way to the post office depot place (where they take undelivered stuff) and when I got back home there was another little bit of paper telling me I had missed another package. So annoying! The stuff I picked up today wasn't even for me, it was for my brother! 'Scuse the tired face please!

The vest was a gift from Australia and the little shrug thing is Topshop from about a million years ago! The skirt is Primark and the tights are tightplease, the shoes are New Look, the brown belt came with the skirt.
New shoes! They came from etsy and are apparently vintage but they are in such great condition! They're a beautiful velvety material with the sweetest bows on the straps. They weirdly remind me of flying saucer's new shoes, one of those weird blog coincidences I suppose!

My new belt came too, look at the little leopards!

Attempted close-up (fail!)...
We've been tagged! Multiple times actually and I must apologise to both our taggers for being so slow in replying. Ariella of Pearls In Your Hair tagged us to tell about our habits, here goes;
1. Clothes shop: That's actually a tough one for me to answer because, like most bloggers, I shop in heaps of different places! I'd have to say H&M, I suppose.

2. Furniture shop: Once my crazy clothes-love is taken care of I have very little cash to spend on furniture but I guess Ikea! My room is very Ikea and once I get round to my room-tour post you shall see this!

3. Sweet: I love peppermint creams...

4. City: I love Edinburgh, of course, and I fell in love with New York when I visited at Christmas-time!
5. Drink: If we're talking about alcohol then I love a VSL (vodka, soda and lime) or cider. Soft drinks-wise I like water and flavoured water or diet coke.

6. Music: A bunch of different stuff!

7. Tv-series: Sex and the City, Friends (so old but so good), Scrubs and all the fashion related reality tv junk; ANTM, AusNTM, BNTM, Project Runway/Catwalk. I'm sure there's others I can't think of right now!

8. Film: I love Thirteen and Heathers, cheesy stuff like Bring It On etc. Not a huge film buff, as you can see!

9. Work out: I walk almost everywhere and occasionally go to the gym.

10. Pastries: Not a pastry fan really, pain au chocolat are OK I guess.

11. Coffee: Milk no sugar, please!

We were also tagged by Caroline of Purple Macaroni with this awesome blogger award thing! Thanks!

The rules of this thing are as follows:1. When you receive a diamond make a post about it on your blog
2. Name the blogger from whom you got it: Caroline
3. Award the diamonds to seven other bloggers
4. Link them
5. Then tell them they got one!

I'm not going to tag anyone for either of these (lazy, lazy girl) but if you want to do them, go ahead!

Char x

Dressing like a child, again

I'm having such a crappy time just now, working two jobs - going straight from one job to the other! I don't want to turn this into a pity party or anything but it's starting to piss me off that I was hired to work Saturdays only and they continue to dump more and more hours on me during the week. Even my old job, which I left at the start of the summer is giving me a shift but as it's a favour to Sea (who's going to PARIS!) I shan't least not till I'm back in the ugly uniform! Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday, another outfit which makes me look like a toddler! I did nothing exciting, lunch with my mum after meeting a potential flatmate then a bit of shopping (mostly uni stuff but I did get a new ipod to make my filing job less mind-numbing, tis purple!). Then to work, the joys! Oh and I found this weird cheap shop, maybe it's called QS or something, but it's vaguely Primark-y and has cute but very cheap shoes...

The dress is from Primark, I should really iron it before the next wear but I never really do ironing! I miss the days of living at home and paying my brother to do it (yes, really), he's surprisingly good actually. The shoes are ancient Dorothy Perkins, tights are from tightsplease, the socks I got for £1 in New Look. You can see how much I can't be bothered right now by the lack of accessories!

Just a quick post as I am on my way to work, of course. Getting sick of the suit, too.

Char x

Sunday, 24 August 2008

The witching hour


This was my outfit last night - girls' night which was long overdue! I hate Saturday nights out though because it is so busy and expensive, we paid £8 each to get in to a bar last night, not even a proper club! Then another £8 for two little drinks! Today I was really paying for last night, my tolerance for alcohol has dwindled in the past year or so, a very sad state of affairs which means that I rarely have more than two or three drinks on a night out. Last night however, I had a full bottle of wine and several VSL (= vodka, soda and lime, the drink of choice for both the fashionsqueah girls!), so I completly deserved to feel rubbish today! My mum's boyfriend picked me up (Sunday dinner at mum's) around lunchtime, when he buzzed the flat I wasn't dressed and I left without brushing my hair or washing my face. That's never happened before, this was the extent of my self-inflicted sickness!

Excuse the odd photography, you may not believe that these were taken before any alcohol had passed my lips but it's true! The boots were bought in New York, the thigh highs are from ebay (my tights were not opaque enough!) the skirt is old Topshop Boutique (purchased three years ago for my 19th birthday!) with a Primark boo tube underneath for dignity. The shirt is my Luella rip-off from H&M, I know I'm a hypocrite but I had to have it! I'm fairly sure my crappy plastic jewellery is from New Look, but it's also really old! I think there was something a bit witchy about thsi outfit, but I quite like it...
Is any one else in love with the Fall collection from Just Cavalli? Those little flamingo tights = love! I wish I could own them, but I'm sure that if I did I'd rip them! Roberto Cavalli's "rules of sexy" were in this month's Glamour, they were rather generic, "be true to yourself" and "dress for your shape" etc...still, great collection!

Char x

Thursday, 21 August 2008

21 august

My goodness, it has been a while since my last post, I do apologise!
I have not been buying alot of clothes recently as me and a few friends are going to Paris at the beginning of September -I'm so excited about it!! So I thought it'd be best to save my money for this trip. I do miss buying clothes and the like! Although saying that, today I gave in an treated myself to a new shirt & jeans, more on that later.
Some recent outfits of mine;
This was from a few days back, OMG the washing machine is in the background HA! Oh well. Anyway; top; American Apparel. Black ankle length jeans; Topshop (one of the recent purchases on my Topshop voucher!). Trainers; Converse. Bag; H&M.
Nothing too great, I cannot actually remember what I was doing/where I was going when I wore this, maybe just to work? I can't remember!
Debuting my ultimate favorite t-shirt of the moment - love the motif, The Joker! I posted about this tee in my last post, longing for it! But now; hooray! I managed to purchase one. I actually called up the store and reserved one - what a nerd! But I truly love it and have worn it quite a few times, with a skirt etc. I love it!!
Cardigan; Joy. Trousers; Topshop. Shoes & bag; Primark.
This is what I wore today. Shoes; Primark. Tights; H&M. Dress; H&M. Scarf; Vintage. Cardigan; H&M. Bag; H&M. (so much H&M-ness here!). Love this dress, its so versatile & comfy :)
My mum then took me out for dinner, in which I wore my new shirt a la;

We did not go anywhere fancy, I couldnt be assed with fancy-ness! Shoes; Topshop. Tights; ? Dress (worn as skirt); Zara. Shirt; New Look. Bag; H&M. (Probobly my fave bag, its so big and roomy, and black! I think its my fave colour.

I cannot wait for winter time, I can wear my cape again! It's so cosy and swooshy. And to wear hats, thick woollen tights and just, pretty much, all knitwear! I much prefer autumn and winter to the summer/warmer seasons Love to winter! I am not going to complain about the weather as much when it becomes colder, as I love getting wrapped up in some cosy layers! If only there were some decently dressed guys up here who feel the same way! Gosh I sound shallow :-
OH, and if anyone knows of any great (and not too expensive!) shops / spots to go to in Paris, I'd love to know!
Sea x.x.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Happy Mondays

Last night I went to see my friend in his new band, not too sure what I thought of them to be honest! They had two Bezs for a start. One Bez is unnecessary, but two is just taking the piss. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you care to find out, I shall direct you to wikipedia. Essentially, the original Bez played maracas and danced in a band called Happy Mondays and was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother. So, to be a "Bez" is to be a non-essential part of a band under the loose guise of "percussion". Last nights outfit:
Remember this etsy dress? I bought it mainly for going back to uni but look how short it is! Well how short it is and how long I am, I suppose! I wore the Primark boob-tube-skirt underneath it but I am still trying to decide if it's in any way appropriate for day-time wear. The black long sleeved tee (which I really shouldn't have worn because I was too too hot!) is from H&M and the yellow bow is part of a top I got from ebay. The bangle, which has been in every post since I got it, was a gift but it's from Dotti, the boots were bought in New York and the OTK socks are also H&M.
What do you guys think of Minnetonkas? I kind of think I want a pair and I know that I am in dire need of sensible shoes for Autumn (I'm gonna hit up Primark for cheap as pumps, British usage of pumps by the way as in flat shoes not heels, but some boots would be nice too) I am sure that they'd be comfy and warm and the price isn't too shocking but I just don't know if they go with anything I own...the pair above are the ones I'd order, if any! Thoughts?

Char x

Sunday, 17 August 2008

I have this little sister, Lola

I had an exam on Thursday (it went pretty well, I think, especially considering that a flock of seagulls were squaking their diesease-filled lungs out right outside the exam hall!), so a pretty boring outfit. I always take really weird things into account when getting dressed for an exam...I never wear jeans becuase I usually leave early and once got the feeling I had flashed my ass to the entire third year Psychology, fourth year engineering and second year Biology who were in that hall, uncool. I also try and wear quiet shoes (unlike invigilators) and layers!

Shoes (quiet ones!) - Dorothy Perkins, tights - tightsplease, skirt - Oasis, tee - H&M. Note also the lack of accessories, nothing worse than a pile of bangles clanking together or hitting off the desk in an exam situation. I try not to be the person eveyrone hates (Coughy McBreathesloudly and Mr Fidget were present in this particular exam).

After the exam, retail therapy was required, to push out all that knowledge I know longer require, that is if I passed! I headed to H&M after a post on nitrolicious promising me new season gorgeous-ness, which was nowhere to be found, damn Edinburgh! I did however score some yummy grey over-the-knees and 100 denier tights (the holy grail of opaque-ness!). My back to school wardrobe is getting very full, especially my socks 'n' tights drawer.

After H&M disapointment (but not really because payday is 8 days away and a girl's gotta eat) I headed to Topshop in search of the perfect dress for my 21st (one month today!). Mission accomplished:

Since my camera is rubbish/I am a crap photographer, I'll also include the picture from their website, pretty no?

I had originally wanted the dress below, but I couldn't find it/didn't look properly and took the other one to try on instead. I think I actually made the right choice though, however accidentally it occured, becuase strapless dresses are usually less comfortable, cause muffin-topping of the underarm area (which I hate!) and leave you open to risk of exposure (don't mock, it actually happened to a friend of mine, and yes a friend and not me! On a packed dancefloor in front of all her colleagues). I think it'll also be easier to wear more casually after my birthday, which is essential becuase it was rather expensive! Also, does anyone else think that Lola (of Charlie and Lola a.k.a the best kids/not kids cartoon ever!) is really stylish? I mean check out this Miu Miu-esque number she's rocking in the opening credits...

And yes, I am turning 21, not 7. Speaking of which, my present (from myself, with love) should be:

Marc by Marc Jacobs at shopbop


Vivienne Westwood bracelet

It probably is a bit odd to buy a birthday present for yourself, but it's a longstanding tradition of mine.

Char x

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

In which we meet a stripper

This evening I'm seeing another ballet with my mum and her boyfriend, this is my outfit with the skirt I DIYed today (more on that later!).
Skirt - thrifted and shortened, lace shirt - vintage via ebay (I love it but it sometimes looks pirate-y because of the way it ties under the neck...), vest - Topshop, shoes - vintage via ebay.
Today's otufit; jeans. It's weird because as recent as a year ago I'd wear jeans everyday, but now I prefer skirts so it's unusual for me to don the denim. I realised this morning that I'd bought these jeans in Apirl and still hadn't worn them so I decided it was a jeans day. I suppose I'll probably be wearing jeans more when I go abck to uni and when it gets colder and windy...

The shoe are vintage, purchased via ebay and I seem to be wearing them a lot recently, they're really compfy. The jeans are Dorothy Perkins, the biege vest is from Topshop and the tee is etsy (comment/email if you want the seller!). The bracelet was a gift, it's from Dotti.

I threw this Primark jacket over the top as the weather wasn't looking too was another unworn item, puchased months ago. Stop this madness! Why do I buy things then not wear them? Last time I counted, there were 11 unworn items in my wardrobe and since then I've been shopping/

Did a bit of DIY today, nothing to rival Nice and Shiny mind! I mentioned before that I had thrifted some long pleated granny skirts and this is the results of me attacking one of them with scissors! The others will have to wait as they are fraying kind of material and so require hemming *sigh*.

You can see here that the back is longer than the front (the whole bottom is actually a bit Lisa Simpson) but it doesn't bother me and I don't think it's noticeable with the pleats anyway.
I woke up with a great idea for a dress and headed to the fabric shop near my flat to check out supplies. Sadly there was no grey jersey to be had but there was a great deal of amusement! Firstly this young guy was in there, at the counter asking how much of this material he'd need for something or other. The women behind the counter innocently asks him "What're you making?" to which he replies "Rip-off pants". The guy was a stripper making his own costumes...I mean aren't there places you can buy "rip-off pants"? The really weird part is that wehn he said "rip-off pants" I immediatly thought "Ohhh a rip-off of who? Marc Jacobs?" and commenced eavesdropping, I suppose that's proof that I think about fashion more than sex! There was also a middle-aged hippy woman buying some floaty material to make trousers to go with her "Gandhi shirt"...
Char x