Thursday, 21 August 2008

21 august

My goodness, it has been a while since my last post, I do apologise!
I have not been buying alot of clothes recently as me and a few friends are going to Paris at the beginning of September -I'm so excited about it!! So I thought it'd be best to save my money for this trip. I do miss buying clothes and the like! Although saying that, today I gave in an treated myself to a new shirt & jeans, more on that later.
Some recent outfits of mine;
This was from a few days back, OMG the washing machine is in the background HA! Oh well. Anyway; top; American Apparel. Black ankle length jeans; Topshop (one of the recent purchases on my Topshop voucher!). Trainers; Converse. Bag; H&M.
Nothing too great, I cannot actually remember what I was doing/where I was going when I wore this, maybe just to work? I can't remember!
Debuting my ultimate favorite t-shirt of the moment - love the motif, The Joker! I posted about this tee in my last post, longing for it! But now; hooray! I managed to purchase one. I actually called up the store and reserved one - what a nerd! But I truly love it and have worn it quite a few times, with a skirt etc. I love it!!
Cardigan; Joy. Trousers; Topshop. Shoes & bag; Primark.
This is what I wore today. Shoes; Primark. Tights; H&M. Dress; H&M. Scarf; Vintage. Cardigan; H&M. Bag; H&M. (so much H&M-ness here!). Love this dress, its so versatile & comfy :)
My mum then took me out for dinner, in which I wore my new shirt a la;

We did not go anywhere fancy, I couldnt be assed with fancy-ness! Shoes; Topshop. Tights; ? Dress (worn as skirt); Zara. Shirt; New Look. Bag; H&M. (Probobly my fave bag, its so big and roomy, and black! I think its my fave colour.

I cannot wait for winter time, I can wear my cape again! It's so cosy and swooshy. And to wear hats, thick woollen tights and just, pretty much, all knitwear! I much prefer autumn and winter to the summer/warmer seasons Love to winter! I am not going to complain about the weather as much when it becomes colder, as I love getting wrapped up in some cosy layers! If only there were some decently dressed guys up here who feel the same way! Gosh I sound shallow :-
OH, and if anyone knows of any great (and not too expensive!) shops / spots to go to in Paris, I'd love to know!
Sea x.x.



Hi from Paris sweet Sea,
thank you very much for your kind words in my Paris street style blog.
All what I want is to humanize fashion by showing that real life is more beautiful than the artificial fashion shows and that real people are more beautiful and generous than anorexic top models.
And the stylish girl you are prove it.

Your visits, your comments, your links on your blogs and your buzz are my best salary.
I’ll do my best to please you again and again.
keep on being a delight for your readers, friends and family.

let's switch link to celebrate our friendship !
mine is written like in google : STYLE AND THE CITY . COM - PARIS

Cheers from Paris

ps : alert me when you come, so that i will show you the nice areas


Ariella said...

I really like the outfit with the stripe dress... as for Paris, I never managed to find any shops I liked when I was there, but I heard that the Marais area is really nice - especially for vintage finds.
Btw, I tagged you :)

MR style said...

i like the outfit with the rock & roll t-shirt ! it reminds me of somethin done by vivienne westwood

paige olivia said...

omg i love the joker t-shirt
wheres it from
i LOVE heath ledger
such a shame he's dead
i love your style too
your blog is amazingg!

Shade said...

Love the joker shirt

Kaitlin Rae said...

i really like all of your outfits, they are so cute.

Krissy said...

cool joker shirt! i wish there was a topshop nearby me.

kelsea said...

awww cute stuff! i hope you find some nice things in paris!

girl on the wing said...

LOOVE the jeans, they're perfect.

Oh Paris... I haven't been since I was 10, I'm so desperate to go back. Make sure you go to Colette. I haven't ever been but I want to sooo much, it looks a-mazing.

DaisyChain said...

Love all the outfits.

Hannah Cheeto said...

Have fun when you go on the trip! I really like the outfits, especially the first and last... and the Joker t-shirt is great!