Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Flatmate wanted

Today was kind of tiring, showing 5 potential new flatmates around and keeping the flat tidy in between! My current flatmate is being an ass about leaving, which doesn't help, and when showing a girl round last week he stayed in bed (didn't bother getting dressed or washing) with the curtains closed...wonder why she didn't take the room? This was my outfit anyway;

I don't have any shoes on because I was mostly just staying in the flat! Generic black tights as always, the dress/pinafore thing is from H&M and I don't know why I don't wear it more often because it's so comfy! The belt I got from ebay ages ago and I'm wearing my J'aime Paris tee from Dolly Dagger in honour of Sea's departure for said French captial of all that is chic tomorrow!

I took a little trip to my local shoe-fixing place, I suppose cobbler is the right name! It is so fabulously kitcsh in there, with a little key-shaped clock that says "It's key cutting time!" and a little doll in the window who hammers away at a tiny shoe all day...ok the doll is a bit creepy but still! The guy fixed my absolute favourite vintage red leather boots, which were ruined from being worn non-stop last winter, a pattern that will, no doubt, be repeated now that they are restored to their former glory. It did cost six quid though, the actual price of the boots to begin with! While he was working on my shoes I had a little thrift trip and I must say I did very well! I got this pink dress for £2.79 then when I got home I realised it was Love Label, fits like a dream too! 'scuse the grey tee, I was feeling rather lazy!

It has this cute bow detail at the neck, I don't actually know what you call that neckline either but it's cute!
Buttons up the back, which admittedly need some attention. I plan to wear this dress to a 21st I'm going to this Saturday.
I also got these suede boots, I love the cherry red colour! They are maybe a size too small but I suppose my hooves will stretch them out, in any case they're not uncomfortable. I wish they were maybe a tiny bit less pointy as they do have a slight elf feel to them!

Char x


Anonymous said...

that dress is a great find! and i have boots like your red ones but in brown, although i didn't wear it much in the winter because it was suede... maybe thats why your boots were worn out?

Victoria-Olivia said...

Oooh that dress is quite a bargain and the boots are so cute! Good luck with finding a flatmate!

Candice said...

cute detail on the pink dress

like the previous comment,

gluck finding a flatemate

Beanie said...

Cute boots! I love the colour. I really like your blue dress too, so comfy and so versatile! Wish I had more like it in my wardrobe..

DaisyChain said...

I love love love your outfit and the pink dress is fantastic!

Nita-Karoliina said...

that dress is a keeper, you girls seem to find all the nice pieces!