Tuesday, 15 July 2008

July 15

Hey there!
Wow! A whole week since our last post, can you tell that we're working a lot? Ten days till payday though so all is well. I want to thank everyone who is reading this blog, despite our periodic absences from the blogosphere, and especially those who have been commenting, those little comments make my day! I'm in the process of updating the links list so if you want to be added drop us a little comment...I'm always looking for new blogs to add to my long list of compulsive daily reads! Warning: a lot of text lies before you (feel free to skip to the pictures!).

At work today a guy told me I dress in an "unusual" way, which I found a bit odd because I really do tone it down for work and thought I was (almost) blending in with the sea of black/grey suits and crisp shirts. It was definatly intended in a complimetary way though, and of course I took it as such. When I told him that my work wardrobe was really just a toned-down version of how I dress the rest of the time, he looked shocked and said "How do you normally dress?", I suppose my response summed up my attitude towards clothes, "I'm just not really a jeans and a t-shirt girl". Jeans, yes. I do own (and wear) a good few pairs of jeans (not a lot though, maybe 5 pairs?) and I do own t-shirts, but I don't often wear the two together. Rant over, I just hadn't ever considered before how I'm perceived at work or that the way I dress is particularly crazy...I take small risks with my outfits, but nothing compared to some other bloggers (who I admire immensly). Also, didn't expect compliments today as I forgot to wear a vest top under my white (and unironed!) shirt and had on a yellow bra! Not neon or anything but still not a good look...

I had a pleasant walk home from work today, not least because of my unplanned stop at one of Edinburgh's best known vintage shops, Armstrong's. I know I had mentioned previously my disapointment with Edinburgh's vintage offerings but today I suddenly remembered a pretty lace slip I seen before last month's payday, which had played through my mind for days and which I had sworn I would own at the first opportunity. The fickle fashionista that I am, I forgot all about it once my trip to Glasgow was planned. I was pleasantly surprised that it was still there when I returned today.
My pretty new lace slip and the view from my kitchen window, an attempt to make photos more interesting! After a delicious dinner of baked potato I played around a bit with the slip and came up with a few ways to wear it, turns out to be very versatile...
Worn as a dress, over a black dress - Miss Selfridge, grey tights (in all the photos as I had them on for work) - tightsplease, shoes - vintage via ebay.
As a skirt, top - H&M, tights and shoes as before. Obviously I still had the black dress on underneath, hence the rugby player shoulders!

And finally as a top! I think this is maybe my favourite of the outfits so I may wear it in real life soon...whenever my next day off or fun activity is. Shoes - H&M, skirt - vintage via ebay (I couldn't figure out what to wear this skirt with, until now. Matching vintage with vintage seems so obvious in retrospect) belt - came with another skirt (Primark), bag - thrifted, vest (underneath) - Topshop. Lace is everywhere on the A/W 08 runways so I think I got a good bargain there.

How sweet are my new socks from sox-populi? I was informed by flying saucer of their sale, and there are some pretty awesome socks to be had for anyone who is even nearly as obsessed with leg wear as me! They have some tights too, but I guess that's not their real focus.
With the same grey tights as before, H&M wedges and pink ankle socks from tightsplease.

After all the pretend outfits from earlier, I actually do have a real outfit! Sea and I had a few drinks with some friends on Saturday night and this is what I wore...
Outift details: shoes - New Look, tights - Primark, skirt - Primark, belt - Dorothy perkins, vest - Topshop, shirt - asos, bracelet - gift from lil bruv, pearls - ebay, ballerina necklace - Topshop.
Close up of shirt/necklaces. The weird black stripe is just part of my mirror!

This is another outfit I wore recently, to have dinner with my mum and brother. It was bit rubbish as I just stuck a skirt on over the shirt I'd worn to work that day (which is really baggy and hence unflattering) but I'm showing it because I wore my new legwamers and I didn't think they looked too bad! They look a bit like knee-highs I suppose. I said to my brother that i was bringing legwarmers back and he replied "Yes, I can see that's what you're trying to do.". He's a bit metro and loves clothes nearly as much as I do and is almost as bitchy.

Shirt - H&M (New York!), skirt - Oasis, tights and legwarmers - tightsplease.

I hope the uber long-ness of this post makes up for the haitus!

Char x x x


Beanie said...

Glad you're back! Would love to swap links - I'm at http://beaniethinks.blogspot.com. That slip is really cute btw - looks like a good find!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Sure we can link up! I like your blog, and that slip was really a great find.