Monday, 15 September 2008

Up north

I want to start by thanking everyone who left birthday wishes for me on my last post, thanks! You guys are so sweet and I really appreciate the comments you leave us! Me and my mum are just back from our overnight stay in a hotel in the Highlands (part of my birthday present, I am spolied!). We had fun roaming round the hotel grounds, eating too much and getting beauty treatments. I got my nails done (fire engine red), my make-up done and an eye-brow wax! My mum got some massage thing and a facial. I also managed to convince my mum to buy me some of the products they used (Clarins stuff is nice - I had never used it before) so I am now in possesion of a new mascara and an eyebrow pencil. I've wanted an eyebrow pencil for a while now as years of over-plucking have left my eyebrows in a bit of a mess! They're too thin and small and kind of weirdly sparse even though they're very dark and thick. Basically, I'm not going anywhere near them with tweezers for a considerable amount of time until they fill back in and then I shall seek professional help to get a nice shape, a bit more runway-like I suppose, as I think the tiny eyebrow look is probably a bit dead now.

I didn't get very good outfit posts while I was away, put I shall post the mediocre ones anway! This was taken in the hotel's "Victorian Garden", you can probably tell I used the timer!
This is the Zara dress I bought a couple of weeks ago when my mum and I went through to Glasgow for the day, it isn't the most exciting dress ever but I can see it going with almost everything! The vintage shoes were an etsy purchase and a bad choice for climbing up and down muddy slopes all day, velvet heels in the countryside, what was I thinking? Oh and the same vintage pearls and pearl studs I got from work as I was rocking on my birthday night out.

I mentioned before that I had my make-up done at the hotel spa, it looked really cool, with big smoky eyes and dewy runway-esque skin, but I am unfortunatly rubbish at taking photos of my own face, which seems to seize up at the sight of a camera and so this is the only photo I have of my make-over!

An uber-blurry shot of today's outfit, taken in the hotel mirror!
Not that you can really see at all, but I'm wearing; the same vintage heels, grey tightsplease tights and knee-highs which I think were from H&M! The skirt is Primark, the grey tee is H&M and the cardigan is Zara, from the same Glasgow trip as the black dress!

The town where the hotel is (I've been going there since I was a kid so it was a very nostalgic trip, probably appropriate for a 21st!) is in a town called Crieff. The town has lots of cool shops which we explored today after a huge hotel breakfast! We bought sugar mice and soor plooms in the cutest sweet shop which had a man making fudge in the back and in the window was this clock made of sweets, I wanted to lick it! I've wikipedia-ed some stuff in case you have no idea what soor plooms are ie you are not Scottish!

The town also had a strange goth shop with all kinds of crazy outfits as well the usual fingerless gloves and fishnets. I got this studded cuff, which is something I've been after for a while! It was only £3.50, which is good since all the ones I had admired on etsy were about ten times that! I think it'll toughen up some of my uber-girly outfits...

I was also chuffed when my mum said we could stop in Dunfermline on the way home and visit Primark. I actually bought things in the sale at Primark, am I thrifty or just low? I got some good basics, tights and underwear and a grey boobtube like the black one I have and freaked my mum out when she asked "Is that a top or a skirt?" and I exclaimed "It's both!". She was doubting my sanity and rolling her eyes, but she's been doing that for nearly 21 years now! I also got a black version of the sheer tee I'm wearing here. It seems unlikely that I've only worn the white one once, but I bought the black one bigger for slouchiness (love!). I also got this cute floral top, I have no idea what I'm gonna wear it with but I really like the long sleeves and how it looks, as my mum pointed out, "like a nighty". Man, she was on a roll today!
Char x

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