Sunday, 24 August 2008

The witching hour


This was my outfit last night - girls' night which was long overdue! I hate Saturday nights out though because it is so busy and expensive, we paid £8 each to get in to a bar last night, not even a proper club! Then another £8 for two little drinks! Today I was really paying for last night, my tolerance for alcohol has dwindled in the past year or so, a very sad state of affairs which means that I rarely have more than two or three drinks on a night out. Last night however, I had a full bottle of wine and several VSL (= vodka, soda and lime, the drink of choice for both the fashionsqueah girls!), so I completly deserved to feel rubbish today! My mum's boyfriend picked me up (Sunday dinner at mum's) around lunchtime, when he buzzed the flat I wasn't dressed and I left without brushing my hair or washing my face. That's never happened before, this was the extent of my self-inflicted sickness!

Excuse the odd photography, you may not believe that these were taken before any alcohol had passed my lips but it's true! The boots were bought in New York, the thigh highs are from ebay (my tights were not opaque enough!) the skirt is old Topshop Boutique (purchased three years ago for my 19th birthday!) with a Primark boo tube underneath for dignity. The shirt is my Luella rip-off from H&M, I know I'm a hypocrite but I had to have it! I'm fairly sure my crappy plastic jewellery is from New Look, but it's also really old! I think there was something a bit witchy about thsi outfit, but I quite like it...
Is any one else in love with the Fall collection from Just Cavalli? Those little flamingo tights = love! I wish I could own them, but I'm sure that if I did I'd rip them! Roberto Cavalli's "rules of sexy" were in this month's Glamour, they were rather generic, "be true to yourself" and "dress for your shape" etc...still, great collection!

Char x


DaisyChain said...

You look great!
My alcohol tolerance has gone wayyy down lately! It's quite sad, but at least nights out are cheaper =)

Hannah Cheeto said...

I love your outfit!

Anonymous said...

i really like the checks and flounce in the skirt of your outfit! those flamingo tights are really cute too (: