Monday, 28 July 2008


Hey there!
Alas, it's back to work today. Only a few weeks left of my law firm job though, it'll be nice to have the time off! I know I moan a lot on here about how much I work, and for that I apologise - you guys all work/study hard too, I'm sure! This is first and foremost a blog about fashion and personal style, I've been thinking a bit about what to include on the blog so any suggestions would be welcome! I think this reflection began with a post from Kirsty Lee in which she said she didn't want her blog to simply be about "look at me, look what I'm wearing!" and I have to agree. I'll be working hard to include more depth and content in my posts, especially now that have the time to do so. Although, the flip side is that, on other blogs, my favourite thing (and I think a lot of peoples' favourite thing) is seeing daily outfits. Speaking of which this is yesterday's outfit, I had a quick lunch with my Mum which was really nice though I had forgotten I was also going out for dinner for a friend's birthday! So it was a good day, food-wise!

Pretty dull/casual outfit really! Tights - primark, shoes - ancient Topshop, skirt - H&M, t-shirt - etsy.

This skirt has braces but I detatched them today as they tend to make my chest look huge and I generally don't like to draw attention to this area, I prefer to minimise the whistles/comments I get from the male species! I'm hoping nobody will notice that I reattatched a button (which pinged off this morning and into the bin, a sure sign I've been munching too much chocolate!) with bright blue thread. It's pretty poorly sewn, squint and bright blue!

Take a look at my handiwork, try not to be jelous of my mad sewing skillzzz!

I wore the same skirt out for dinner/drinks. These photos were taken in the hallway outside my flat, isn't it gross? Why paint it's like living in somebody's colon.

Hair bow - primark, white vest - Zara, lace slip - Armstrong's Vintage, skirt - H&M, belt - ebay, cardigan - Primark, generic black tights, boots (not seen) - New York. This is how foggy it was all day/night yesterday and most of today!
Ordered these bad boys from the Topshop website yesterday, I really hope they get here soon! Although there's no rush really as I'm saving them, or at least trying to to get bored of them, for Autumn. I kinda like buying new stuff for going back to uni, it' s a little bit like school..."Mum, like, can I have some money to buy, umm like, stationary and stuff. For school." I've been collecting quite a few things for Autumn actually, I'm very organised/geeky! My winter wardrobe is always bigger than my summer one anyway since a) I'm Scottish, winter dressing is in my genes and b) it's 9 months of the year!I've been wanting a long cardigan for absolutly ages, but was unwilling to pay more than £20 for it which eliminated most options, I even checked the guy's bit of both H&M and Topman and found nothing! So this one was only £15 and I really like the big poclets and slouchy sleeves.
This is the back of the dress I ordered, I suppsoe that's obvious since it has a butt, but I thought I'd state it anyway. I don't really know what this is going to look like in real life becuase that crazy "zoom" thing on the website doesn't really help, but a black dress for daytime is another thing I've wanted for a while.

The tartan/plaid obsession continues and I got this baby from etsy, it's not here yet and I think it'll be a while since it's coming from the USA but it's another "save for Autumn" thing anyway!

My younger stepsister, of the blog Zen Trend, has observed my love of pinafores/jumpers, it must be fairly apparent since I see her an average of once a year! Are you guys hoarding things for Autumn too, like little fashion squirrels? I know The Fish Tank is, I wonder if others are too!

Char x


Wendy said...

The all gray of the first outfit is done really well.

ray said...

cool oufits.i love your checked shirt&the checked dress youve bought.gorgous.xxi love looking at peoples oufits on blogs,its so great for inspiration&being nosey!.im not at all bothered about my blog being 'deep'!xxx

yiqin; said...

I love the checkered shirt too!!!! & the color of your tights is lovely, I can't find any tights that has sucha nice shade of grey!

The Clothes Horse said...

Very cute. I'm still hoarding bare summer looks that I can't wear to work! Boo!
As for outfit posts, they do seem to be a lot of people's favorites, but at the same time most don't just want to see clothes. I like it when a blogger diffuses their inspirations or gives an anecdote that fits with the outfit.