Sunday, 17 August 2008

I have this little sister, Lola

I had an exam on Thursday (it went pretty well, I think, especially considering that a flock of seagulls were squaking their diesease-filled lungs out right outside the exam hall!), so a pretty boring outfit. I always take really weird things into account when getting dressed for an exam...I never wear jeans becuase I usually leave early and once got the feeling I had flashed my ass to the entire third year Psychology, fourth year engineering and second year Biology who were in that hall, uncool. I also try and wear quiet shoes (unlike invigilators) and layers!

Shoes (quiet ones!) - Dorothy Perkins, tights - tightsplease, skirt - Oasis, tee - H&M. Note also the lack of accessories, nothing worse than a pile of bangles clanking together or hitting off the desk in an exam situation. I try not to be the person eveyrone hates (Coughy McBreathesloudly and Mr Fidget were present in this particular exam).

After the exam, retail therapy was required, to push out all that knowledge I know longer require, that is if I passed! I headed to H&M after a post on nitrolicious promising me new season gorgeous-ness, which was nowhere to be found, damn Edinburgh! I did however score some yummy grey over-the-knees and 100 denier tights (the holy grail of opaque-ness!). My back to school wardrobe is getting very full, especially my socks 'n' tights drawer.

After H&M disapointment (but not really because payday is 8 days away and a girl's gotta eat) I headed to Topshop in search of the perfect dress for my 21st (one month today!). Mission accomplished:

Since my camera is rubbish/I am a crap photographer, I'll also include the picture from their website, pretty no?

I had originally wanted the dress below, but I couldn't find it/didn't look properly and took the other one to try on instead. I think I actually made the right choice though, however accidentally it occured, becuase strapless dresses are usually less comfortable, cause muffin-topping of the underarm area (which I hate!) and leave you open to risk of exposure (don't mock, it actually happened to a friend of mine, and yes a friend and not me! On a packed dancefloor in front of all her colleagues). I think it'll also be easier to wear more casually after my birthday, which is essential becuase it was rather expensive! Also, does anyone else think that Lola (of Charlie and Lola a.k.a the best kids/not kids cartoon ever!) is really stylish? I mean check out this Miu Miu-esque number she's rocking in the opening credits...

And yes, I am turning 21, not 7. Speaking of which, my present (from myself, with love) should be:

Marc by Marc Jacobs at shopbop


Vivienne Westwood bracelet

It probably is a bit odd to buy a birthday present for yourself, but it's a longstanding tradition of mine.

Char x


girl on the wing said...

Ugh, Coughy McBreathesloudly = the worst. But the absolute worst is the person I always seem to end up sitting beside who puts up their hand to ask for extra paper about half an hour into the exam. Okay, it's not really their fault, but it makes me panic :)

Love the Topshop dress!

Beanie said...

That dress is lovely! I wanted to buy myself a birthday dress but ran out of time and ended up spending it in jeans..
Coughy McBreathesloudly - there's one in every exam! I also hate it when there's someone sniffing constantly; not their fault I guess, but still sooo off-putting!

Krissy said...

i LOVE charlie and lola! omg everyone says its such a baby show but i always stumble upon the show occasionally and i just can't help myself. i think it's so cute with it's illustrations. i think i'll be wearing a Lola dress pretty soon, this post inspired me:)

DaisyChain said...

Gorgeous dress!

Ariella said...

I don't think it's too odd buying yourself a birthday present. I sometimes buy myself presents if I think that I deserve one, haha.
Anyway, your skirt is lovely!

Richel said...

love the two mixed colors!

Dapper Kid said...

Looove the dress and your outfit looks wonderful! Haha totally with you on noisy invigilators, they always have squeaky shoes I swear! Annnd I buy birthday presents for myself too, you might as well reward yourself :)