Monday, 29 September 2008

Colour me happy, there's a sofa in here for two!

I had this sneaky feeling that my new blue skirt would look good with these dark burgandy tights I bought a while ago;
The purple shoes are form Dorothy Perkins, thought I'd throw another random colour into the mix, the tights are lovely 80 deniers from H&M which they have in a multitude of great colours (I may have to stock up!), the skirt is also from H&M and was bought as part of my little spree on Friday. Oh, Topshop are doing this campus tour thing of universities in the UK right now (they're here on Wednesday, woop!) and it includes a sort of design and print your own tee-shirt machine. Personally, I can't wait. They're also doing their students shops again, the ones with alcohol and discount. Edinburgh's is the 14 and 15 of October, perhaps I'll see you there! The grey tee and long silver chains are also from H&M, actually so is the cardigan and the hairband!
This picture from facehunter, just cemented the blue-burgandy combo in my head and I could dress in nothing else this morning!
Yesterday's outfit;

More grey! The shoes are vintage, bought via ebay if memory serves, the tights are from tightsplease, the skirt was thirfted then attacked with scissors by me and the tee and cardigan are H&M, as in the hairband!

Char x


Luna said...

very cool!

Luna said...

thanks:) sure! I've added you!

Victoria-Olivia said...

Ah loving that colour combo, looks fab. I actually own no burgundy items that I can think of, maybe I need some!