Friday, 30 January 2009

no coffee.

Needing me some marshmallows with this hot chocolate!
I am trying to wean myself off coffee for a while, I bet its costing me loads as I'm buying a few nearly everyday argh!
Camomile tea is fab everyone by the way! Its nicer tasting than green tea I think but I still love me green cuppa tea. Since theres none in the house however, I'm been living with camomile, yum!
A few outfits;
Of course, the bag had to be in the picture!! This was for when I went a few essentials shopping (ie; face wipes, toothpaste LOL - how exciting), but I managed to grab a coffee and a few magazines and caught up with things I had not read in aaages (Elle etc!).
Jeans; River Island. Shoes; Primark. Striped top (underneath); Topshop. Cream tunic-y top/dress; H&M . Cardi; the guy's bit at JOY.
Excuse the flash! I forogt it was on :( Oh, I picked up these few things on my little essentials shopping day;

These awesome beads (from New Look) & a few bangles from Claire's Accessories. Now, I never usually shop in CA's, but they had a huge sale on TONNES of bracelets and I got this set for £2 woop! They've got tonnes and some of their sale stuff is quite ace and quirky.
On to the next day;
I am really lusting after a pair of cowboy boots just now, I loved a pair that I seen in Topshop, but £75?! Maybe not... So, I've been scouring eBay for a cheaper alternative.
Boots; found in cupboard (lol they might me by sisters' friends?!). Leggings; Topshop. Striped top; Topshop (I LOVE this top, maybe too much? It's just comfy and uber versatile). Sonic Youth tee; eBay. Cardigan; Topshop. What a stupid stance...haha! I need someone to take pictures for me!! Anyone..?! Once again, I wore the trusty loafers with this outfit. Tights; H&M. Dress (underneath); aaaaaaages ago from Topshop (I remember wearing it in London in 2007, aw). Jumper; Topshop. Cardigan; New Look. I remember wearing this outfit a few weeks back actually, I think it was during my 'hiatus' lol.
OK, I've been bad and bought things, i know, I know. *eep* But that necklace was only £5 and the bracelets (like I mentioned earlier) were only £2! But then I seen this and bought it;

Its the greatest shape! Kinda like a cape. Love it! Some people wil lthink 'ew', but thats not me is it?! Can't wait to style it up with a few bits and bobs ^_^
& here, to salute you all off to a GREAT weekend;

Oh goodness, results of white wine, French Fancies (CAKE!!) and a few friends! But yes, do have a great weekend everyone! Don't drink too much wine however, as this is what will happen LOL.
Sea x.x.


Lucyn'Diamonds said...

Uh love the jeans you are wearing! *

beckylou said...

Oh love the outfit with the stripey top!
And how do you manage to look so cool? You're outfits are allways so amazing.
Have a nice weekend too!

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh yes, a lot of my friends are trying to cut back on the coffee, rather expensive if you drink it every day. Luckily I cannot stand the taste of coffee, so I don't have that problem. ;)

Anyway love your second outfit especially! :)


yiqin; said...

You layer so well!!!! Ah I don't drink coffee, but I love starbucks!

hollyshambles.x said...

i adore that third outfit! :) it's absolutely fantastic, and i love the new cape x

love and youth said...

i really like the outfit in the fourth picture! you layer pieces really well... :)


DaisyChain said...

I love everything! I wish I had the willpower to give up coffee,
but then, a de-caf Laura makes for a miserable life for everyone!

giggleness said...

love all the first outfits.the first ones my fav. :)

Fashion Addict said...

When I have tons of exams coming up, I always tend to buy lots of coffee! I should really stop it. I love the outfits.

Oh and btw, I am hosting a Valentine's Day contest starting tomorrow, so check back at my website if you would like to enter!

deep_in_vogue said...

Gorgeous looks, all of them! Cutting back on coffee is a great idea!

Bella said...

Such fantastic style... I love the shirt (cape) and your jeans!!


anywhere_Smile said...

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