Monday, 18 August 2008

Happy Mondays

Last night I went to see my friend in his new band, not too sure what I thought of them to be honest! They had two Bezs for a start. One Bez is unnecessary, but two is just taking the piss. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you care to find out, I shall direct you to wikipedia. Essentially, the original Bez played maracas and danced in a band called Happy Mondays and was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother. So, to be a "Bez" is to be a non-essential part of a band under the loose guise of "percussion". Last nights outfit:
Remember this etsy dress? I bought it mainly for going back to uni but look how short it is! Well how short it is and how long I am, I suppose! I wore the Primark boob-tube-skirt underneath it but I am still trying to decide if it's in any way appropriate for day-time wear. The black long sleeved tee (which I really shouldn't have worn because I was too too hot!) is from H&M and the yellow bow is part of a top I got from ebay. The bangle, which has been in every post since I got it, was a gift but it's from Dotti, the boots were bought in New York and the OTK socks are also H&M.
What do you guys think of Minnetonkas? I kind of think I want a pair and I know that I am in dire need of sensible shoes for Autumn (I'm gonna hit up Primark for cheap as pumps, British usage of pumps by the way as in flat shoes not heels, but some boots would be nice too) I am sure that they'd be comfy and warm and the price isn't too shocking but I just don't know if they go with anything I own...the pair above are the ones I'd order, if any! Thoughts?

Char x


Gabsterr said...

i like the plaid!

fashionista said...

Cute outfit!

My sister has a pair of fringed Minnetonkas that she wears EVERY DAY no matter what the weather, what her outfit is, anything. It's all she wears. And she loves them. I say go for it!

Zest said...

nyeahh... i personally dont like fringing on shoes much, so id say no. but they are a bit more different than the usual boots! your choice i guess

Ariella said...

I like minnetonkas. I have a pair of long ones and they are extremely comfortable. And the plaid dress is cute!

Nita-Karoliina said...

awww,plaid, i have now plaid wintercoat waiting for winter and plaid normal coat and ofcourse another plaid stuff, i love that!
and minnetonkas are great, i recomend!

Sahel said...

I WANT A PAIR of those too! they are so very hot! my friend has one that is similar and when she got them i was like NOOOOOOOOOO! cause now i can't get them =[ BUT she allowed me =]