Sunday, 25 January 2009

never have to buy another bag again :D

Excitement it here!!

I was, at first, going to purchase a Bayswater, but then I saw this;

It was £100 less and thought; WOW, I'm liking this alot more! Here it is on the Mulberry website;

I am VERY pleased with it and cannot wait to start using it!
I am not going to buy another bag again now that I have this beauty, eeeee!
Oh, I was also in need of some new make-up and such and got;

From Benefit; Boi-ing concealer and Dandelion blush. The Chanel cream I purchased is excellent and I'd recommend it to everyone. I got a few free smaples of this when I purchased a Chanel liquid liner and have not used anything since. It has really helped my complexion and thought to myself; it'll be worth buying a tub of it, as my free sampels won't last me much longer!

Here are some outfits from the past few days;

This jumper is never off my back! I do heart it very much however. Jumper; Topshop. Tights; Primark and I wore my trust Topshop loafer things with this too, but again, there are slippers present in the picture ha! The striped oversized top I have on underneath is from Topshop too and I did not get a picture of it from my camera, but here it is from the Topshop website;

It's a really good layering piece and can also look pretty darn good with a belt too, or just worn loosely - loving how versatile this is :)

Cardi; Topshop. Top/Dress; H&M. Leggings; Topshop. Guess what shoes I wore? :-p
& this was today's outfit;

Zip up; American Apparel. Shirt; Topshop. Jeans; possibly Topshop. Shoes; Converse. Tops underneath; American Apparel, Topshop Boutique and regular Topshop.
Me with the bag (lol);

Ok, starting tomorrow, I am going to be sensible and not buy any clothes or anything for a good few weeks now - wish me luck haha!
Sea .x.x


Rachie-Pie said...

GOOD LUCK!! I am trying to do that too..wish me luck!! WOW £450 for a bag..I know a lot of blogers will think nothing of paying that much for a bag for for me it is still wow...BUT the bag looks sooo sofffttt! and u better wear it to death! and all that make up..i want chanel make up..but fo now Il stick with my mac!

Syana said...

its good to invest in such a beautiful bag! I'm currently saving up so I can do the same.

Oh and I love the layers in your last outfit.

Thanks for visiting my blog btw and leaving such a nice comment xxxx

yiqin; said...

Ah I believe in investing in bags too. Cause bags can last for SOOOOO long :)

Lucyn'Diamonds said...

Totally love your second outfit. *

beckylou said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah that bag is amazing :D

Raquel said...

the bag is just amazing! and I made a resolution too, i'll not shop for anything I really don't need, so good luck to you and to me too!

Alyssa said...

to char:
yeah! pants are always so hard for me. my hips are HUGE.
I usually get wide leg and skinnies, but I need to branch out XD

Song of Style said...

the bag is soooo nice! lucky u!
and i heart that black and white stipe loose shirt

an92 said...

I wish we had a topshop and H&M in Australia SO MUCCH.

elisabeth said...

that bag is definately a good investment!!

i love your last outfit with the grey hoodie, you layer clothing brilliently, i love it :D

DaisyChain said...

Wow, amazing bag! Congratulations on such a great investment!

I love your striped top =)

Cara said...

Gorgeous bag! I've always wanted a Mulberry. Congrats!

sertonina said...

The last jeans of your outfits are fantastics, very elastics!

Gerry said...

That bag is pretty perfect for everyday use. Great choice :) I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect messenger bag but really can't find anything that fits what I want exactly....

Nita-Karoliina said...

thats a cool bag girl!
i would like to have that bayswater,,

love and youth said...

really cool outfits and i absolutely LOVE your new bag!


anywhere_Smile said...

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