Wednesday, 30 July 2008

the 30th.

Oh my!
I always seem to begin a post with "apologies for lack of updates". Today, its the same case, sorry!
I've been working alot the past few days/week and have not had much time for posting! I wish to thank Char for keeping the blog going, shes a total diamond. And thank you to all the people who have been reading and commenting our blog, its great! Thank you!

So, my top from my last post came from Topshop, and it is pretty much mauve/grey! I have come to like it more and more now, although I still wish it was cream! I wore it to the wedding me and Char attended on Saturday just passed;

Oh dear! Not the best of angles for my face hahaha! Aw well, it looks like we are having a great time and thats all that matters (and that we look good!). I wore a similar coloured vest top underneath the top too. My camera ran out of battery before I could take any pictures at all, so I'll just tell you what I wore it with!
Superfine black skinny jeans; Harvey Nichols. Patent two strap mary janes; Peacocks.

So, its my birthday soon! (Saturday the 2nd to be exact *wink wink*). I cannot believe I am going to be 21!! I dont feel and dont look it (this is only when I got purchase alcohol etc that I get asked for ID EVERY SINGLE TIME!!), so it feels strange! Friends and myself are going out into Edinburgh for my birthday so expect lots of photos (including loo shots!) and outfit pictures YAY!

What I am wearing today;

Nothing too exciting, I am such a jeans and t-shirt girl the more I think about it, I am forever buying t-shirts, cardis, zip up hoodies things! My laces are undone as I am not quite ready yet LOL.
Tee; Primark. Jeans; Topshop. Shoes; Converse (a recent purchase, man I missed have a pair!!).
One of our friends gave me my b-day present on Saturday as she won't be able to attend my birthday bash. I thought I'd post a picture of what she got me as I love them both so!

A lovely black patent purse and a black & gold waist belt, I love them loads! I have already transfered all my purse-y things into my new one haha.

I may be going shopping tomorrow with a friend to see if I can get a fabulous dress for my b-day woop!
Sea .x.x.


Arielle said...

happy almost birthday :] I like the gold and black belt.
and it definitely looked like you had a great time at that wedding!

Anonymous said...

that gold and black belt is classy

Dapper Kid said...

Love the belt and purse and the first photo looks fun :) Ooo happy nearly birthday!

The Clothes Horse said...

That blouse from the wedding is really nice! And I like that bag a lot.
I'm lucky, I sneakily update my blog at work. Shh...

ray said...

wow i love your topshop top.its so prettyxxx

emily said...

happy almost birthday! i love your outfit!

Hannah Cheeto said...

The blouse it beautiful! It's weird it looked like a different color online, though.

MR style said...

wow that"s simple but pretty good !! bravo