Friday, 30 January 2009

no coffee.

Needing me some marshmallows with this hot chocolate!
I am trying to wean myself off coffee for a while, I bet its costing me loads as I'm buying a few nearly everyday argh!
Camomile tea is fab everyone by the way! Its nicer tasting than green tea I think but I still love me green cuppa tea. Since theres none in the house however, I'm been living with camomile, yum!
A few outfits;
Of course, the bag had to be in the picture!! This was for when I went a few essentials shopping (ie; face wipes, toothpaste LOL - how exciting), but I managed to grab a coffee and a few magazines and caught up with things I had not read in aaages (Elle etc!).
Jeans; River Island. Shoes; Primark. Striped top (underneath); Topshop. Cream tunic-y top/dress; H&M . Cardi; the guy's bit at JOY.
Excuse the flash! I forogt it was on :( Oh, I picked up these few things on my little essentials shopping day;

These awesome beads (from New Look) & a few bangles from Claire's Accessories. Now, I never usually shop in CA's, but they had a huge sale on TONNES of bracelets and I got this set for £2 woop! They've got tonnes and some of their sale stuff is quite ace and quirky.
On to the next day;
I am really lusting after a pair of cowboy boots just now, I loved a pair that I seen in Topshop, but £75?! Maybe not... So, I've been scouring eBay for a cheaper alternative.
Boots; found in cupboard (lol they might me by sisters' friends?!). Leggings; Topshop. Striped top; Topshop (I LOVE this top, maybe too much? It's just comfy and uber versatile). Sonic Youth tee; eBay. Cardigan; Topshop. What a stupid stance...haha! I need someone to take pictures for me!! Anyone..?! Once again, I wore the trusty loafers with this outfit. Tights; H&M. Dress (underneath); aaaaaaages ago from Topshop (I remember wearing it in London in 2007, aw). Jumper; Topshop. Cardigan; New Look. I remember wearing this outfit a few weeks back actually, I think it was during my 'hiatus' lol.
OK, I've been bad and bought things, i know, I know. *eep* But that necklace was only £5 and the bracelets (like I mentioned earlier) were only £2! But then I seen this and bought it;

Its the greatest shape! Kinda like a cape. Love it! Some people wil lthink 'ew', but thats not me is it?! Can't wait to style it up with a few bits and bobs ^_^
& here, to salute you all off to a GREAT weekend;

Oh goodness, results of white wine, French Fancies (CAKE!!) and a few friends! But yes, do have a great weekend everyone! Don't drink too much wine however, as this is what will happen LOL.
Sea x.x.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I really want this schoolgirl dress from the "coming soon" section of the American Apparel website...
There's no price yet but I'm guessing that since a similar skirt sells for £50, I don't think it'll be cheap! Does anyone else think their prices are going up?
In the meantime, I've been scouring etsy for alternatives. I found a playsuit in the process, hope it gets here soon!
Char x

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Double-sighted Scotch Youth

January is flying by, I can't believe it's the 26th already! The title is from my History of Unorthodox Psychology lecture today, we were looking at mesmerism and other related early 19th century weirdness...I wore my new dress today (bad before payday!) with my Luella cardigan and pearls, it was very Stepford Wives! The dress is actually the one from my shopping list, the new season stuff at New Look is actually (mostly) really nice, I'd advise you to check it out, if like me you're craving Spring dresses and such!

You can't really see in these pictures but I also bought some new knee-high socks in H&M on Saturday. The shoes are from Topshop and the pearls were a 21st present from my Dad.

Yesterday (Sunday) I headed back to my Mum's for a Burn's supper, she had about 10 guests as well as the family so it was a bit cramped around the table! I wore my other pair of new H&M socks, they're a bit of an annoying length but I was tolerate it as they remind me of the socks I wore to Primary school with my sandals and summer dresses!

I wish this etsy dress was just a little bit longer! The lace shirt is from ebay and the cuff was a present, the boots were a Christmas present from my Gran.
This was Friday's outfit;

I'm wearing the same boots, Topshop socks, a New Look skirt (which I hated when I bought it last Spring, but I'm warming to it...). The black top is from H&M and the cardigan is from Topshop, I think the headband is from H&M. The chain was thrifted.
Thursday's outfit (somehow I am really far behind on outfits!);

The shoes are from New Look, the socks are H&M as is the skirt, and the top is from New Look, the cardigan is Luella and I'm wearing the same thrifted chain.
Wednesday's outfit;

I wore my Topshop shoes and Zara dress with an H&M belt and thrifted chain, the jacket is H&m and I have no idea where the gloves are from but they make me look like a mime artisit! The brooch is from Topshop.
Oh and I thrifted the most awesome Rodarte-esque jumper thing, I'll show it to you at some point!
Char x

Sunday, 25 January 2009

never have to buy another bag again :D

Excitement it here!!

I was, at first, going to purchase a Bayswater, but then I saw this;

It was £100 less and thought; WOW, I'm liking this alot more! Here it is on the Mulberry website;

I am VERY pleased with it and cannot wait to start using it!
I am not going to buy another bag again now that I have this beauty, eeeee!
Oh, I was also in need of some new make-up and such and got;

From Benefit; Boi-ing concealer and Dandelion blush. The Chanel cream I purchased is excellent and I'd recommend it to everyone. I got a few free smaples of this when I purchased a Chanel liquid liner and have not used anything since. It has really helped my complexion and thought to myself; it'll be worth buying a tub of it, as my free sampels won't last me much longer!

Here are some outfits from the past few days;

This jumper is never off my back! I do heart it very much however. Jumper; Topshop. Tights; Primark and I wore my trust Topshop loafer things with this too, but again, there are slippers present in the picture ha! The striped oversized top I have on underneath is from Topshop too and I did not get a picture of it from my camera, but here it is from the Topshop website;

It's a really good layering piece and can also look pretty darn good with a belt too, or just worn loosely - loving how versatile this is :)

Cardi; Topshop. Top/Dress; H&M. Leggings; Topshop. Guess what shoes I wore? :-p
& this was today's outfit;

Zip up; American Apparel. Shirt; Topshop. Jeans; possibly Topshop. Shoes; Converse. Tops underneath; American Apparel, Topshop Boutique and regular Topshop.
Me with the bag (lol);

Ok, starting tomorrow, I am going to be sensible and not buy any clothes or anything for a good few weeks now - wish me luck haha!
Sea .x.x

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Forward planning

Char's Spring shopping list:

Denim cut-offs (I don't even know why, I never ever wear shorts...they don't look good on me)
White lace leggings or tights (maybe these)
The perfect day dress (so far this has been elusive, but I do like this one)
Maybe a playsuit (again, with the shorts! This one is cute)
More vintage pearls (Luella copy time...)
Tights in every conceivable shade of grey, I think it works better than black with pretty, Spring outfits (time for bulk ordering from, We Love Colours and tightsplease!)
A delicate white dress

Other ideas which have been on my mind...

Layering, shades of grey, brown boots, waistcoat cardigans, beige...

Black shoes and tights worn together, light denim and fur, leather jackets...

Source here and here.

I'm going to keep refering back to this and editing it as I go, I think.
Char x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

: )

This post was actually drafted last night and I forgot to publish it LOL! So, apologies guys!
Thank you to the lovely peeps who have become 'followers' of our blog - yay! Thanks guys, it means much-o to us!
Finally got some outfit pictures going on! Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to my dentist (LOL - I'm terrified), but it was alrighty as it was just a check up. & they did not charge me, hooray! This is so weird, Char mentioned in her last post that she felt scruffy (even though she looked lovely!), I felt the exact same! I thought to myself; meh just the dentist, I'm not going to bother with make-up. This is what I wore; LOL how scruffy!!? Maybe I should've changed? Nah, it lookd quite alright so yeah; Jumper; Topshop. Jeans; River Island and Shoes; Converse. I wore this with my big black bag from H&M too.
Here are some other outfits from a few days ago;
Goodness, I did not realise the lighting here where I take pics is SO awful, sorry! Cover up/cardi;New Look. Tee; American Apparel; Dress (worn as skirt, I love doing this with these items!); Zara. Legging;s Topshop. alot of these pics are from early morning when I have my slippers on, I though I'd cut em outta the pics ha.
Button back tunicy top; Topshop. Leggings; H&M. Shoes; Topshop & Cardi; JOY (from the maaaaaan dept lol).
Cardi; New Look. Top; Zara. Skirt; Annie Greenabelle. Leggings; Topshop (I'm quite into these leggings at the moment, although, with the FREEZING weather we've been having, I usually stick on a pair of black knee high socks first before putting the leggings on, its just too chilly!).
Here, I am wearing my newish trousers that I mentioned in an earlier post - the ones that cost me £10 (yay)! You cannot see the texture too well here, but I've got another picture for that!
Oh goodness, everything's topshop in this outfit LOL. I need a Primark fix soon haha.
There we go, a nice close up of the trousers ha! This picture looks strange as you can see my other leg in the mirror!
One more;
Jumper; Topshop. Skirt; American Apparel. tights; H&M. Shoes; Topshop.
Shopping at the weekend I am thinking (Mulberry woop!), can't wait! :)

Also, I watched Obama-mania yesterday, truly great to watch him taking the Oath and becoming the next President of the United States, YAY!!
Sea .x.x.


I felt so scruffy today, but I always feel scruffy in really flat shoes anyway!

I wore my Luella cardigan today (it doesn't go with as much of my wardrobe as I thought it would!) with my ancient H&M dress, ill-fitting Primark tights, Dorothy Perkins flats, a belt from this really cheap shop near my flat and a chain I got in a charity shop.
I woke up early on Monday, thinking my lecture (the first of the new year!) was at 11, but it wasn't until 2! What a bimbo I am sometimes...
I wore my Topshop dress again, this tiem with a brown t-shirt from River Island which I've had for ages and a belt from ebay. The socks are H&M and the tights are from Marks and Spencer (I'd recommend their tights, even 60 or 80 denier are really opaque!) and the boots, from Topshop, which I have had for about a million years!

I actually really dislike these boots and don't wear them often at all, I think it's because they look a bit like Uggs! Though I must admit, they look quite nice with this coat and they kept my feet really warm and dry, despite today's simultaneous snow and rain!

I am in love with these Aldo shoes, which Rumi of Fashion Toast has, but they seem to only be available on the US site, anyone know why this is? I'm seriously considering getting them when payday arrives, even though they're probably expensive ($125 on the US site...) and I never buy expensive shoes!
Oh and a little reminder, you can follow our blog with bloglovin'!

Char x

Monday, 19 January 2009


Apologies, I have been very lazy with my posting duties! Been sleeping for a good lot of hours these past few nights, I love sleep! Maybe too much..?!
Here is an outfit picture from a few days ago, it was my day off and was meeting a couple of friends for some eats;
Boots; Topshop. Tights; H&M. Vest; Topshop Boutique & Shirt; Topshop. Ahhh my wardrobe is becoming ALL Topshop! I must visit some other stores soon!
Soooo excited for my next pay, as I am treating myself to a Mulberry bag. This purchase will eventually rid me of buying bags that I hardly wear / do not get enough use out of. Like buying too smallish bags etc. The Mulberry will stay with me for life hooray!
I've been inspired recently by so many different things, not just in terms of fashion, but in other areas too, such as;

(Sources; & & ).
The first two pictures I am in luuurve with! I enjoy looking at home decor pictures, I am moving out my my mum's house in the summer and lvoe looking at these for inspiration! I'm very excited about moving out, freeeeeedom!!
Sea .x.x.