Saturday, 13 September 2008

Happy birthday to me

Last night was my birthday party! I had possibly the funnest night ever and got some amazing presents (I shall share the presents later as I won't get most of them until Wednesday, my actual birthday!). We started with drinks at my favourite bar/pub - it's cheap but classy and has hot barmen and random decor; bee wallpaper, mexican wrestling masks and an animal head in 3D glasses...I'll be back there soon enough and maybe I'll get photos of the decor! We headed to a club afterwards which turned out to be awesome too, which is good! You may have to excuse the outfit pictures, Sea and I took them in the bathroom after having had a few drinks!
My vintage shoes were from ebay, 100 denier tights from H&M, Topshop dress and vintage pearls. The hairband is from Topshop too! Traditional toilet shot, mandatory on all nights out:
The fashionsqueah myspace picture, it's really just Sea's fringe and my eyelids!
Shoooes! Mine are the black ones, of course!
Taken in the club by some girl who was drunk enough to point the camera the wrong way but it actually turned out pretty good!
I wanted to show you guys my fur, me and F thrifted them (hers is on the left) yesterday, don't hate but I totally love that thing!
Token crazy drunk photo. I actually wasn't that drunk, even though I had drinks bought for me all night, the magical thing about birthdays!

Thought I'd share that randomness with you!

Char x


M @ Wearfare said...

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Dapper Kid said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! LOVE the dress and the bow looks adorable :)

elisabeth said...

thats such a perfect party outfit :D that hairband and pearl necklace finishes it off beautifully

Tru said...

awww happy birthday. looks like you had a great time

Ariella said...

Oh, you look so pretty in these pictures! I love the hairpiece and your dress is so lovely! Have a nice birthday for Wednesday (in case I forget to congratulate you then :/ )

Ana said...

Looks fun! Happy B-day!

WendyB said...

Happy birthday!

DaisyChain said...

Happy belated birthday gorgeous.
Looks like a great time was had x