Wednesday, 2 July 2008

West is best

Hello there!
Last night Sea had a girl's night at her place, much fun was had indeed over Sex and the City and various junk foods (and wine, obvs!). This is what I wore incorporating some of my Glasgow purchases, these are awful photos in which I look chubby and sick but oh well! I love this tee I got in Primrk (for like £2.50!) you can't see in the picture but it's sheer and vaguely reminiscent of MK and A's awesome "The Row" tees, love!

Boots - bought in New York, tights - H&M, skirt and tee - Primark, pearls - vintage (ebay/thrifted), belt - vintage via ebay, bangles - ebay, horse ring (close up is on the way!) - Urban Outfiters (sale).
Multiple strings of pearls, hells yeah! Thought I'd yah it up a bit. If you're not aware of "yahs" then it's pretty much what you might call a prep; tracksuits bottoms tucked into Uggs, "messy" hair and annyoing loud accents. Activities enjoyed by these individuals include; talking loudly in librarys, polo and expensive bars/clubs.
Look, a little horse, yay!

This is the first time I've posted one of my boring work outfits and I'm only really doing so because it included another Glasgow buy which I couldn't hold off wearing until some leisure time arose, large hair bow from Urban Outfitters. Which I cleverly concealed with my hand/camera.

Dress - H&M, belt - thrifted, necklace - thrifted, bow - UO sale (I cut off my feet 'casue the shoes were crap - work hurts my feet! but don't worry they weren't like Crocs or anything).

I also bought (in Primark, natch) a black boob tube - god I hate that phrase but I think "tube top" might be even worse! - to wear as a skirt, in the style of many a blogger before me, more specifically I stole the idea from leopard print and lace so thank ladies! This t-shirt arrived for me today from this lovely etsy shop. I'm wearing it out for dinner tonight with some school friends so outfit post will follow. The shop has womens' stuff too but I ordered this in a men's size for delicious slouchiness.

Check out the crazy detail and sweet little gingerbread houses. Definatly a new favourite. Oh the store prints most of their designs on AA tees...sweeeet.

The rest of my Glasgow purchases were all from Primark too, I was trying to post them but blogger's being a bitch so some other time!

Char x x x

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