Sunday, 20 July 2008

Fashion Police

I have some time off work this week so expect outfit posts aplenty. It's nice to finally have bit of time off. Anyway, this is an outfitI wore on Friday to have dinner at my Mum's house (yes, I know I live a life full of excitement). I felt a bit pirate-y and my brother did ask why I "always dress nautical", I think it's the boots combined with the stripes!

Boots - asos, ankle socks - tightsplease, tights - who knows? skirt - Primark, belt - H&M, striped top - River Island, cardigan - H&M, pearls - vintage via ebay, chain bracelet - Topman.

Sea and I were out in Mussleburgh (the town where Sea and some of our friends live) again last night. We had mad fun taking photos in the car park of Lidl, whilst waiting for our ride and got called "fashion police" but some overweight, middle-aged guy who was smking outside a pub. Good times. I wore a version of one of the outfits I created when playing around with my new lace slip.

Boots -asos, tights - tightsplease, skirt - vintage via ebay, belt - came with another skirt (Primark), brown vest - Mexx at House of Fraser (British department store), lace slip - vintage (Armstrong's), bag - thrifted, wooden cuff - Oasis. I also wore a grey H&M cardigan but for some reason I hadn't put it on while I was taking photos!
Proof that I actually do were my outfits outside, places other than my living room! Excuse the goofiness but I thought I'd brighten up your day with my mad posing skills.
Char x


girl on the wing said...

love the lace slip!
and i was just reading the post about armstrongs and kindof agree - i love wandering around and looking at all the antiquey stuff they have on display, but i've never bought any actual clothes in there.

Tavi said...

I love the "nautical" boots! The belt in that outfit is great. The lace is lovely, too.

paige olivia said...

i love your blog!
if you have time can you please check out mine?
im a new blogger!
your style is amazingg!!!


my dear stylish friend,

before i go to bed, i wanted to warn my friends : be aware ! my last photos could give you the desire to fall in love with Paris and move in ! lol.

cheers from Paris


Wendy said...

The lace slip is darling!

Nice and Shiny said...

Ha, Isnt it weird how brothers always take particular notice to your wardrobe? Pretty much 90% of any comments toward my clothing is by one of my 3 brothers, strange?

Ana said...

The first outfit is very laid back and nice.

stop by my blog.