Friday, 4 July 2008

Topshop copycat!

I was browsing the Topshop website today (no surprises there!) and having a peek at thier "Wonderland" collection after seeing it reviewed on Fashion Police. I noticed some of the items made from this material, it's sheer with little playing cards symbols...hearts and so forth. I was struck with a strong sense of deja vu on viewing these items, one of which (the blouse) I had actually seen on Monday in Glasgow's big Topshop. Why? Because I have a top from Zara in the exact same material!

No offence (God! I hate that expression.) Topshop, but I prefer the shape and overall look of the Zara blouse - the cute keyhole, the ruffles - the Topshop one just looks...not fresh. A bit like something a middle-aged secretary who is a couple of months pregnant might wear. Just my opinion! I got this top a while ago, actually it was bought for me by my stepsisters at Christmas time, and recently I've only been wearing it to work, perhaps it's time to welcome it back into the normal wardrobe!
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saray said...

i prefer the zara top too..

Wendy said...

Yes I also prefer the Zara, its a lot cuter.

FashionSqueah! said...

There's just something not quite right about the Topshop one, isn't there?


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Tavi said...

I agree, the Topshop one doesn't really have an interesting design and I really like the ruffles on the Zara.
Hah, I hate small town people too. You can bet we got some comments for the superhero outfits xD

The Clothes Horse said...

Everybody is ripping off something--where's the originality?

Codename: The Pickola said...

The top! That takes me back...