Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I hate the Royal Mail

Today I walked all the way to the post office depot place (where they take undelivered stuff) and when I got back home there was another little bit of paper telling me I had missed another package. So annoying! The stuff I picked up today wasn't even for me, it was for my brother! 'Scuse the tired face please!

The vest was a gift from Australia and the little shrug thing is Topshop from about a million years ago! The skirt is Primark and the tights are tightplease, the shoes are New Look, the brown belt came with the skirt.
New shoes! They came from etsy and are apparently vintage but they are in such great condition! They're a beautiful velvety material with the sweetest bows on the straps. They weirdly remind me of flying saucer's new shoes, one of those weird blog coincidences I suppose!

My new belt came too, look at the little leopards!

Attempted close-up (fail!)...
We've been tagged! Multiple times actually and I must apologise to both our taggers for being so slow in replying. Ariella of Pearls In Your Hair tagged us to tell about our habits, here goes;
1. Clothes shop: That's actually a tough one for me to answer because, like most bloggers, I shop in heaps of different places! I'd have to say H&M, I suppose.

2. Furniture shop: Once my crazy clothes-love is taken care of I have very little cash to spend on furniture but I guess Ikea! My room is very Ikea and once I get round to my room-tour post you shall see this!

3. Sweet: I love peppermint creams...

4. City: I love Edinburgh, of course, and I fell in love with New York when I visited at Christmas-time!
5. Drink: If we're talking about alcohol then I love a VSL (vodka, soda and lime) or cider. Soft drinks-wise I like water and flavoured water or diet coke.

6. Music: A bunch of different stuff!

7. Tv-series: Sex and the City, Friends (so old but so good), Scrubs and all the fashion related reality tv junk; ANTM, AusNTM, BNTM, Project Runway/Catwalk. I'm sure there's others I can't think of right now!

8. Film: I love Thirteen and Heathers, cheesy stuff like Bring It On etc. Not a huge film buff, as you can see!

9. Work out: I walk almost everywhere and occasionally go to the gym.

10. Pastries: Not a pastry fan really, pain au chocolat are OK I guess.

11. Coffee: Milk no sugar, please!

We were also tagged by Caroline of Purple Macaroni with this awesome blogger award thing! Thanks!

The rules of this thing are as follows:1. When you receive a diamond make a post about it on your blog
2. Name the blogger from whom you got it: Caroline
3. Award the diamonds to seven other bloggers
4. Link them
5. Then tell them they got one!

I'm not going to tag anyone for either of these (lazy, lazy girl) but if you want to do them, go ahead!

Char x


Anjeanette said...

That belt is ADORABLE! And just so you feel better, the USPS is no better.

Anonymous said...

i love those little leopards and the shrug!

yiqin; said...

I like how you wore a thick belt. Very nice :) Love the skinnybelt as well!

Dapper Kid said...

Arghness I hate Royal Mail! And I totally love the vest and your shoes are adorable :)

DaisyChain said...

Gorgeous outfit
and new things.
I hate the Royal Mail, we only ever seem to get post about three times a week and countless things go missing,
though my postman is an alcoholic so maybe he sells it for booze?