Tuesday, 12 August 2008

wish list!

I feel awful, not updating this! Poor Char has been doing lots of posts, I've just been so busy with work and I always seems to be constanlty tired. Retiring to bed really early and sleeping for more that 12 hours at a time! Sleep is good though :)
This shall only be a quick post, I do have some outfits but I'm updating this on my new laptop (yay!) and need to install the software from my camera onto it. So once I do this, there will be outfits :)

Right now I am currently wanting;

If ANYONE has not seen the Dark Knight, please do, you will not regret it! Heck, I've seen it twice! I really loved the film, everyone was so good in it (I loved one of Maggie Gyenhall's - im unsure if I spelt that correctly, outfits within the film, it was a simple shirt, waistcoat and dress trousers combo, but it looked really good). this tee, I want - ALOT! The FCUK shops here still have them instock (one of the perks of living up here in Edinburgh, "sold out" garments of clothing never really do sell out up here!), so I'm going to purchase one soon hopefully! If not, there is always eBay, where I got this picture from.
I cannot wait for this film to come out on DVD/Blu-ray whatever, I thouroughly enjoyed it - its such a shame that Heath Ledger is not around anymore to enjoy all the praise and excellent reviews he has gotten for his performance as the Joker, he was truly, excellent. RIP Heath Ledger :(
Apologies for the huge-ness that this picture may be! But I'm a sucker for some good old Chelsea boots. The name is fantastic in itself *wink* LOL. These would be IDEAL for me in winter/colder months time & the rain of course, which is most likely expected up here in Scotland *sigh*. These are from Topshop and cost a stupid £60/£65, I think I'll be able to find myself a similar pair in a vintage shop/eBay. One of my friends bought a pair of (ridiculously priced) pair of Topshop shoes and the heel broke right off one the very time she wore them out. She tried to take them back but because she had "already worn them", they refused to refund her! You would think that if Topshop where to price their shoes at that number, people would expect to get a decent wear out of them!

These bad boys are my dream tights, they're ace! I'd love a pair! I've been trying to find out if any high street stores will be trying to copy them/rip them off but no luck so far haha. I just love the two-tone-ness! Fabulous!

Sea .x.x.


Victoria-Olivia said...

you could probably get some chelsea boots in somewhere like marks & spencer or bhs, or just a cheapo shoe shop.i have so many wish lists, not enough money left though!

elisabeth said...

dark knight was a fantastic film and now my boyfriend owns two of the tees!i plan to quietly 'borrow' that joker one of him soon. and im in love with those boots as well - how perfectly they'd go with some dark skinny jeans - i hope you do manage to find a cheaper pair!

Nita-Karoliina said...

come and check todayspost, i shared my blog with my boyfriend whos awesome writer, singer and poet and he has amazing style so come and give him a feed back!

DaisyChain said...

I hate how expensive topshop footwear is. Or perhaps it's just that I've never been able to afford shoes from there!

I so want a pair of the chanel two tone tights <3

yiqin; said...

I want the joker shirt SO BADLY TOO!! Dark Knight is derfinitely the movie of the year! & those chanel tights are divine.