Monday, 19 January 2009


Apologies, I have been very lazy with my posting duties! Been sleeping for a good lot of hours these past few nights, I love sleep! Maybe too much..?!
Here is an outfit picture from a few days ago, it was my day off and was meeting a couple of friends for some eats;
Boots; Topshop. Tights; H&M. Vest; Topshop Boutique & Shirt; Topshop. Ahhh my wardrobe is becoming ALL Topshop! I must visit some other stores soon!
Soooo excited for my next pay, as I am treating myself to a Mulberry bag. This purchase will eventually rid me of buying bags that I hardly wear / do not get enough use out of. Like buying too smallish bags etc. The Mulberry will stay with me for life hooray!
I've been inspired recently by so many different things, not just in terms of fashion, but in other areas too, such as;

(Sources; & & ).
The first two pictures I am in luuurve with! I enjoy looking at home decor pictures, I am moving out my my mum's house in the summer and lvoe looking at these for inspiration! I'm very excited about moving out, freeeeeedom!!
Sea .x.x.


Rachie-Pie said...

awww good luck with the summer movee...y does it feel like I'm the only person not growing up and being inependent!? well done to you tho!

Karafina said...

moving is so fun and exciting! it will be a new chapter in your life!! you can decorate however you want!!

i love flannels on my days off, very comfy, and yours is a great color....

btw, ive posted new nails pics !!

beckylou said...

You're moving? So exiting!
The second picture is perfect, I love the use of typo!
And I love your outfit as well, you have such a cool style, I wish we had a topshop in Belgium :(

Bella said...

The layering is fantastic and I think I need that plaid shirt!!!


Demi said...

thank you dear :)

loveee your outfit! I wish most of my wardrobe was topshop! :(
soo jealous about your mulberry bag! lots and lots of photos of it please!! :)


Strawberry Fields said...

awww, thank you! i have been wanting a long cardi for ages, well two weeks...

it was pleasure honey. you char both seriously deserve it xx

Kathryn said...

cute outfit!

ed said...

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