Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Topshop bow brooch - £8

This gives me a DIY idea...


After not posting for a lil bit, I thought it was time for a post from me :)
My work has stopped me from getting any decent outfit pictures I'm afraid, how much does uniform SUCK?!?!
Anyway, a few nights ago, a friend and mysekf went to go see the film Pineapple Express, very much a stoner movie. It was hilarious and a great film to watch! James Franco (Gucci fragrance boy and Spider-Man's friend Harry Obsorne!) looked so cute in this film with long hair, his character was the spaced out weed dealer. HOW CUTE?!;
(He is on the right, just incase anyone is unawares - shame on you! LOL).
This is what I wore to el cinema;
Apolgies about thsi picture, I was in a rush and my friend had arrived as soon as my camera took this picture so I was dashing about etc.
Top; Topshop. Vest (underneath); Dorothy Perkins. Skirt; American Apparel. Tights; H&M. Clutch; Primark & Ring; vintage.
I had my slippers on at the time, but they are from Topshop incase anyone is interested ha!

I remember a few posts back that Char had noticed that New Look had started tagging their items with season abbreviations. I found on my mums top that she had bought from Next, the same sort of tagging system!
Gosh, sorry again about the quality, darn fuzzy-ness! Plus my camera was about to run out of battery so I just took a quick picture and kept this one :) Notice how it also says A/W? Just like the New Look tags Char mentioned.

I must be off for now as I am heading to the new Topshop store today, pretty soon! I really do not think I can purchase anything, but I think temptation may get the better of me. Especially after seeing this beauty on the website;
sequins!!!! *love*
Sea .x.x.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Colour me happy, there's a sofa in here for two!

I had this sneaky feeling that my new blue skirt would look good with these dark burgandy tights I bought a while ago;
The purple shoes are form Dorothy Perkins, thought I'd throw another random colour into the mix, the tights are lovely 80 deniers from H&M which they have in a multitude of great colours (I may have to stock up!), the skirt is also from H&M and was bought as part of my little spree on Friday. Oh, Topshop are doing this campus tour thing of universities in the UK right now (they're here on Wednesday, woop!) and it includes a sort of design and print your own tee-shirt machine. Personally, I can't wait. They're also doing their students shops again, the ones with alcohol and discount. Edinburgh's is the 14 and 15 of October, perhaps I'll see you there! The grey tee and long silver chains are also from H&M, actually so is the cardigan and the hairband!
This picture from facehunter, just cemented the blue-burgandy combo in my head and I could dress in nothing else this morning!
Yesterday's outfit;

More grey! The shoes are vintage, bought via ebay if memory serves, the tights are from tightsplease, the skirt was thirfted then attacked with scissors by me and the tee and cardigan are H&M, as in the hairband!

Char x

Sunday, 28 September 2008


My mum bought me these Primark argyl socks for my birthday, possibly because whilst shopping there I mentioned that I had a pair just like them a while ago which were stolen by my brother. He's a post in himself I'm sure, my little bro, actually a very stylish man despite the theft of socks. I was at a loss about how to wear these socks for several reasons. Firstly, they are in danger of being far too Gossip Girl. Secondly, pulled up in the traditional manner, it is my experience that argyl knee-highs are very unflattering - the pattern sort of stretches over the calves and they're an awkward kind of length. Finally, the original socks formed part of a fancy dress costume in high school - yes, people I dressed as Cher from Clueless and I loved it. I wish I had a photo becuase it would just be too funny, I'm sure.
So they had been momentarily forgotten and shoved to the back of the socks/tights drawer until I happened upon these pictures on a newly discovered blog, Girl Meets NYC. This editorial, from the August 2007 issue of Teen Vogue, is just so sweet. The idea is cute - the New York nanny looking uber stylish whilst cavorting round the city with her charge, an adoribly-uniformed little girl - the execution is also great, the colours, the clothes and of course the argyl socks! Worn slouchy with boots, the answer to my conundrum! You can see the rest of the pictures here, well worth checking out!

I'll be trying out my own versions once the weather gets cold enough to warrant socks and tights.

Char x

Friday, 26 September 2008


I'm in a super good mood today, after a morning lecture I had lunch with a school friend and we checked out Edinburgh's new Topshop! It's at least twice the size it used to be and with birthday vouchers/money and carboot sale profits I was looking forward to a good browse. Browsing's always better when you can actually buy things too! More on that later, first some outfits! This is what I wore for my first lecture which was yesterday (got to love sparse fourth year timetables, two lectures a week - score!). I think I was doing head-down blogger posing because I was tired and my face was rank;

Vintage shoes from etsy, H&M wooly tights, H&M dress (old!) and tee, vintage cuff/bangle from ebay. The hairbow, which I bought originally for my birthday party, is from Topshop. My new flatmate said "Noone over 10 should wear bows." and "You look like Mickey Mouse.". I don't think she intended to be bitchy, she's just more of a jeans and a cute top girl, but it is weird living with someone so different from me and my friends. All my flatmates have been that way actually, I sort of confuse them!
Last night I headed over to a work mate's flat for a cocktail party, I actually only tried one cocktail - called the Anal Probe - and I would not recommend it! Seriously, it smelled toxic! We (another work friend and I) didn't stay long as we both had lectures today and I didn't want to face Topshop hungover, but it was a great party. Outfit;

Please excuse the photos! I had to take them in my room (which is tiny, I am at one end and the camera is at the other!) becuase my flatmate was weirdly hovering in the hallway. I probably wore the hairbow again to annoy her...You can't really tell in the photos but I'm wearing the bustier/boobtube thing I got in the Dorothy Perkins sale over a vintage sheer cami-thing. It didn't work that weel because the cami just isn't that sheer but oh well! I thought I'd also get another wear out of the star-print skirt, from Therapy at House of Fraser. The bangle was a gift from family is Australia. I actually changed into darker tights, as below;
Kept the same vintage shoes on even though the sole is coming off! We walked for an hour to get to the flat too, Southern Comfort being consumed along the way, even though it's a maximum of 20 minutes away, we just kind of rambled!

Today's outfit;

The shoes (which are also falling apart) are from Dorothy Perkins, the tights are H&M, the skirt is from Oasis (sale!), the tee is H&M and the blue top thing was thrifted (75p!). Same vintage bangle as yesterday...

Please excuse the chin(s) in the photo! The long necklace is from H&M and the little ballerina is Topshop.

Onto today's shopping trip! I got this leopard tee, which I had seen on the website and loved, even though I don't think it's my usual style (not girly enough, I suppose!) but I still love it, even though it looks kinda sad, I think in the eyes! Also I usually don't wear things that give people an excuse to stare at my chest! Honestly, I was visually molested by two men today whilst eating lunch, mealtime perving is most inappropriate! I got these lovely over-the-knee socks too, they are so soft and the prettiest peach/pink colour, like ballet tights!
I stole this picture from the website as the skirt didn't photograph too well...also, the website describes it as "flannel" which sounds icky and juicy-couture-esque, but the skirt is actually a nice heavy sort of wool material.
I also got a pair of lace leggings, I'm pretty certain it's these ones! I know, trendwhore!
I still had a little money left (shocking, I know) so we headed to H&M where I got this little skirt, not sure yet how it will look on as I had had enough of changing rooms by that point! It does look rather body-con but perhaps it will be tight enough to hold in the muffin tops?
I'm trying to get people to go out tomorrow night so I can wear my new clothes! I am a ridiculous person...

Char x

Thursday, 25 September 2008


Just a few outfits from a few days ago/today. I wonder how Char got on with the new Topshop?! i'm excited to hear about it :)
Since my last post, I attended a friends 21st birthday party. Cant believe we are all the big 2-1 now! This is what I wore;

Top/Dress thing; H&M. Leggings; Topshop & Boots; Primark. Oh & Mighty Boosh bag ha.

This was Monday's (when I bought Sex and the City the movie on DVD woop!);
It looked very cold on the morning that I put this outfit on, until I went out the house and it was very warm!! I was not a good sight in Edinburgh, being all flustered and trying to find RID's new single in the too hot HMV sale haha!
Shirt; Topshop. Jumper dress; Primark. Tights (100 dernier, of course, in the heat haha!); H&M. Shoes; Topshop.

I have been working alot over this week but I like to go into work with decent clothes on and not shitty uniform so today it was this;
Cardi; New Look. Tee (my most recent purchase!); American Apparel. Jeans; Topshop. Boots; ASOS. Bag; Primark. Jewellery; vintage/gifts!
This was the tee I ordered and what I'm wearing today from AA;

Love it, so comfy! I did not, however, love the shipping. I ordered this on the 14th and it only came yesterday ha.

Sea x.x.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Here we are now, entertain us

Outfits from today and yesterday, it's weird being back at uni because I feel like people judge you on what you wear and I always hope that people don't think I'm trying too hard or showing off. I'm trying not to care what others think though, now that I'm a fourth year and therefore their superior! This is yesterday's look;
Do the stripes on this dress make your eyes go weird? It's worse in a photo but my flatmate was complaining that it hurt her head...it's from ebay anyway, the shoes are Topshop and the cardigan is vintage from ebay. I covered my face with the camera since I was pink from the gym and my hair was wet!
Today's outfit;

The shoes are vintage from etsy, the tights and boobtube-skirt are from Primark, the tee is Logo (ew) and the dress was from etsy, the cardigan was a gift from my family in Australia, thanks guys!

I'm excited for tomorrow because it's my first lecture and also becuase the new Topshop opens! I was given a gift card for my birthday from everyone at work and made £30 at a carboot sale (yes, really) on Sunday plus a birthday cheque from my Gran means I'm looking very forward to it! I'll obviously be reviewing the new store for you guys too, I'm selfless like that!

Char x

Monday, 22 September 2008


Just a quick outfit post, today I took my new bag out for the first time - since it wasn't raining for a change!

The dress is from Zara, bought on a trip to Glasgow, the shoes are vintage and required superglue on the soles to be worn today! The studded belt is from H&M and the bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Char x

Friday, 19 September 2008


Its been a while since my last post so here goes :)
I had a visit to a Primark today *SQUEEEEE*! And bought a bucnh of stuff, I spent £86! ARGH I did not mean to spend that much! And I was not going to join the massive queue again to take a few things back.
I found this a good opportunity to stock up for winter time, such as cosy jumpers, tights etc. Heres an overview of what I bought;

Various winter woollies, beret, boots ( I LOVE them!), bags, uber jumpers and dresses *yay*.
I got a crapload of stuff, so in a way, its kinda OK that I spent that much? LOL. I mean, youd go into any other high street store, pay £86 for about 2 things maybe?! I got 22 items! woop.
This is what I wore to shop!

Rather relaxed, as I dont like getting too fanc-ily dressed for shopping, IDK why, maybe comfort?
Trainers; Converse. Jeans; River Island. Shirt; New Look. Cardigan; American Apparel. Bag; The Mighty Booooooosh!
It came for me today in the post as I ordered one, as they sold out on the night of the show. My sister said she'd give me hers, but she didnt, lol oh well.

HOW cute?! ^_^
A close up of the boots, theyre fab, lovelovelove 'em;

I went to see Char on Tuesday night as I wanted her to have her present on her actualy birthday day (making sense?!). Parisian Vogue anyone?! ^_^
This is what I wore to go meet Char;

Boots; eBay. Trousers; Topshop. Tee; H&M (my fake american apparel one haha! i bought it a few sizes bigger!). Cardigan; Joy. Bag; H&M.

Sea x.x.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Freshers' so far...

A few outfit posts, nothing too fancy as I have been working this week in the University health centre, absorbing all the germs and such, that place is a breeding ground for fresher's flu!


Check out the artificial lighting - I was actually up early enough that it was still dark, sigh! I was wearing my new Primark top under an H&M tee, Primark skirt and H&M tights and shoes.

Wednesday (my birthday!);

A suprisingly bland outfit for a birthday girl but I was toning it down as I had felt overdressed the day before at work, Freshers' Week is basically a sea of skinny jeans, converse and other boring basics amid messy hair and hungover little faces! The flats are from Topshop, Primark tights, H&M dress with tee from dollydagger and belt from ebay.

I think this skirt is so unflattering! I don't wear it often, obviously, it's from boohoo...the peep-toes are from H&M (for future reference - peep toes are not good rainwear!), the tights are H&M, the white vest I think came from House of Fraser and the black tee is Primark. The bracelet is actually Topman, I must have large hands or something!

It's chilly enough for light jackets now and so I brought this old denim out of retirement, just for a change. Maybe inspired by bloggers like Camille and Rumi who rock the faded denim so well! I bought this jacket when I was 14, I saved a whole month's allowance to but it and the matching jeans (which I frequently wore together - hillbilly tuxedo!), isn't it odd that I still have it? The scarf is one of many beautiful presents which I received, I will get round to sharing the rest soon, from my lovely younger stepsister. One present I must share now though is my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, the photo is not doing it any justice because I had to stick the flash on! Thanks Mum!

Char x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A retrospective

Today is my actual birthday (it seems as if I never shut up about it, doesn't it?) and I thought I'd share with you outfits and giggles from previous birthdays, back as far as digital cameras go anyway!

My 21st, you've already seen soem highlights but I thought me and Sea on a bathroom counter was worth seeing!
My 20th, note the similar hair accessory. Yup, we're vogueing.
Saving the best for last, this is my 19th. I weirdly still own everything I'm wearing there. My only wish is that I'd worn something under that vest because the visible bra is so tacky!
This serves not only as a fashion history, but also as a catalogue of my stupid poses!

Char x